Discourse, 27 August 1843, as Reported by James Burgess

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Hebrewes 7 chapr. Paul is here treating of three different priesthoods, namely the priesthood of Aron, Abraham, and Melchesedeck, Abrahams’s priesthood was of greater power than Levi’s and Melchesedeck’s was of greater power than that of Abraham. The priesthood of Levi consisted of cursings and blessings carnal e commandments and not of blessings [p. [14]] and if the priesthood of this generation has no more power than that of Levi or Aron or of a bishoprick it administers no blessings but cursings for it was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I ask was there any sealing power attending this priesthood Oh no that would admit a man into the presence of God. Oh no, but Abraham’s was a more exalted power or priesthood he could talk and walk with God and yet consider how great this man was when even this patriarch Abraham gave a tenth part of all his spoils and then received a blessing under the hands of Melchesideck even the last law or a fulness of the law or priesthood which constituted him a king and priest after the order of Melchesideck or an endless life. Now if Abraham had been like the sectarian world and would not have received any more revelation, what would have been the consequence it would have damned him. Book of Covenants. The levitical priesthood was an appendage to the Melchesideck— [p. [15]] priesthood or the whole law of God when in full force or power in all its parts and bearings on the earth. It is understood by many by reading this chapter that Melchisedech was king of some country or nation on the earth, but it was not so. In the original it reads king of Shaloam which signifies king of peace or righteousness and not of any country or nation.
Malachi says that the sons of Levi shall in the last days offer an offering in rightousness.
Men will set up stakes and say thus far will we go and no farther, did Abraham when called upon to offer his Son, did the saviour, no, view him fulfiling all rightousness, again on the banks of jordon, also on the Mount transfigured before Peter and John there receiving the fulness of priesthood or the law of God, setting up no stake but coming right up to the mark in all things here him after he returned [p. [16]] from the Mount, did ever language of such magnitude fall from the lips of any man, hearken him. All power is given is given unto me both in heaven and the earth. Offering’s sacrifice’s and carnal commandments, was added in consequence of transgression and they that did them should live by them. View him the son of God at saying it behoveth me to fulfil all rightousness also in the garden saying if it be possible let this cup pass from me. nevertheless thy will be done. What was the design of the almighty in making man, it was to exalt him to be as God, the scripture says ye are Gods and it cannot be broken, heirs of God and joint heirs I with Jesus Christ equal with him possesing all power &c. The mystery power and glory of the priesthood is so great and glorious that the angels desired to understand it and cannot! why, because of the [p. [17]] tradition of them and their fathers in setting up stakes and not coming up to the mark in their probationary state. [p. [18]]