Discourse, 27 August 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards

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Joseph said 2 weeks to day somethi[n]g said about —vote taken to take away his licenses. on account. of a report brought by from .—
The letter is one of the most evasive things. —and carries with it a design to hide the truth.
Ill. Aug—18. 1843
in answer to —of the 15. —inst . —Has any man been concerned in a conspiracy—to delivr Joseph Smith to ? —if so whoo? — [p. [69]]
Read 7th. Hebrews.
Salem is designed for a hebrew term. it should be Shiloam . . . which signifies Righteousness & peace. as it is, it is nothing, neither Hebrew. Greek. Latin french. or any other
To all those who are dis-posd to say to set up stakes for the almighty— will come short of the glory of god.
To becom[e] a joint heir of the h[e]irship of the son he must put away all his tradition
I bear record this morning that all the combined powers of ea[r]th & hell shall not over come this by boy—
If I have sinned I have sinned outwardly— but surely I have [p. [70]] contemplated the things of God.
told an anecdote of the Episcopali[a]n pri[e]st— who said he had the pr[i]esthood of A[a]ron— but not of Melichsedch [Melchizedek]— and bore this testimony that I never have found the man who claimed the pri[e]sthood of Melchisideck.
The law was given under Aaron for the purpose of pouring out Jud[g]ments— and destructi[o]ns.
The sectarian world are going to hell.— by. 100? 1000? 1000 000?
3 grand orders of pri[e]sthood referred to there . . .
1st. King of Shiloam.— power & authority over that of Abraham holding the key of [p. [71]] the power of endless life.—— angels desire to loock into it. but they have set up to many stakes. god cursed the chldrn [children] of Israel because they would not receive the last law from Moses.
by the offering of Isaac.— if a man would attain— he must sacrific[e] all to attain. to the keys of the kingdom of an endless life
what was the power of Melchisedick twas not. P[riesthood] of Aaron— &c— a king and a pri[e]st to the most high Good [God]. a perfect law of Theocracy— <​holding keys of powe[r] & bless[in]gs​> stood as God to give laws to the people. administer[i]ng endless lives to the sons and daughte[r]s of Adam, [p. [72]] kingly powe[r]s. of ano[i]nting.— Abram says Melchsidek.— away I have a pr[i]esthood.—
Salvation could not come to the world without the mediati[o]n of Jesus Christ.
how shall god come to the rescue of this generati[o]n. he shall send Elijah law reveald to moses in Horeb— never was reveald to th[e] C[hildren] of Israel
and he shall reveal the coven[an]ts to seal the hea[r]ts of the fath[er]s to the childrn and teh [the] childrn to the fathe[r]s.— <​anointing & sealing.—​> calld elected and made sure [p. [73]]
without father &c. a priesthood which holds the pr[i]esthood by right from the Eternal Gods.— and not by des[c]ent from father and mother
2d Pri[e]sthood. patriarchal authority f[i]nish that temple. and god will fill it with power.
3d Priesthood. Levitical Prest
Pri[e]sts made without an oath but the Pr[i]esthood of Melchisedek is by oath and cov[e]nant.
Holy Ghost.
jesus christ— men have to suffer that th[e]y might come up on Mt. Zion. [p. [74]]
exalted above the heavens——
I know a man— that has been caught up to the 3d heavns— & [p. [75]]