Discourse, 27 August 1843, as Reported by William Clayton

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Sunday 27th. A. M. at the . Prest. J. preached on Hebrews c 7— after reading a letter from to and making some remarks about it.— He shewed that the word “Salem” is a wrong translation, it should be “shalome” signifying peace. He prophecied that “not all the powers of hell, or earth combined can ever overthrow this boy” for he had a promise from the eternal God. He spake concerning the priesthood of Melchisedek shewing that the sectarians never professed to have it consequently never could save any one and would all be damned together [p. [102]]
He showed that the power of the Melchisek p’d [priesthood] was to have the power of an “endless lives[”] he showed that the everlasting covenant could not be broken, and by the sacrifice required of Abraham the fact that when God offers a blessing or knowledge to a man and he refuses to receive it he will be damned— mentioning the case of the Israelites praying that God would speak to Moses & not to them— in consequence of which he curse[d] them with a carnal law. [p. [103]]