Discourse, 27 June 1839, as Reported by Willard Richards

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A [drawing of a key] to detect
As there are many Keys to the Kingdom of God the following one will detect Satan when he transforms himself nigh unto an Angel of Light. When Satan appears in the form of a personage unto man &— [p. 9] reaches out his hand unto him & the man takes hold of his hand & feels no substance he may know it is . for an angel of God (which is an angel of light) is a saint with his resurrected body & when he appears unto man and offers him his hand & the man feels a substance when he takes hold of it as he would in shaking hands with his neighbor he may know it is an Angel of God, & should a Saint appear unto man whose body is not resurrected he will never offer him his hand for it would be against the law by which they are governed & by observing this we may detect Satan that he deceive us not [p. 10]