Discourse, 29 August 1842, as Reported by William Clayton

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“He had told them formerly about fighting the Missourians, and about fighting alone. He had not fought them with the sword nor by carnal weapons; he had done it by stratagem or by outwitting them, and there had been no lives lost, and there would be no lives lost if they would hearken to his council. Up to this day God had given him wisdom to save the people who took council. None had ever been killed who abode by his council. At the brethren went contrary to his council, if they had not there lives would have been spared. He has been in all the while, and outwitted s associates and attended to his own business in the all the time. We want to whip the world mentally and they will whip themselves physically. The brethren cant have the tricks played upon them that were done at and , they have seen enough of the tricks of their enemies and know better”. has attempted to destroy himself,— caused all the almost to go in search of him. Is it not enough to put down all the infernal influence of the Devil what we have felt and seen, handled and evidenced of this work of God? But the Devil had influence among the Jews to cause the death of Jesus Christ by hanging between heaven and earth. and others of the same class caused trouble by telling stories to people who would betray me and ‘they must believe these stories because his wife told him so’! I will live to trample on their ashes with the soles of my feet. I prophecy in the name of Jesus Christ that such shall not prosper, they shall be cut down in their own plans. They would deliver me up Judas like, but a small band of us shall overcome. We dont want or mean to fight with the sword of the flesh but we will fight with the broad Sword of the spirit. Our enemies say our Charter and Writs of Habeus Corpus are worth nothing. We say they came from the highest authority in the , and we will hold to them. They cannot be disannulled or taken away.”
He then told the brethren what he was going to do, viz; to send all the Elders away and when the mob came there would only be women and children to fight and they would be ashamed, He said
“I dont want you to fight but to go and gather [p. 183] tens, hundreds and thousands to fight for you. If oppression comes I will then shew them that there is a Moses and a Joshua amongst us; and I will fight them if they dont take off oppression from me, I will do as I have done this time, I will run into the woods. I will fight them in my own way. I will send to call conferences every where through-out the , and let documents be taken along and show to the world the corrupt and oppressive <​conduct​> of . and others, that the public may have the truth laid before them. Let the Twelve send all who will support the character of the Prophet— the Lords anointed. And if all who go will support my character I prophecy in the name of the Lord Jesus whose servant I am, that you will prosper in your missions. I have the whole plan of the kingdom before me, and no other person has. And as to all that , or can do to prevent me I can kick them off my heels, as many as you can name, I know what will become of them”. He concluded his remarks by saying “I have the best of feelings towards my brethren since this last trouble began, but to the apostates and enemies I will give a lashing every oppertunity and I will curse them.” [p. 184]