Discourse, 30 July 1840, as Reported by John Smith

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thursday 30th went to attend fast and Prayer meeting for the purpose of Calling on the Lord the <​to​> would pasify the elements &c that health may be restored to the Saints Joseph said that inasmuch as the Saints will leave of speaking Evil of one another and not speake Evil of the which <​is​> Speaking Evil of the ar[c]hangel or the holy which he held and the Archangel and if the would ceace from these Bickerings and murmuring and be of one mind the Lord would Visiting them with health and Every needed good for said he this is the Voice of the Spirit. furthermore <​if​> the Saints are sick or have Sickness in their Families [p. [2]] and the do not prevail every family should [get] Power by fasting and prayer and and continue So to Do their their sick shall all be healed this also is the voice of the Spirit [p. [3]]