Discourse, 4 July 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards

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Joseph said. arrested— writ ,— on fri[e]nds petitioned a writ— stood clear— those officers to made false reprsntatin [representation]; I have legally discharged.— I testify I did submit myself quietly. proof Sangers [Lucien Sanger].— various others . . . did transcend their power. or intimated that they were intimidated & brought here by fraud. honstly & uprightly— in all things in relation to this Subject.
Public mind. has been agitated. Language of Paul happy that I have this opportunity I never dwelt in [p. [1]] over 6 mo— 5 6. years ago to from .— prisonr of war as I said but I never was a worriuor [warrior]— buldg home and our farms disburtances [disturbances] by Mob Mormons greatly distressed eastern peoples.— purhsying [purchasing?] land. war murder war. bloodshed no sword pistol. musket I defy the man or woman to testify to my faces Sought opportunities before the highest tribunal.— later arresst could not commit treason. had no comamed [command]— ministers of Ch[r]ist bear & suffer long.— [p. [2]] arrest under ,— tried before — Nol— presesque [] previous in . . . filed on the records of this . hue & cry about . no crime but <​by​> by Jo Smith.— assissination of . States Court.—
Another charge— on the old affairs— to get me to — then try me for .— I was arres “arrested” commanded the no men in .— nothing aganst — [p. [3]] had nothing to do with civil govern-ment, have accepted an office at requst of the people here— military office many brethrn distitute [destitute], of arms— organize youself in indepedent, company—— armed by the , Licen[s]es— Mormons Licence from regular churchers.— Same man, have certificates from surgen. I tried as humble citizen. I have served, them in a humble capacity mormons all vote on one side # [p. [4]] # 2 candidates 1 meth[o]dist would kill. other support all in equal rights. said I will exterminatee.— .— Bro who shall we vote for? I dont know nor care.— granted this writ.—— I . . . did not demand me it was another name officers fell on me pistols in hand— God dam you I will shoot God dam. you. heres by brest.— shoot.— if <​im​> not afraid I opend my brest 4 or 5 time— told them to shoot. no tim[e] [p. [5]] kiss my children.— 1/2 miles— by what authority. by W. from — from .— no God Dam it you shall shall not have— private room, cant have a lawyer—— <​a frend​> bring me a lawyer— <​if you say another word I blow​> fire away.— fire away. thrust him back—— sent out a message for— carraiage—— citizen of .— would string.— served for my damages—— false imprisonment.— attorney— Judge Cayten [John Caton] went to pawpaw [Paw Paw Grove] 32 miles— Judge gave another writ of Habeas corpus.—— [p. [6]] they pledges their property.— , . &c.— day after I started for .— may I not get on to the horse my horse. git of[f] this horse in peril,— I shall not get off. he drove my lawyers out of seat, extra coach. Lawyer interfered I write to set at head of my table. family introduced 8,10, Lawyers agreed to writ hab[e]as proved an alibi, did not commit treason.—— defective & void in ma[n]y parts, discharge. away went to to raise an insurrection greater love hath no man than this— that a man lay [p. [7]] down for his frind.— 6 mo 6 days— in & cold— sleep on boards— jury drunk— all but 2 for a watch watch. through the night, great crim[in]al I am . . . his son holy angels gift and blessings of the holy ghost & gospel where is the differec [difference].—— misunderstood each other. [p. [8]]