Discourse, 7 April 1844, as Reported by Willard Richards

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3¼ P.M.— Joseph commenced speaking on the subject of the Dead— relative to the death of elder to who who was crushed in a well. by the falling of a tub of rock on him.—
If men do not compreh[e]nd the character of God they do not comprehe[n]d themselves. what kind of a being is God?— Eternal life is to know God.— if man does not know God. has not Eternal life.— if I am so fortunate as to comprehe[n]d and explain the— [blank] let eve[r]y one sit in silenc[e] and never lift your voice again[s]t the servants of God again.
Every man has a right to be a false prophet. as well as a true prophet.—
in the beginning. befor the world was.— Is a man like one of yourselves— sh[o]uld you see him to day, you would see a man in fashion and in form. Adam was formd in his likeness.——
refute the Idea that God was God from all eternity— Jesus said as the father Had power in himself even so hath the son power to do what the fathr did.— Lay down his body. & take it up again.—— you have got to learn how to make you[r]selves Gods Kings. Prie[s]ts.— &— by going from a small to g[r]eat capacity. . . Till they are able to dwell in evelastig [everlasting] burni[n]g & everlasti[n]g power.—
how consoling when calld to part with a dear frie[n]ds. to know their ve[r]y being will rise to dwell in everlasti[n]g bunig [burning].— heirs of God. [p. [67]]
and ascend a throne as those who have gone before.— I saw the father work out his kingdom with fear & trembling.—— god is gra[ti]fied in <​salvati[o]n​> Exaltation— of his creati[o]ns &c—
not all to be comprehedd [comprehended] in this world—— the head.— the head one— The head one of the God[s], brought fo[r]th the Gods.—
Dr & Lawyer that have persecuted.—
The head one called the Gods together in grand coun[c]il— to bring fo[r]th the world.— Example of error as Yacob. <​Ja[c]ob—​> th[e] son of Zebedee— & James James the son of Zebede[e] 2 4. mat. 21. Greek Hebrew. German. & Latin.— In the begin[nin]g the the head of the gods calld a coun[c]il of the Gods— and concoctd a scheme to create this world.— Soon as we begin to understand the character of the Gods, he begin[s] to unfold th[e] heavns to us.—
Doctors say.— created the earth out of nothing.
Barau.— create.— it means to organized.— God had mat[er]ials to organ[i]ze the world.— Elements— nothing. can destroy. no beginni[n]g no end.——
The soul. Doctor of Divin[i]ty. God created in the beginn[in]g— lessens the chara[c]ter of man.— dont [p. [68]] believe it.—— who told you God was Self existnt? correct enough.— in hebrew put into him his spirit.— which was created before. Mind of man co-equal with God him[s]elf— frie[n]ds separated. for a small mom[en]t. from their spir[i]ts. coequal with God. and hold conversa[tion] when they are one with another.—
If man had a beginig [beginning] he must have an end.—— might proclaim. God never had power to create the spir[i]t of man at at all.
Intiignc [Intelligence] exist upon a self existe[n]t principle no creation about. it. all mi[n]ds & spir[i]t God ever sent into the wo[r]ld are susceptible of enlargeme[n]t.——
all things God has seen fit proper to r[e]veal in while dwelli[n]g in mortality. are reveald.— precisely the same— as though we were destitute of bodies.——
what will save our spi[r]its will save our bodies.—— our taberacls [tabernacles]—— for our spi[r]its— All spirits— who have not obedye [obeyed] th[e] Gospel must be damnd.— Who have not obeyed th[e] decrees of son of man.
we are looked upon by God as though we were in Eternity— the greate[s]t responibity [responsibility] resting upon us is to look upon our dead.— they without us cann[o]t be made perfct without us. meet Paul 1/2 way.—
Hence the saying of Elijah.— [p. [69]]
God made provisio[n]s before th[e] world was— for every cr[e]ature in
all sin shall be forgivn in this world or world to com—— except one[.] Salvati[o]n for all men who have not committed a certain sin
can save ev[er]y man who has not committd the unpardonable sin. cannot commit the unpdonbl [unpardonable] sin after th[e] decay dissolution of the body—— Knowledge save[s] a man.—
no way f[o]r a man to come to undestadig [understanding] but giv his conse[n]t to th[e] comandmet [commandment]—— Damnd by mo[r]tification.—— a lake as of fire of brimston[e]— as exquisite th[e] disappointme[n]t of the mind of man——
why? must commit the unpardon[a]ble sin in this wo[r]ld. will suffer in th[e] ete[r]nal world until he will be exalted.—
works of th[e] devil. the pl[a]ns th[e] devil laid to save th[e] wo[r]ld.—
Devil said he could save them all— Lot fell on Jesus.——
all sin &c fogen [forgiven] except the sin agai[n]st th[e] Holy Gh[o]st.— Got to de[n]y th[e] plan of Salvati[o]n. &c— with his eyes open.— Like ma[n]y of the apostates of chu[r]ch of the chu[r]ch of Jesus Christ.— of Last Days
Let All be careful.— lest you be dec[e]ived. best men brings forth best works. [p. [70]]
to the mourne[r]s your f[r]iend has gone to wait— the perfection.— of the reunion.— the resurrecti[o]n of your frie[n]d in felicity while worlds mu[s]t wait myr[i]ads of years befor they can receive the like blessi[n]gs.— leave th[e] subject— bless thoes [those] who have lost frie[n]ds. only gon for a few mome[n]ts.—
Shall mothrs have their Child[re]n? Yes. th[e]y shall have it with[o]ut price. redempt[io]n is paid possessing all the intelgen [intelligence] of a god. the child as it was before it died out of your arm[s] throne up[o]n thrones. Domin[ion] up[o]n domnins [dominions] just as you——
Baptism of water fire & Holy Ghost. are insepa[r]ably— connected.— found in th[e] Germ[a]n Bible to prove what I have taught for 14 years ab[o]ut baptism.— I baptize you with— water. but when Jesus comes having the keys— he shall baptize you with th[e] baptisms of fire & Holy Ghost.——
Leaving th[e] pincipls [principles] of doctrin of baptism &c— one god. one bapti[s]m— & one bapti[s]m— I.E. all three—
called upon all men. Pri[e]sts and all to repe[n]t and ob[e]y the gospel.— if th[e]y do not th[e]y will be damnd.— those who commit the unpdoabl [unpardonable] sin are doomd to Gnolom. without end.—
God dwells in everlasti[n]g burnings.——
Love all men but hate your deeds.—
You dont know me— you never will
I dont blame you for not believi[n]g my histo[r]y had I not expeind [experienced] by it could not believe it myself
5½ closed.— sung.—— [p. [71]]