Discourse, 7 March 1844–A, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff

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The Prophet arived & took the stand. and arose in the midst of the [Saints and] said ( come & take your post) & further remarked I do not know whether the object of the meeting has been told or not I apologize for not comeing sooner. I have had so much on my mind since I saw you that I hardly know whare to begin or to say but one of the grand objects that I had in view in calling this meeting was in maki[n]g a few remarks relative to the laws & ordinances and building the , the reason I want to speak of the laws is the Officers have difficulty in administering the laws. We are republican & wish to have the people rule but rule in righteousness. [p. [198]]
Some would complain with what God himself would do, the laws are enacted by petition and they can all be repealed if they wish it but the people ought not to complain of the officers but to complain at the law makers, I am instructed by the City Council to tell this people that if you do not like any law we have passed we will repeal it for we are your servants, Any that complain of our rights and Charters it is because they are wicked the devil is in them, the reason I called it up is we have a simple gang of fellows who does not know whare their elbows or head is if you preach virtue to them they will oppose that if you preach the Methodist God to them they will oppose that or any thing els & if their is any case tried they want it appealed to s [Orsamus F. Bostwick’s] case had to go to our Lawyers will send any thing to . I want to know if the citizens will sustain me when my hands are raised to heaven for the people, I will areign the person before the people that act against the interest of the & I will have the voice of the people which is republican and as likely to be the voice of God And as long as long as long as I have a tongue to speak I will expose the iniquity of the Lawyiers and wicked men I fear not their boiling over nor their boiling over nor the boiling over of Hell their thunders & forked lightning. I despise the man that will betray you with a kiss. Here is has set at naught the ordinances of the . By saying that He owns the wharf & steem boats need not pay them. Wharefore this body is the highest Court what appeal to . I would not appeal there if i died a thousand deaths. nor does not own the wharfage Water Street runs along the [p. [199]] beach, & belongs to the & not individuals I will reprove the lawyers & docters any how Mosos did & evry prophet has & if I am a prophet I shall do it, at any rate I shall do it for i profess to be a prophet. The laws & Constitution of the has ceded up the right to corperate Cities to regulate all wharfage of shiping & Steem Boats &c all laws of taxation is subject to the & not individuals, And I want from this time forth evry fool to stay at home & let the steem Boats & Captain alone and let the peace officers alone How can we keep off mobs & keeping innocent Blood from being shed, By striking a blow at evry thing tha[t] rises up in disorder & I will war an eternal war with those that oppose me in while I am labouring in behalf of the . A man has been writing to the New York Tribune I will not mention his name. He says that much has been appropriated for the building the that has been spent for other purposes But I pledge myself that any man that has paid any old shoes, harnesses, horses, or any thing els if he will come I will show him on Book that evry farthi[n]g has gone on Book & been appropriated for the building of the if not so I will pled[ge] my head for a foot ball that this is true. their are men in our midst who are trying to build up themselves at our expense & others in our midst that are watching for iniquity & will make a man an offender for a word, But I will rest myself & give way for others [p. [200]]