Discourse, 8 April 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards

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3 requ[e]sts.
1st that all who have faith will pray Lord to calm the wind. for as it is now. I can not speak.
2 that the Lord will strength<​en​> my Lungs—
3d that I may have the Holy Ghost.
The subject whicch I shall sp[e]ak from <​is​> the, beasts spoken of by John.— I have seldom spoken from <​the revelati[o]ns​> & I do it now to do away division & not that the knowledge is so much needed.—
knowledge is necessary to prevent division although it may puff up it does away suspince [suspense]——
in knowledge is power, hence [p. [95]] God knows how to subject all beings he has power— over all.
should not have called up this subject if it had not been for this old white head before. Father [Pelatiah] Brown.—— I did not like the old man being called up. <​before the High council.​>— for erring in doctrine.—— why I feel so good to have the privelige of thinki[n]g & believing as I please.
they undertook to correct him there Whether they did or not I dont care
Rev— 5 chap. 8 verse.—
Father Brown had been to work & confounded all christendom, that these were figure John saw in heavn to represent the different kingdoms of God on earth. [p. [96]] he put down sectarianism, & so far so good.—— but I could not help laughing that God should take a figure of a beast to repr[e]sent his kingdom consisting of <​Men​>. . . . To take a lesser figure to represnt a gr[e]ater, old white head you missed it that time. By figure of Beasts God represented the kingdoms of the world.— Bear. Lion &c represe[n]ted the kingdoms. of the world, Says Daniel. <​for​>
I refer to the prophets, to qualify my observations. to keep out of the wasp nests or young elders,
The things John say saw had no allusion to the day of Adam Enoch Abraham or Jesus— only as clearly specified & set forth to John. I saw that that which [p. [97]] was lying in futurity. Rev 1.1.— read <​is​> key to the whole subject
4. beasts. & 24 Elders which was out of every nation— <​it is​> great stuffing, to stuff all nations into 4 beasts & 24 Elders things which <​he​> saw had no allusions to what had been.— but what must shortly come to pass.— Rev is one of the plain[e]st. books god ever caused to be written—
what John saw he saw in heaven— <​that which the​> the prophet Saw, in vision, <​was​> on earth, <​and​> in Hebrew, <​it​> is a Latitude & Longitude compar[e]d with English version
they saw figurs of beasts.— they why, Dani[e]l did not say <​see​> a lion & a bear. he saw an image like unto a bear:— in every [p. [98]] place.— John saw. the actual beast itself. <​it was​> to let John know that beasts existed there & not to represent figurs of things on the Earth.—— <​The​> prophets always had interpretati[o]ns of the[i]r visions &c
God always holds himself respons[i]ble to give revelati[o]ns of his visions & <​if​> he does it not. we are not responsible.—
speculators need not fear they shall be condemnd. if God has given no Rev[elation]
How do you prove John saw visions Beasts in heaven? 5 <​C[hapter]​> 11 <​v—​> Revelation.— 13 verse every creature. which was in heaven and on the Earth
I John saw all beasts &c in heaven. for I expect he saw the beasts of <​a​> 1000 forms <​from​> 10,000 worlds like this.— the grand secret was to tell what [p. [99]] was in heaven.— God will gratify himself with all these animals. . . .
says one I cannot beleive in salvati[o]n of bea[s]ts.— I suppose God could underst[a]nd the beasts &c, in certain worlds— the 4 beasts, were angels there. dont know where they came from; <​they were inteligent​> inteligent.—
<​but my​> Darling religion, says, <​they​> meant something beside beast.— then the 24 elders must mean something else:— 4 beasts meant Buonpart [Bonaparte] & Cyrus. &c— then the 24 elders ment the kingdoms of the Beasts.— It is all as flat as a pancake
what do <​you​> use such flat & vulger <​expressions. for​> being a prophet? because the old women understa[n]d it, they make [p. [100]] pancakes.— the whole argument is flat, & I dont know of any thing bette[r] to repr[e]sent.— the argument.—
there is no revelation any where to shew that the beasts meant any thing but beasts
O ye Elders of Israel hearken to my voice & when ye are sent into the world to preach. tell those things you are sent to tell. declare the first principles, & let mysteries alone lest you be overthrown.—
Father Brown when you go to say nothi[n]g about the 4 B[e]asts Danl. 12 13 . . . <​C.​> 2. verse— <​some say​> Deadly wound.— <​means​> Nebuchadnezzar.— Constantine.— & the catholic [p. [101]] now for the wasp nest.— priests. & Dragon for Devil they have translated beast in heaven— it was not to rep[res]ent beast on heaven— it was an angel in heaven. who has power in the last days to do a work.—— all the world wonderd after the beast:— <​&​> if the beast was all the world. how could the world wonderd after the beast? When the old devil shall give power to to the beast to do all his mighty work all the wo[r]ld will wonder—
who is able to make war with the beast? says the inhabita[n]ts of the earth.— if it means the kin[g]doms of the world it dont mean the kingdoms [p. [102]] of the Saints.— who is able to make war with my gr[e]at big self.— The Dragon.— we may interpret it.— & it is sometimes Apolyel.— 9 verse 12 chap— key word.— independent beasts. abstract from the human family.— (25 minutes past 11. lungs faild— the wind blew briskly.)— I said more than I <​ever​> did before except once at Ramus. & then the little <​upstarts <​fellows​> stufferd me like a cock​>. cock turkey— <​with the prop[h]ecies of Daniels—​> and crammed it down my throat. with their fingerss— [p. [103]]