Discourse, 8 April 1844, as Reported by Willard Richards

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Prest. J. Smith said he must give up the subject of yeste[r]day—
made a p[r]oclamation—— I have another great and grand Revelation—— great discussion where Zion is— The whole America is Zion that is th[e] Zion where the mountain of th[e] Lords house shall be. about the central part of N. & South America.—
soon as the is finis[h]ed.— Lord hath ordaind where these last & mo[s]t impotnt [important] ordinance must be in a house.— provided for the purpose— where we can get a house built first there is the place.— [p. [73]]
Bap[tized]. washd. ano[in]ted. seald. &c for the dead the same as for themselves.—
from hencfoth [henceforth] the elders shall build chu[r]ches where ever th[e] people receive the gospel suffi[cie]nt.— then build stakes to this place:— I ver[i]ly believe that God will establish this place for the salvation of the dead.— those who want to save their dead can come hither. those who do not wish to come hither to live— can bring their families and attend the ordinances and return—— [p. [74]]