Discourse, 8 February 1844, as Reported by Wilford Woodruff

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I would not have suffered my name to have been used by my friends on anywise as president of the or candidate for that office If I & my friends could have had the privilege of enjoying our religious & civel rights as American Citizen even those rights which the Constitution guarantee unto all her Citizens alike but this we as a people have been denied from the beginning Persecution has rolled upon our heads from time to time from portions of the like peels of thunder because of our religion & no portion of the government as yet has steped forward for our relief & under view of these things I feel it to be my right & privilege to obtain what influence & power I can lawfully in the for the protection of injured innocence & If I loose my life in a good Cause I am willing to be sacrificed on the alter of virtue rightousness & truth, in maintaining the laws & constitution [p. [192]] of the if need be for the general good of mankind. [p. [193]]