Discourse, between 6 and 9 April 1841, as Reported by William P. McIntire

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April the 6th. 1841 Joseph said to the of the that they should see that No man go out to preach unless their Family, was amply Provided for; and if not provided for stay untill they are, this is Done to put up the Borrs against those that, mearly Join the & Get to Get their familys struck in her & Go out & Glut themselves while the Church has their familys to Keep. [p. [19]]


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    See Minutes, 7–11 Apr. 1841.  

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    A week earlier, JS also spoke against “dishonest men amongst us who has more injenity [ingenuity] to cheat the Rest.” (Account of Meeting, ca. 30 Mar. 1841; see also Book of Mormon, 1840 ed., 299 [Alma 30:31–32].)