Discourse, circa 21 March 1841, as Reported by William P. McIntire

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Sabath Meeting— Joseph Read the 2 & 3d. Chapters of Malichi & stated that there was a Confered upon all the sons of Levi throughout the Jeneration of the Jews & he also said they beCome heirs to that pristHood By Linage or Decent [descent] & held the of the first principles of the Gospel— for this— he quoted concerning Jesus coming to John to be of John that he (Jesus) might Enter into the Kingdom as John held the Keys suffer it to be so now &c he also Brought up Zacharias pleading with the Lord in the temple that he might have seed so that the preistHood might be presurved
he also prophesyed that all those that made Light of the Revelations that was Given and him & his words— would are [ere] Long Cry & Lement (when the servent of God would be imprizened) say O!! that we had harkened to the words of God & the Revelattions Given But all opertunity is Cut of[f] from them [p. [17]]


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    In an 1835 letter, JS taught that the first principles of the gospel were repentance, baptism, and laying on of hands for the Holy Ghost. However, in the church those ordained to the Levitical priesthood were not authorized to lay on hands. (Letter to the Elders of the Church, 2 Oct. 1835.)  

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    See Matthew 3:15.  

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    The account of the miraculous birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias and Elizabeth is found in Luke 1. An earlier JS revelation also references the promise made to Zacharias. (See Luke 1:5–25; and Revelation, ca. Aug. 1835 [D&C 27:7].)  

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    See Book of Mormon, 1840 ed., 432 [Helaman 13:32–33].