Discourse, circa 24 June 1844, as Reported by Unknown Scribe

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Remarks of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 23d June, 1844— written by the same as those on the 22d
We heard a call upon the to muster in Main Street, near the . I again saw our General in his uniform upon a small house-frame. He again spoke to the , laying his hand upon the head of who was sitting at his feet, Saying,
“This day the Lord showed to me that which was never shown to me before— that I have thousands of friends while others have sought to crawl into my bosom because of my good feelings towards them and now are they vipers and seek my life, and if they shall take it they will pursue you, They will do it anyhow. When you are obliged to fight, be sure you do not stain your hands with the blood of women and children: and when your enemies call for quarters, be sure you grant them the same, and then you will gain power over the world.”
He then raised his hand from ’s head and also raised his voice, Saying,
“You will forever be called the , and, as I have had the honor of being your General and Leader, I feel to say a few words to your comfort, and I wish to ascertain your interest of faith in your future mission of life that you are engaged in, even the same Cause with the Priesthood sealed upon you, and your calling is to minister life and salvation to all the nations on the earth. Altho' things appear at the present crisis, by the work of our enemies that they do hold an overruling power over us, but I will liken these things to a wheel— it is sure to be rolling on, and as sure will the saints sometimes be on top of this great wheel if they hang on for the fortune in view.
If it was not for the tender bonds of love that bind me to you, my friends and brethren, death would be sweet to one as honey. Our enemies are after me to [p. [1]]trust my life amongst them by their vouchers and honor of State, and that by the and authority of the State of . I will therefore say to you Saints and Elders of Israel, Be not troubled nor give yourselves any uneasiness so as to make any rash moves, or to take any hasty steps in doing anything wrong whereby you will be cut short in your calling in preaching the Gospel to this generation, for you will be called upon to go forth and call upon the freemen from to gather themselves together to the and the Red men from the West and all people from the North and from the South and from the East to go to the West to establish themselves in their strong holds of their gathering places, and there will gather Red-men to their center from their scattered condition and dispersed situation, to become the strong arm of Jehovah who will be a strong bulwark of protection from your foes. These things I feel to tell you beforehand that you may always be ready for your duty, for at this time I need the best of friends to stand by me, and on this occasion I would like to know of you all, by your own answer yes or no are you willing to lay down your lives for me (The answer was unanimous Yes.)“I am your Father. Shall I not be your Father?” (All with a loud voice exclaimed, Yes!) He again said to us, “I am willing to lay my life down for you, and if innocent blood is spilled on this occasion” (He then drew his sword from its scabbard and raised it above his head, saying) “I will call upon the mighty Gods to bear witness of this— I have drawn my sword & it never shall be sheathed again until vengeance is taken on all our enemies. I will call upon the elements in our defence— the winds with the whirlwinds— the thunders and the lightnings & the hailstones; the heavens shall tremble & with earthquakes shall the earth be shaken— with the seas heaving themselves beyond their bounds. These things shall be brought to bear against our enemies for our protection as a people of the Lord.
We have given up our arms— they have taken away our Rights of Protection by our City Charter, and now they desire that I shall surrender in myself into their hands, which I have consented to do, I only go to return to you again.”
With his blessing upon us, we were dismissed to go home. [p. [2]]