Discourse, December 1840, as Reported by William Clayton

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A key by Joseph Smith Decm 1840—
If an Angel or spirit appears offer him your hand; if he is a spirit from God he will stand still and not offer you his hand. If from the Devil he will either shrink back from you or offer his hand, which if he does you will feel nothing, but be deceived.
A good Spirit will not deceive.
Angels are beings who have bodies and appear to men in the form of man. [p. 3]


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    Discussing the biblical figure Abel, JS told the general conference of the church in Nauvoo on 5 October 1840 that he “died a righteous man, and therefore has become . . . an angel of God by receiving his body from the dead.” (Instruction on Priesthood, ca. 5 Oct. 1840.)