Discourse, Early December 1837

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Joseph then Spake as never man had Spoken before; Sho[w]ing the Love of God. Portraid the gethering to gether of Saints and Sin[n]ers. Drew a figer [figure] of the gospel net, in which the good would be with the bad; And of the tares gro[w]ing with [p. [51]] the wheat. And of the Saints So living, that the teares seeing their good works; might be led to Glorify God. Joseph Said, “The duty of the Saints is to bind— to-gether Humanity. To throw round all the arm of Love. Not to be to zelous; fore “There is a way that seameth right unto man but the end thereof is death”. Many take the influence of zeal to be the Spirit of God, but it is not. The evol Spirits often decieve; and lead man astray. They are trying to divide the Saints.
But we are cal[le]d-upon to hunt for the one that is mising from the fold, whether Saint or Siner. And now Bretheren I wish to Say something about the Bruster [James Brewster] and Noris [Moses Norris] Brothers [p. [52]] and Sisters. I met with them before going to . The Spirit of Love, Joy and peace rested on us, and the Holy Ghost bore witness of their faith in God; and now I learn they are all Cut off from the Church.
I want some one to make a motion that all of them be restord to full fellowship (with out baptism) as though no action had ben taken against them”. [p. [53]]