Discourse from John C. Bennett, 18 December 1841

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City of , Illinois,
Mayer’s Office, Dec. 18th, A. D. 1841.
Gentlemen of the City Council,
Aldermen and Councillors:—
Permit me to call your attention to that excellent and useful paper—The New York Weekly Herald,”—and its able and persevering Editor— [p. 652] . The public press, when under the supervision of virtuous, intellectual and energetic minds, is the great safe-guard of morality and religion; and a principal medium of early and correct information in relation to men and things,—and gratitude is a property of mental excellence which should ever be cherished both by individuals and compacts. Such a press is the Herald, and the warmest gratitude is due from this community to its noble and patriotic . Tho’ opposed to most of us in matters of religion he is perfectly liberal; and, as a public journalist, he has no superior. The articles admitted into the Herald, from the “Times and Seasons,” have never been garbled, but published entire, with editorials free from the prejudices and super[s]titions of the age. That deservedly popular, and widely circulated paper, has been of incalculable benefit to us, as a people, by conveying to the ears of thousands, who would otherwise have remained in ignorance, correct information in relation to our doctrines and practices—our men and our measures: and, further, it furnishes us with eastern news, and returns western, far in advance of any other journal. Articles from the “Times and Seasons” are frequently republished in the Herald and reach before the subscribers to the first named periodical—(the “Times and Seasons”—) in that , receive their regular files from ! the Herald, likewise, uniformly brings us news from three to four days later than that found in any other eastern paper received at our Post-Office. Such an Editor, of such a paper, should receive from us a favorable demonstration in our corporate capacity; and to that end I present it for your deliberate action. All of which is respectfully submitted.
, Mayor. [p. 653]