Docket Entry, 16–18 January 1838 [Wilder and Strong v. Rounds]

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January 16th 1838
January 16th This day 2d Sheriff of the County of served upon me a notice of which the following is a copy.
Sir, I have levied by virtue of an issued from the clerk of the court of common pleas, for and to me directed, bearing date the 16 day of November 1837, Two Mows of Hay at the Barn lately occupied Joseph Smith Junr. and stive Stack of hay in the field, one Mow of Wheat, one of Oats and a quantity of corn. One Mow of hay at the Lora [Lory] Holmes farm in said taken at the suit of Qui tam Vs. Joseph Smith Junr and said property is clamed by and .
2d. Sheriff
January 16th 1838 issued a venire faicas to constable retu which was returnable on the 18th at 10’ o clock AM. which was returned endorsed personally served on Asbel Wright Elias Randall fees. .90 Issued a subpoena for and which was personally served, and attended.
On the 18th parties attended and counsel appeared for the defence and proposed that the claimants themselves be sworn which was agreed to, after testimony was heard and remarks by counsel, The constable was sworn and jury retired and in a short time came in with the following verdict.
We the jury are agreed that the claims of Plaintiffs are lawful and just
Elias Randall
Ashbel Wright
James McWithy
Costs taxed at Venire .25) 25
Subpoenas 23½, swearing jurors 20) 43½
Swearing Plaintiffs .08— swer. Const[able] .04) 12
Enter. judgement 25 Const. Cost 2.10
Jurors fees 2.50
Defendant Paid 5.65½
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