Docket Entry, between 15 and circa 25 July 1837 [Cahoon, Carter & Co. for the use of JS v. Draper]

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for the use of
Joseph Smith Jr
Action of debt on due bill drawn by said payable to Cahoon Carter & Co. for $4.49 dated Dec. 14, 1836, payable when drawn.
July 15th, summons issued to const. returnable on the 25 inst., at 11 <​o’clock​> A. M. July 22, . returned summons endorsed “served by copy.” <​fees 22½” ​> July 25th, const returned <​the ​> not appearing the cause is continued to Aug. 8, <​19,​> at 9 o’clock P. M. [30 lines blank] [p. 126]