Docket Entry, between 30 November and circa 3 December 1842, Defendant Copy [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Slander of JS–C]

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City of )
Violation of the Ordinances of the .
Novr 30th 1842.— Complaint was made on Oath by Joseph Smith, (before Alderman, against the , as follows, to wit,) “that he has been informed & verily believes that one of the and aforesaid, did on or about the 25th. inst., and at divers other times previous to that time, and before the Commencement of this Suit, make use of indecent, unbecoming, abusive and ridiculous language concerning the Acts and Character of Deponent, contrary to the Ordinances of said in such cases made and provided.”
Novr 30th. 1842.— Warrant issued upon said Complaint, directed to the , returnable at two OClock P.M. on the 2nd. day of Decr. 1842, at the Mayors in said , before the Municipal Court.
Novr. 30th 1842.— 2 Subpoenas issued for Andw. M. Gravel, Chas Seidel, , , Geo Stevens, Jas I. Gilbert, , & to appear in the above Cause.— s fees as returned $1.00.—
Aldermen , , and met at two OClock P. M. on friday Decr 2nd. 1842, and an attachment was issued and handed to the to enforce the attendance of Aldermen , , , & .— Aldermen & came soon after, and was elected President pro tem, but by reason of the absence of Witnesses, the Court adjourned until 6 oClock P. M. on (Tomorrow) Saturday Decr 3rd. 1842.— s fees on Attachment 75¢.
Decr 3rd. 1842.— Aldmn. , , & attended according to adjournment.— the stated that could not attend in consequence of sickness in his family.
An Attachment issued for Aldermen & who who were brought by the & attachment returned endorsed, “served on the above names, & brought before the Court, [p. [1]] Court, fees 75¢, paid for team 50¢. , Marshal. Subpoenas issued also, & 9 Witnesses served, s fees $1,12½. on behalf of , stated that the affidavit was made on a broad Scale, & that the Court had not jurisdiction to try this Case, & Cited the <​Sec​> 17 of the Charter.
for the , replied, in support of the afft., & of the Court having jurisdiction, & stated Case.
The by his , pleaded, not Guilty.
, , Andrew M. Gravel, Chas Seidel, James A. Easton, Jas I. Gilbert, & , Witnesses were Sworn & examined, & several of them Cross examined. spoke upon the Evidence, as also did . The Witnesses Easton & Gravel and Seidel claimed their fees.
Whereupon, the Judgment of the Court is, that be, and is fined to pay a sum of fifty Dollars, and full Costs of Suit, and that he also enter into a Recognizance in a Sum of Two hundred Dollars, to keep the peace and be of good behaviour towards the people of the generally, for six Months, and especially towards Joseph Smith, & upon his declining or neglecting to pay said fine and Costs, & enter into said Recognizance, then to be imprisoned until discharged by due course of law.— Court adjourned at half past ten oClock P. M.
Decr. 6th. 1842.— Commitment for want of giving recognizance & paying fine & Costs, was delivererd to the this day, & was directed to the , as such .
Fine—— $50,00
Aldermens fees— 7,50
s fees—— 3,68¼
s fees—— 4,12½
3 Witnesses—— 1,50
State of Illinois)
City of )
The People of the State of to the City of said , Greeting:
I , Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of , do hereby Certify, that the foregoing is a true Copy from my Docket, of the Proceedings and Judgment in the above case.— Given under my hand, & Seal of said Court this 8th. day of Decr A. D. 1842.—
, Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of .—
Seal of the Municipal Court of the City of .
No 76
Filed Dec 9th 1842
Clerk By M. Avise D. C.[Deputy Clerk] [p. [2]]


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