Docket Entry, between 31 March and circa 19 April 1843 [Dana v. Brink]

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State of Illinois) Ss [scilicet]
City of )
On Appeal from the Mayors Court. Action in .
Docketing suit—— ,12½
Subpoena to Respdt.—— ,50
Fees on Service—— 1,20
Subpoena to Applt.—— ,75
Fees on service—— 1,35
Clerk on —— ,50
Marshal thereon—— ,60
Clerk on Continuance ,25
Subpoena to Appellant ,50
Constables fees—— ,70
Subpoena to Respdt.—— 50
Docket Fee—— 3,00
<​Marshal attending Court——​> <​1,00​>
Entering Judgment—— 25
—— 25
<​Constable​> 50
<​returning exect.​> <​25​>
March 31st. 1843. A Notice was this day served on the of the Municipal Court, from the Mayors Court, of an Appeal having been lodged in this Cause, to the Municipal Court, & that the Trial would take place on the 10th. April 1843, & that the Members of the Court, & Parties should be notified thereof.— Time for Trial changed to 13th.
April 4th. 1843. A Subpoena issued at request of Respdt., for 8 Witnesses, retble [returnable] at 9 oClock on 13th. inst, <​clerks​> fee thereon 50¢.— Fees to Marshal & another for service $1.20.—
April 7th. 1843. A Subpoena issued at request of Applt., for 10 Witnesses, retble at 9 oClock on 13th. inst.. <​Clerks fees 75 Cents​> returned as served on 8, fees of Const., $1.35.—
April 8th. 1843. Supersedeas & notification issued, retble on the 13th. inst., directed & delivered to the Marshal. Clerks fee 50¢.— Marshals fees $— 60¢.—
April 13th. 1843. The Chief Justice & & associate Justices, as also both Parties attended at the Court House, & the Parties agreed, & <​the hearing of the​> cause was adjourned, for the convenience of the Chief Justice, until 9 oClock on the 19th. instant. Clerks fee on continuance 25¢.—
s fee attending Court, which sat half a Day, $1,00.—
April 13th. 1843. A Subpoena issued for 5 Witnesses, at request of Applt., retble on the 19th. inst., at 9 oClock A. M.— returned by , Const, as served upon 4 of the Witnesses, fees &c. 70¢.— Clerks fees 50¢.—
April 13th. 1843. A subpoena issued to Respdt. for 8 Witnesses, Clerks fees 50¢.—
April 19th. 1843. The Chief Justice, as also associate Justice, were present in Court at 9 oClock A. M., at half past 9 the Court was called to Order, & opened, & an Ordered to be issued against , , , , , & , <​Associate Justices​> to bring them before the court forthwith, to answer for contempt of Court,
Attachment issued accordingly. Clerks fees 25¢,—
Marshals fees $2.10.
To be charged to the , of this.—— 60
, , & appeared, & were excused, upon condition of their paying the Costs of the Attachment, & Marshals fees. Associate Justice was excused by reason of his absence from home. The papers in the Cause were produced by the .
The Cause was called & argued by Counsel on both sides, and the Court [p. 53] Court adjudged that the right of Appeal did not lie in this Case, to this Court, And dismissed the appeal with full Costs against the Appellant, taxed to $11.47½.— Ct. adjourned at about noon.—
May 10th. 1843.— issued & ready for delivery, but in consequence of being at Carthage Court, it was not delivered to him until the 30th May.—
July 18th. 1843. Execution returned, endorsed, “no property found on which to levy, Consts fees 50¢, Const.,”—
Oct 2d 1843 Second execution issued, for costs $12.22½. Constable
February 10. 1845 The Clerk has drawn on the Treasurer for the fees amounting to 12.22½ [remainder of page blank] [p. 54]


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