Docket Entry, circa 1 September 1842 [Harwood v. A. Brown]

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Joseph Harwood) In Suit on Account.
Vs) Suit brought on Account of $44.06 for ‘Work & labour done by Plaintiff for .
Mayors Fees ,31¼
Septr 1st. 1842. on application of the Plaintiff, a Summons issued, returnable the 5th. instant, at ten oClock A. M. which was returned by Constable, endorsed, “duly served by reading, Septr 2nd. 1842. High Constable, fees 30 cts.”
Septr 5th. 1842, The Mayor was absent, therefore the Cause could not be proceeded upon.— [p. 36]


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    Notation in handwriting of James Sloan.