Docket Entry, circa 10 March 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Slander of JS–A]

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City of )
Municipal Court March 10th. 1842. Six oClock P. M.
The complaint in this Cause was made by Joseph Smith, before , Mayor, upon Oath, & is for the breach of an Ordinance, entitled, “an Ordinance Concerning Vagrants & disorderly Persons.” Sworn Mar 10th, 1842
March 10th. 1842. Warrant issued to arrest the , & was executed by the pro tem. & returned by him, endorsed, “I have served the within Writ, by bringing the forthwith, fees 31Cts.— Also Summoned Six Aldermen, fees 87½cts, & the Recorder 13Cts,— making $1,31.— , Marshal.
Same day. Subpoena issued for & Lady, & Lady, & s Woman Servant, & was returned, endorsed, “ and Lady. & Lady, Girl, duly served by reading March 10th. 1842. City Marshal.
Same day.— Summons issued for twelve Jurors, & was returned, endorsed, for serving the within Writ Mar. 10th. 1842, City Marshal, fees 50Cts..—
Present. Mayor, Aldermen , , , , , & .
Jurors Sworn., , , David Sessions, Perrygreen [Perregrine] Sessions, , , John G. Luce, Jesse D. Hunter, , James Rodeback and C[harles] D. Barnum.
Witnesses Sworn. , , & Wife, Taylor, [blank] Jinks, Joseph Smith, & .
Council for the City.— Col. for
The Witnesses were respectively examined, crossexamined, and interrogated by the Court.
The Jury returned the following Verdict, to wit
“We the Jury find the guilty of the charge contained in the Affidavit upon which this Suit is founded. March 10th. 1842.— .— Foreman.—
Whereupon. The Judgment of the Court is, that the give Security of One hundred Dollars, to keep the Peace for Six Months, & indemnify the Corporation. [p. 4]