Docket Entry, circa 2 August 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Thompson]

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City of ) Disorderly Conduct.
William Thompson)
Mayors fees— 2,25
Constable— 1,25
Marshal— ,75
August 2nd. 1842. Upon the Complaint of Warren Smith a Warrant issued against William Thompson for disorderly Conduct, by Committing a breach of an ordinance of this , entitled “An Ordinance concerning Vagrants and disorderly persons.” to be executed forthwith.
Same day a Subpoena issued for , Elizabeth Berkett, James Brown, Warren Smith, Alexander Stevens, Homer Jackson, and Stephen Page, as Witnesses,— Warrant executed by Constable bringing the Defendant forward same day. Consts Cost $— .37½
Subpoena returned served, by Const, Fees $87½.
All the Witness’s attended and were examined. & it is adjudged, that the said William Thompson enter into a Recognizance with sufficient security, in the Sum of Thirty Dollars, to keep the peace, and be of good behaviour towards the Citizens of this ; and generally, and especially towards , for one year, and that he also pay the costs of Suit taxed to $4.25, and indemify the Corporation against any charge, or in default thereof, that he labour forty days at hard labour, for the benefit of this Corporation.
s fees for care over Prisoner during the night $— .75.
Recognizance prepared for , or Signature, & delivered it to the , who afterwards gave it back without any return thereon.
Jany. 31st. 1843. Delivered it to , Const., to have signed.
March 1843. Recognizance returned by the Marshal, , & filed.
July 24th. 1843. Received from , by an undertaking to pay, from , for $1,87½, & your undertaking for the bals $— 37½, being in full of the Mayors Fees. [remainder of page blank] [p. 31]


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    Notations in handwriting of James Sloan.