Docket Entry, circa 5 July 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. McGraw]

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City of ) Breach of a City Ordinance, for by Selling Spirituous Liquors.
William H. McGraw)
Fine—— $25.00
Mayors fees—— 1.87½
Const[able]s fees—— .56
July 5th. 1842. one of the Night Watch, and a Special Constable of the , brought the said Thomas Walker <​William <​H​> McGraw​> before the Mayor, for a Breach of a City Ordinance, by selling Spirituous Liquors, upon the day and year above Written.
The Defendant pleaded not Guilty.
The Council for Defendant made a point, that the Suit abate for want of Proper Parties, and called upon the Court to abate the Cause.
The Court overruled the point.
July 5th. 1842. A Summons issued by Order of the , to bring forward , , and Henry Rhodes as Witnesses. Summons returned Endorsed,— [illegible] Served the within named three Witnesses on the 5[t]h day of July 1842, by Reading. Serving 38 <​cts​>, Mileage 18 <​cts​>, $— 56. Const..—
The Witnesses attended, and were examined, and on hearing, the Defendant was fined in a Sum of Twenty five Dollars, & Costs of Suit.
The Council for Defendant gave Notice of the Defendants intention to appeal to the Municipal Court, and that Deft would require a Jury.— The Court Ordered, that the Witnesses be bound Over to appear and give Evidence at the Municipal Court, and Henry Rhodes and executed a Bond to that effect, having departed from the Court without License.
The Defendant lodged an approved Bond with the Treasurer upon the same Day, in compliance with the Ordinance in Relation to Appeals.— afterwards executed the abovementioned Bond.— An had [been] issued prior to the lodging of the Appeal Bond, but was superseded by that Bond being lodged, & the E[x]ecution being <​so​> stayed, was not delivered to the .
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