Docket Entry, circa 6 December 1842, Circuit Court Copy [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Ardent Spirits]

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City of )
Fine—— $25,00)
Costs—— 7,50)
Justices fees—— 6,00)
s fees—— 4,06¼)
s fees— 2,25)
8 Witnesses fees 4,00)
Municipal Court sat at 6 oClock P. M. to hear this Cause, Decr. 6th 1842.— Special Meeting.
Present. Joseph Smith Chief Justice, , , , , & , associate Justices.
Decr. 6th. 1842.— produced a Certificate from the , of his having filed a Bond with him as such , with proper security for the appeal of the decision of the Mayor, against said .
This appeal was from a Judgt. obtained by the against the , before the Mayor, upon the 2nd. Day of Decr. instant, for $25,00 fine, & $7,50 Costs, for selling Ardent spirits by the small quantity on or about the 1st. day of Decr. 1842, and at various other times prior to said lst day of Decr, contrary to the Ordinance of said in that Case made & provided.
Decr 6th 1842. Subpoena issued for , W. H. Ralston, Jas I. Gilbert, [blank] Powell, Jas A. Easton, , Joseph A. McCall, Jas Fields, John H. Hoskinson, , Wm. Thompson, , Ebenezer Jennings, Chester D. Stevens, & Elijah Sessions, as Witnesses, & was was returned endorsed, “served on the above named 12 persons,— fees $2,25, , Marshal.”
, Col. for the .
, Council for the .
, Wm. Thompson, Geo W. Thatcher, , Elijah Sessions, Chester D. Stevens, John H. Hoskinson, James Fields, Jas A. Easton, & were sworn, examined, & crossexamined, witnesses in this Cause, & all claimed pay for their attendance, unless Thatcher & . —
The s claim for notifying the Aldermen $1,00.—
The proofs allegations & arguments having been gone through, The Judgment of the Court is, that the fine adjudged by the [p. [1]] the Mayor against the for $25,00, & $7,50 Costs, do stand, and same hereby is affirmed, with full Costs of this Trial.—
The declared his intention of appealing from this Judgment, & demanded a transcript of the Judgment in this Case.—
Decr. 8th. 1842.— Execution issued for fine & Costs, as above, but not delivered to the .
Same day.— A transcript of the Judgment & proceedings in this Cause, was made out, by request of , and delivered to him, fee received 50¢.—
Feby. 3rd 1843. A notice of an appeal was served upon the Mayor, (and by him delivered to Clerk of the Municipal Court, through Const.,) from the Circuit Court, , dated the 19th. day of January 1843, & signed Clerk of said Circuit Court, enjoining & requiring to suspend all further proceedings in relation to this Cause, until said Court shall make other Order to the Contrary, & that the Record & proceeding in said Cause be certified to said Circuit Court, & this in no wise to omit at peril.
State of Illinois)
Hancock County)
City of )
The People of the State of , to the City of said , Greeting:
I , Clerk of the Municipal Court, within and for the said , do hereby Certify that the foregoing is a true Copy from my docket, of the proceedings and judgment in the above Case, and that the said transcript and papers contain a full and perfect statement of all the proceedings before said Court in said Case.
Given under my hand, and the Seal of the Municipal Court of the City of , Ills., this 17th. day of february A. D. 1843.
, Clerk of the Municipal Court aforesaid.
No. 77
Filed Febry 28. 1843
, Clk, [p. [2]]


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    Docket probably in handwriting of M. Avise.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Jacob B. Backenstos.