Docket Entry, Removal Orders, 11 April 1839 [State of Missouri v. Gates et al. for Treason]

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The State of ) Indictment for Treason
Joseph Smith Jr, , , , and and others—
The of this Court having been Counsel in this cause; and the Parties herein not consenting to a Trial thereof, in this Court But the said Defendants Joseph Smith Jr, , , and , objecting thereto for the reason that the of this Court has been of Counsel in this cause; It is therefore ordered by the Court here that said cause as to the said Joseph Smith Jr, , and be removed to the Circuit Court of the County of in the Second Judicial Circuit in this . It is further ordered by the Court here that the Sheriff of the County of , do and he is commanded to remove the Bodies of the said Joseph Smith Jr, , and to the Jail of the County <​of ​> aforesaid and there deliver them to the keeper of said Jail together with the warrant or process by which they are [p. 66] Imprisoned and held— [p. 67]