Docket Entry, Verdict, 25 October 1837 [Rounds qui tam v. Rigdon]

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S[amuel] D. Rounds qui. tam.)
46 vs) Debt—
This day come the parties & thereupon came a Jury to wit: Amos Cunningham, John McMackin, Erastus Spencer, Gerry Bates, George D. Lee, Wm C. Mathews, William Graham, Benjamin Adams, Harrison P. Stebbins Jonathan Hoyt, Herman Dodge and Thaddeus Cook, who being duly ennpanelled and sworn well and truly to try the issue joined between the parties, do find that the is indebted to the pl[ainti]ff in the sum of one thousand dollars. It is therefore considered by the Court that the plff recover against the his debt aforesaid and also his costs. [p. 237]


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