Draft Notes, 29 June–1 July 1844

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June 29 10-12, H M Swazey—
[5 lines blank]
1 O clock P M Mayor [John] Wood and [Enoch] Conyer arr[ive]d from for the E◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ Carhage——
— spoke
spoke of the good [illegible] of the [p. 1]
Mr Wood— send the herald—— 244 troops came up to protect the innocent
Mr. Kilburn— said he came here day bfor yesterd[ay] to lern the fact, course of conduct I could not be expected.
Mr Wood—
Kilburn— spoke of Spence at appenose [illegible] with <​[illegible]​>
Mr Swazey— said that he had been at
[p. 2]
Sunday 30th—— 1 o clock P M in council— <​council Chamber​>
—— explaind—
— conciliatory concil
— cease your hostility & I am your friend— —— referred to Laws, Foster & [2 words illegible]
Adams—— referred to Mr Hatch as Editors— &c— in debt
Woods testimony of Foster’s fine [p. 3]
suggested about farming &c
replied— read Letter June 29— 1844 heard no threats threats has been among— all the people all you will you tell the truth we are
requested that all writs would be staid
stated a writ was out against him
spoke of Jackson &c
no writs sent from <​to​> county
[illegible] maybe saved or would stop [illegible]— [p. 4]
Stop by dclarig [declaring] mart[i]al Law— woods command,—
spoke of— a guard at .—
Woods— said public opinion was in favor of the mormins
[John] Wood [Enoch] Conyer— &— — spoke— reported—
Uncle wanted council about, des[t]ruction of crops— by Troops
[p. 5]
Monday July 1. 1844 Esqr & Col Fellows [Hart Fellowes] came on message from — to city council. city council— 12, noon—— 4 P. M. General meet[in]g at vote of thanks to several see “Neighbor, ‘ExtraChambers Editor of Quincy <​Mo​> Republicn— Field of the Revelee— <​T & S page 566 “public meeting”​> [p. 6]
Loftin Mrs Rice 9. mi on the Prairie [p. [7]]
[pages [8]–[15] blank] [p. [8]]
[page [9] blank] [p. [9]]
[page [10] blank] [p. [10]]
[page [11] blank] [p. [11]]
[page [12] blank] [p. [12]]
[page [13] blank] [p. [13]]
[page [14] blank] [p. [14]]
[page [15] blank] [p. [15]]
June 29th. 1844
Journal. [p. [16]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Johnathan Grimshaw.