Editorial, circa 1 March 1842, Draft

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Times & Seasons
A. considerable quantity of the matter in the last paper. was in type, before the establishment come into our <​My​> hands,— Some of which went to press. without our <​my​> recivecd. or knowledge The and a multiplicity of business— while enteri[n]g on the additional care of the editorial departmet of the Times & Seasons. mu[s]t be my apology for what is past.
In future. I design to furnish much original matter, which will be found of enestimable adventage to the saints,— & to all who— desire a knowledge of the kingdom of God.— and as it is not practicable to bring forthe the new translation. of the Scriptures. & varioes records of ancint date. & great worth to this gen[e]ration in book <​the usual​> form. by books. I shall prenit [print] specimens of the same in the Times & Seasons as fast. as time & space will admit. so that the honest in heart may be cheerd & comforted and go on their way rejoi[ci]ng.— as their souls become exp[an]ded.— & their undestandig [understanding] enlightend, by a knowledg of what Gods work through the fathers. in former days, as well as what He is about to do in Latter Days— To fulfil the words of the fathers.—
In the penst [present] no. will be found the Commencmet of the Records discoverd in Egypt. some time since. as penend by the hand. of Father Abraham. which I shall contin[u]e to translate & publish as fast as possible till the whole is completed.— and as the saints have long been anxious to obtain a copy of these re[c]ords, those [p. [1]] are now taking this times & Seasons. will confer a sp[e]cial favor on their brethren, who do not take the paper, by infor[m]ing them that. they can now obtain their hearts [3/4 page blank] [p. [2]]