Introduction to Fisher v. Stratton

Document Transcript

Fisher v. Stratton
Kirtland Township, Geauga Co., Ohio, Justice of the Peace Court, 29 June 1837
Historical Introduction
On 24 June 1837, Cyrus B. Fisher initiated legal proceedings against Hiram Stratton in an action of , stemming from a dispute over a cow. issued a summons as , Ohio, justice of the peace notifying Stratton to appear before him on 29 June. JS was among those subpoenaed as witnesses for the defendant.
Apparently, Stratton had agreed to pay Fisher to keep a cow for an extended period, but Fisher alleged that Stratton repossessed the cow illegally. Stratton’s initial defense was that the matter had previously been settled by arbitration. After his witness, , failed to prove this point, JS and other defense witnesses “substantiated the point, that the Defen[dan]t hired, or let a certain cow to the Plaintiff for one or three years, on the Defendants paying yearly, the interest of $25,00.” The witnesses further showed that “the cow was Kept from about the middle of Nov. [1836] to the first of April, at the expense of the Plaintiff” and “that the cow nearly paid for her keeping till the first of Jan. 1837.” The court awarded the plaintiff ten dollars in damages. Fisher acknowledged receipt of the money from Stratton in August.
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    Docket Entry, ca. 29 June 1837 [Fisher v. Stratton]. Fisher filed a trespass suit against Stratton on 21 June 1837, but he withdrew it for unknown reasons before the trial began on 24 June. JS was not named as a witness in the earlier case. (Docket Entry, ca. 24 June 1837 [Fisher v. Stratton–A].)  

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    Docket Entry, ca. 29 June 1837 [Fisher v. Stratton].  

  3. 3

    Docket Entry, ca. 29 June 1837 [Fisher v. Stratton]. For Ohio law governing arbitration, see An Act Authorizing and Regulating Arbitrations [17 Feb. 1831], Acts of a General Nature, 264–266.  

    Acts of a General Nature, Enacted, Revised and Ordered to Be Reprinted, at the First Session of the Twenty-Ninth General Assembly of the State of Ohio. Columbus: Olmsted and Bailhache, 1831.

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    Docket Entry, ca. 29 June 1837 [Fisher v. Stratton].