Introduction to Stannard v. Young et al.

Document Transcript

Stannard v. Young, Pratt, and JS
Geauga Co., Ohio, Court of Common Pleas, 3 April 1838
Historical Introduction
Sometime in 1837, Claudius Stannard, a longtime resident of , Ohio, commenced an action against JS, , and for nonpayment of a debt they owed to him. On 3 October 1836, Stannard had sold slightly over 197 acres, including a stone quarry, to the three men. The price for the land was almost $7,000. The initial payment of $1,000 was apparently made on the day of the purchase, with the remainder to be paid in five installments over a period of four years. Although JS, Pratt, and Young tried to generate income from the land through various arrangements, they were able to pay only half of the $2,000 owed on 3 December 1836, leading to Stannard’s lawsuit.
The case, however, never proceeded to trial. On 2 April 1838, the contract was canceled by the mutual agreement of the parties. The cancellation of the agreement meant that Stannard no longer had a cause of action against JS and his associates and he was therefore . The following day, the court issued a judgment in favor of JS and his associates and awarded them court costs in accordance with law. Because the contract was not fulfilled, Stannard took possession of the property.
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  1. 1

    Agreement with Claudius Stannard, 3 Oct. 1836. The signatures of the purchasers, supposedly JS, Young, and Pratt, were torn out; Pratt, however, was on a mission in Canada and not available to sign the agreement. The signatures with their accompanying seals were presumably removed when, as explained in this introduction, the obligation was canceled. (Pratt, Autobiography, 173–174; see also Historical Introduction to Promissory Note to Jonathan Burgess, 17 Aug. 1836; and Gilbert, Law of Evidence, 97.)  

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  2. 2

    Agreement with Claudius Stannard, 3 Oct. 1836.  

  3. 3

    JS, Young, and Pratt rented the land to William Tenney, Silas Smith, and Lorenzo Young to quarry stone in November 1836 and sold stone to various individuals between March and May 1837. (Agreement with William Tenney and Others, 30 Nov. 1836; Young, Account Book, [35], CHL.)  

    Young, Brigham. Account Book, 1836–1837, 1841–1846. CHL.

  4. 4

    Docket Entry, Costs, ca. 3 Apr. 1838 [Stannard v. Young et al.]. The suit was an action in covenant.  

  5. 5

    Notation, 2 Apr. 1838, in Agreement with Claudius Stannard, 3 Oct. 1836.  

  6. 6

    Docket Entry, Discontinuance, 3 Apr. 1838 [Stannard v. Young et al.].  

  7. 7

    Docket Entry, Costs, ca. 3 Apr. 1838 [Stannard v. Young et al.]. Ohio law provided that the “party recovering final judgment shall be entitled to recover costs.” (An Act to Amend the Act, Entitled “An Act to Regulate the Practice of the Judicial Courts” [9 Mar. 1835], Statutes of the State of Ohio [1841], p. 688, sec. 144.)  

    Statutes of the State of Ohio, of a General Nature, in Force, December 7, 1840; Also, the Statutes of a General Nature, Passed by the General Assembly at Their Thirty-Ninth Session, Commencing December 7, 1840. Columbus, OH: Samuel Medary, 1841.

  8. 8

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