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13 December 1841 • Monday • First of Two Entries
1841 Decr.. 13th. A conference was held at on the 4 & 5th of December 1841. over which the patriarch of the church, Presided, and Joseph Johnson acted as clerk; . , & of the Quorum of the twelve being present, when it was unanimously Resolved by the whole conference that the organization of the Church at as a stake be discontinued, & that John Lawson be presiding Elder over the Branch, & Joseph Johnson Clerk; and that , The Bishop, transfer all the Church property in To the Sole trustee in trust Joseph Smith, President of the whole church.
December 13th 1841 This day Joseph the Seer, and President of the church, appointed . Recorder. for the , and the Scribe for the private office of the President. Just opened in the upper story of the , and the recorder entered on the duties of his office.
14 December 1841 • Tuesday
December 14[th].— Joseph commenced opening, unpacking, and assorting goods in the large front room on the seckond floor of the , situated on the corner of the Lot. bounded north by water Street, & West by Granger Street, this 14th. day of December A.D. 1841. The building. being yet unfinished, the Joiners and Masons. are prosecuting this their labors in the lower part thereof.—
17 December 1841 • Friday
December 17[th] 1841. , President of the Quorum of the twelve, arrived at his house in , July 1[st] 1841. from England, having been absent from his family since the 14th. of September 1839. and the following Revelation was given at his house in—
. July 9th. 1841.
Dear & well beloved Brother, , Verily thus saith the Lord unto you my servant . it is no more required at your hand to leave your family as in times past for your offering is acceptable to me I have seen your labor and toil in journeyings for my name. I therefore command you to send my word abroad and take special care of your family from this time henceforth and forever, Amen. Given to Joseph Smith this day.” [p. 26]
[pages 27–30, donation records dated 30 November–16 December 1841]
15 December 1841 • Wednesday
Dec 15th. In reply to enquiries concerning . the . , &c contained in a letter written at , Nov 16[th] 1841. by by & , acting Prests.— & , Bishop. & council. To. Presidents Joseph Smith & &c. it was decided as follows;
“It remains for to offer satisfaction. if he wishes so to do, according to the minutes of the Conference, You are doubtless all well aware that all the stakes except those in Illinois, & county Iowa. were discontinued some time Since by the First Presidency, as published in the Times and Seasons; but as it appears that there are many in who desire to remain there. and build up that place, and as you have made great exertions, according to your letter, to establish a printing press, & take care of the poor, &c. since that period, you may as well continue operations according to your designs. & go on with your printing, & do what you can in Righteousness to build up Kirtland but do not suffer yourselves to harbor the Idea that will rise on the ruins of Nauvoo. It is the privilege of brethren emigrating from any quarter To come to this place, and it is not right to attempt to persuade those who desire it, to stop short,”
(Extract from the letter of the presidents in reply— Decr 15[th] 1841.)
16 December 1841 • Thursday
December 16th. 1841 This day , of , deliverd to Prest. Joseph Sole Smith, sole Trustee in Trust, the deed. for the unsold <​& bonded​> Lots of land in the town of , bearing date Decr 8th 1841: also the plat of the “first addition To .” and the notes which have been received of Individuals who have purchased lots. and the Bonds of . Sept 21. 1840; & of Nov 26[th] 1840: & of Wm G. Perkins. Nov 7. 1840. & of John F. charles Nov 16. 1841. for lots of land adjoining . and which may hereafter be added. to the Town plot plat; (a part of the land included in s Bond is included in the first addition to ;) The above described property in . & the Notes <​were​> is transferred to the sole Trustee in trust. for the benefit of the whole church. (by a vote of the Conference Decr 4 & 5th. 1841.) after applying sufficient of said property to liquidate the claims of those from whom the Town was purchased, and also paying two notes given by for money borrowed to pay for the above property, viz, To Lyman prentice $11.45: & James Cummin[g]s $50.00 and some other small demands against said which have been contracted for the benefit of the church in .
5 January 1842 • Wednesday
1842 January . Signed over & delivered the Town Plot to of to the sole trustee in Trust Joseph Smith. [p. 31]
[page 32, donation records dated 17–20 December 1841]
11, 13 December 1841 • Saturday, Monday
December 11th. Late this evening. Joseph, the prophet. and trustee in trust for the , Commanded . President of the twelve, while sitting in the , to go immediately and instruct the building committee in their duty, & forbid their receiving any more property for the building of the Until they received it of himself. and if they committee did not give heed to the instruction, and attend to their duty to put them in the way so to do:
And on monday Morning, Decr. 13th., delivered the above Message. to . and . while in the committee House. in presence of . . and .
13 December 1841 • Monday • Second of Two Entries
1841. Decr. 21st. <​13th.​> Some time in the fall of 1839. Daniel S. Witter, of the Steam Mill at , solicited the First Presidency of the church to make a settlement on the school section, No 10 16, 1 mile south of : and the solicitations were continued by D. S. Witter. & others, from time to time, Till the spring or summer of 1841. when articles of Agreement were entered into between . Esqr. Witter, & others, owners of the school Section; and the First Presidency; giving the saints the privilege of settling on the school. section, which had been surveyed & laid out in town Lots. & called.— , on certain conditions; and went to on the 8th. of September. and spent several weeks to prepare for the receptions of Emigrants; in the mean time the inhabitants of . attempted to form an Anti-Mormon Society. & were much enraged because that , (who had spoken favorably of the Saints) was appointed clerk of the county by . In Novr. about 200 saints arrived at , from England, led by , and were visited on the 24[th] of Novr. by & , of the Quorum of the twelve, & counselled To Tarry at . according to the instruction of the first Presidency,
December 13[th]. . Presiding Elder at . stated to the Presidency at . that Mr Witter had risen $1. per barrel on flour. and sold the sweepings of his Mill to the Saints at $2.25 per cwt; and that Witter & had forbid the brethren the priviledge of getting the old wood on the school section, which they had full liberty to get; that the price of wood on the wharf had fallen, 25 cents per cord since the arrival of the Saints; that the citizens had risen on their rents; &c, and the First Presidency decided that that the saints should remove from To immediately, & that the proceedings at be published in the Times & Seasons.— [7 lines blank] [p. 33]
[pages 34–35, donation records dated 20–22 December 1841 and 17 January 1842]
December 1841 • Undated
December [blank] 1841. Elder , of stated to President Joseph Smith that he had settled all his debts, and made all necessary provision for his family, and desired to know the will of God concerning himself.—
December 22d. 1841. Verily thus saith the Lord. unto my servants the Twelve, Let them appoint unto my servant , a mission to preach my gospel unto the children of men, as it shall be manifested unto them by my Holy Spirit. Amen.
22 December 1841 • Wednesday
1841. December 22.d.
,— Decmber 22d. 1841. The word of the Lord came unto Joseph the Seer, verily thus saith the Lord, Let my servant take a mission to the Eastern continent, unto all the conferences now sitting in that region, and let him carry a package of Epistles that shall be written by my servants the Twelve. making known unto them their duties concerning the building of my houses which I have appointed unto you saith the Lord, that they may bring their Gold, & their Silver, and their precious stones, and the box-tree, and the Fir-tree, and all fine wood to beautify the place of my sanctuary saith the Lord; and let him return speedily with all means which shall be put into his hands, even so;
1841. December 22d. This day commenced received receiving the first supply of Groceries at the new store. 13. waggons arrived from loaded with sugar, molasses, glass, salt, tea, coffee, &c. purchased in .— The original stock purchased in having been detained at by , Inn-keeper under false pretences; & on this evening Joseph the Seer commenced giving instructions to the scribe concerning writing the Proclamation to the Kings of the earth mentioned in the Revelation given January 19. 1841. [8 lines blank] [p. 36]
[pages 37–38, donation records dated 22–27 December 1841]
24 December 1841 • Friday
December 24. Elder returned from a short mission to . Iowa, where he baptized 14. bringing $20. as a donation to the building of the from James Mo[o]re whom, he baptizd,— having been disfellowshiped by the elders quorum, is again restored by the first Presidency, & the decision of the Quorum revoked.
December 24[th] Christmas eve, 11 o’clock. While conversing with and about sending an Agent to England. to establish a cheap & expeditious conveyance for the saints & merchandize. to this place. President Joseph said in the name of the Lord we will prosper if we go forward in this thing.— Private office.
26 December 1841 • Sunday
December 26th. The public meeting of the saints was at President Joseph Smiths house, on Sunday evening Dec 26th. and after & had spoken on the principles of faith and the gifts of the spirit. President Joseph read the 13th. chap of 1st corinthians and a part of the 14 chap, and remarked that the gift of Tongues was necessary in the church; <​but​> That if satan could not speak in tongues he could not tempt a Dutchman, or any other nation, but the English, for he can tempt the Englishman, for he has tempted me, & I am an Englishman; but the Gift of Tongues, by the power of the Holy Ghost, in the church, is for the benefit of the servants of God to preach to unbelievers, as on the days of Pentecost. when devout men from evry nation shall assemble to hear of the things of God. let the <​elders​> preach to them in their own Mother tongue. whither it is German, French, Spanish or Irish. or any other. & let those interpret who understand the tongue <​Language​> spoken. in their mother tongue. & this is what the Apostle meant. in 1s[t] corinthians 14.27.
27 December 1841 • Monday
Decr 27th. Joseph. was with. , , . & of the twelve, at his office. instructing them in the principles of the kingdom. & what the twelve should do in relation to the mission of . & the European conferences, so as to forward the gathering. means for bulding the & , & Merchandize; that might go with on his mission if he chose. but the object of the mission could be accomplished without.
28 December 1841 • Tuesday
Decr 28 Joseph baptizd , for and in behalf of his parents. and others in the Font. [p. 39]
[pages 40–42, donation records dated 27–31 December 1841]
29 December 1841 • Wednesday
December 29th The corner stone of the was laid by President Joseph Smith. on the 2d. of October 1841. (At the commencement of the Last General conference of the church. in . previous to the finishing of the ,) And the following articles were deposited therein by the president.
To Wit.—
A. Book of Mormon
A. Revelation given January 19[th] 1841.
The “Times & Seasons” containing the charter of the .
Journal of .
The Memorial of . To the ’. Senate.
A Book of Doctrine & Covenants.— 1st. Edition.
No. 35. of the Times and Seasons.
The original Manuscript of the Book of Mormon.
The persecution of the Church in the State of , published in the “Times & Seasons”
The Holy Bible
1 Half Dollar)Silver Coin
1 Quarter Dollar)
2 Dimes)
2 Half Dimes)
1 copper Coin.—
[donation records dated 2 August–6 October 1841, lines 25–34]
17 January 1842 • Monday • First of Three Entries
January 17. 1842— , , , . . . & of the Quorum of the Twelve assembled in council at the Presidents office. and decided that Elder take a mission to the city of . in accordance with the Revelation Page 36. and also, that Elder Henry Jacobs. be subjct to the council & presidency of & accompany him so far on the mission as judge expedient. [p. 43]
[donation records dated 31 December 1841, lines 1–13]
30–31 December 1841 • Thursday–Friday
Dec 30, & 31st Esqr & Daniel S. Witter visited President Joseph, at his office, and after much explanation, and conversation concerning & . in which Manifested the kindest & most confidential feelings, and & Witter had expressed their entire approbation of past proceedings of the Presidency; they all agreed that if Joseph did not succeed in the next attempt. to establish and build up . that they would fully excuse him from all censure, & should feel satisfied that he had done all that could reasonably be required of any men in a like case, be the consequence what it might to themselves; and frankly acknowledged, that his temporal salvation depended on the success of the enterprize, and made liberal proposals. for the benefit of the brethren, to help forward the undertaking. The party retired. manifesting the best of feeling. & expressing the most perfect satisfaction with their visit with the president. & all concrned.—
1, 5 January 1842 • Saturday, Wednesday
1842 January 1. January 1st 1842 Joseph commenced placing the goods on the shelves. of the for the first time assisted by Bishop and others; and on wednesday. January 5th. the doors were opened for trading for the first time; the store was filled continually through the day and Joseph was behind the counter continually waiting upon purchasers. [p. 44]
[pages 45–47, donation records dated 1–6 January 1842]
4 January 1842 • Tuesday
1842 January 4 Thursday evening December 30th. 1841. at the Presidents , while conversing with Esqr— about the proceedings at , President Joseph prophesied in the name of the Lord. that the first thing toward building up was to break it down, to break down them that are there, and that it never would be built up till it was broken down, and after that keep them entirely in the dark concerning our movements; and it is best to let publish what he pleases and go to the Devil. and the more lies he prints, the sooner he will get through; not buy him out or hinder him; and after they have been in the dark long enough, let a certain set of men go there who will do as I tell them, a certain kind of men. some of those capitalists from the eastern states, say from ; wise men who will take the lead of business, and go ahead of those that are there before they know what we are about. and the place will prosper, and not till then—
12, 14, 16 January 1842 • Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Coal Mine
1842 January 12 Wednesday January 12th. 1842 President Joseph. visited his wood-land, about 7 miles South of his residence, accompanied by John Sanders and , and found and examined <​a​> vein of coal about 18 inches thick, apparently of a superior quality for the western country.
Friday 14 and Sanders further examind the coal mine. and a load of coal was drawn to the presidents . and the room warmed therewith for the first time
16 and Sanders reported they had continud digging untill the vein of coal was but 6 inches thick. & ceased after getting about 3 waggon loads. [8 lines blank] [p. 48]
[pages 49–55, donation records dated 6–19 January 1842]
17 January 1842 • Monday • Second of Three Entries
1842 January 17.
A Revelation given at , July 8,th. AD. 1838.
Verily thus saith the Lord unto my servants, , and ; Let them settle up their business speedily and Journey from the land of before I, the Lord, sendeth snow <​again​> upon the ground. Let them awake and arise, and come forth and not tarry for I the Lord commandeth it,— therefore, if they tarry it shall not be well with them. Let them repent of all their sins, and all their covetous desires before me saith the Lord; For what is property unto me saith the Lord. Let the properties of at be turned out for debts saith the Lord, Let them go saith the Lord, and whatsoever remaineth. let it remain in your hands saith the Lord, for have I not the fowls of Heaven, and also the fish of the Sea, and the beasts of the Mountains? Have I not made the earth? <​Do I not hold the destinies of all the armies of the nations of the earth?​> Therefore will I not Make the solitary places to bud and <​to​> blossom, and bring forth in abundance saith the Lord? Is there not room enough upon the mountains of , or upon the plains of , or the land where Adam dwelt, that you should not Covet that which is but the drop and neglect the more weighty matters. Therefore, come up hither, unto the Land of My people, even Zion. Let my Servant be faithful over a few things, and he shall be ruler over many things. Let him preside in the midst of my people, in the city , and let him be blessed with the blessings of my people.— Let My Servant be ashamed of the Nicolitans and of all their secret abominations, and of all his littleness of soul before me saith the Lord, and come up unto the land of , and be a Bishop unto my people saith the Lord, not in name but in deed Saith the Lord. And again, Verily I say unto you I remember my Servant . Behold, verily I say unto him, that his name shall be had in sacred remembrance from generation to generation. forever and ever Saith the Lord; Therefore let him contend earnestly for the redemption of the First Presidency of My church Saith the Lord; and when he falls he shall rise again, for his sacrifice shall be more sacred to me than his increase saith the Lord; Therefore let him come up hither speedily unto the land of Zion, and in due time he shall be made a merchant unto my name saith the Lord for the benefit of my people; Therefore let no man despise my servant . but let the blessings. of my people be upon him forever and ever, Amen.
And. again I. say unto. you let all the Saints in the land of remember the Lord their God, and mine house to preserve it holy, and to overthrow the money changers in mine own due time. Saith the Lord. [p. 56]
6 January 1842 • Thursday
The New Year
January— 1842 Thursday 6.— The New Year has been ushered in and continued thus far under the most favorable auspices. and the Saints seem to be influenced by a kind and indulgent Providence in their disposition & means; to rear the of the most High God, anxiously looking forth to the completion thereof. as an event of the greatest importance to the Church & the world, Making the Saints in Zion to rejoice, and the Hypocrite & Sinner to tremble, Truly this is a day long to be remembered. by. the saints of the Last Days; A day in which the God of heaven has began to restore the ancient <​order​> of his Kingdom unto. his servants & his people: a day in which all things are concurring together to bring about the compl[e]tion of the fullness of the gospel, a fulness of the dispensation of Dispensations even the fulness of Times; a day in which God has began to make manifest & set in order in his church those things which have been, and those things, which the ancients prophets and wise men desired to see.— but deid [died] without beholding it. a day in which those things begin to be made manifest which have been hid from <​before​> the foundations of the world. & which Jehovah has promised should be made known in his own due time. unto his servants, to prepare. the earth for the return of his glory, even a celestial glory; and a kingdom of Priests & Kings to God & the Lamb forever. on Mount Zion.— or the hundred & forty & four thousand which whom John the Revelator. saw; which should come to pass. in the Restitution of all things, [17 lines blank] [p. 57]

Editorial Note
After moving in with JS and his family on 13 January 1843, was able to more closely observe and record JS’s daily activities than before. The heading “Journal of President Joseph” preceding the next entry may indicate that by this point Richards had written most of the retrospective entries he intended to record and that he had a better idea of his role as “Scribe for the private office of the President.”

Journal of President Joseph
15 January 1842 • Saturday
<​Saturday​> January 15. Commenced reading the Book of Mormon at page 54. <​American​> stereotype edition, (the previous pages having been corrected) for the purpose of correcting the plates, or some errors which escaped notice in the first edition.
16 January 1842 • Sunday
Sabbath. 16 Preached at his own house. morning evening. illustrating the nature of sin, and shewing that it is not right to sin that grace may abound.
17 January 1842 • Monday • Third of Three Entries
Monday 17. Was transacting business in the city. procuring means to assist the printer &c. dined, in company with the , at. Sister ’s; and attended, council of the twelve, (present. . Prst.— . . . . & .) at his private . in the evening.
18 January 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 18 After transacting a variety of business. sleeping an hour from Bodily infirmity. read for correction in the Book of Mormon and Debated, in the evening, with they the Mayor. concerning the. Lamanites.— and Negroes.—
19 January 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 19 Read in the Book of Mormon, and in the evening visited s Wife. who was very sick and the absent.— collecting funds for building the &
20 January 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 20 Attended a Special conference of the church at Bro [blank] 10 o’clok A.M. concerning , The conference voted to sanction the revocation of ’s Agency dated the 18th of January. as published in the “Times and Seasons.” and also, instructed the Trustee in Trust. To proceed with s affairs in relatian to the church. as he shall Judge most expedient,— 6.—<​o’k​> evening attended a special council in the upper Room of the .
21 January 1842 • Friday
Friday 21 Reading at the , General business in & city. in the in the evening with & , interpreting dreams &c.—
22 January 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 22 Was very busy in appraising Tything property. and in the evening revised the rules of the City council, attend[e]d council & spoke on their adoption. and was Elected vice Mayor pro-tem of . 18 to of 21. votes. [p. 58]
23 January 1842 • Sunday • First of Two Entries
January 23 Sunday With the in his most of the day at his house in the eve
24 January 1842 • Monday
Monday 24 This day Reckoned with & in the counting Room. & examined the Lots— on which they are about to build a grain & Sawmill.
25 January 1842 • Tuesday • First of Two Entries
Tuesday 25 Signed the deeds for Bro Law’s. transacted a variety of business in the city and office, sent a messenger To Bro s to inform them. he could not visit them. in the evening debated with . & others, to shew that the Indians have greater cause to complain of the treatment of the whites than the Negroes or Sons of Cain.
26 January 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 26. Rode out To borrow money to refund for money borrowed of to as outfit for in his agency. transacted a variety of business. explained scriptu[r]e to Elder in his . read in Book of Mormon in the evening
27 January 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 27 Attending to business in general,— in the afternoon in council with the or giving some particular instructions concerning. the order of the kingdom & the management of business, placed the carpet, given by . on the Floor of the Presidents office.— Cast Lots.— an with the Recorder. and spent the evening in general council in the upper Chambers Room. in the evening.— In the course of the day . &. returned a favorable report from . with his. Letter of Attorny. Letter & papers. which he had receivd of Joseph & the church.—
28 January 1842 • Friday • First of Two Entries
Friday 28 At the , & spent an hour.— present . . . & received instruction concerning ; & concrning the Times and Seasons as Recorded on 64 page.— and also deliverd a message to arise & work and his household [6 lines blank] [p. 59]
29 January 1842 • Saturday
January Saturday 29. Much engaged with the tythings in the afternoon in his councilling. various individuals. on and in the evening in council with . and others— shewing forth the kingdom. & the order thereof concer[n]ing many things & the will of God concerning his servants.—
30 January 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 30. preached in the morning after. .— & in the evening, at his house, concerring [concerning] Spirits their operation & designs.—
31 January 1842 • Monday
Monday 31. Assisted in prising [appraising] the tithings of Saturday with. . Recived many calls. read in Mormon and in the <​evening​> was in council with . . . & . concring [concerning] . & the . spent the evening very cheer[i]ly & retired about 10. o clock. after Dinner visited Bro [Ezra] Chase. who was very Sick.
2 February 1842 • Wednesday
Feb 2d. Wednesday In council with . and Esqr.—
3 February 1842 • Thursday
3— Thursday In council with — concerning a Settlement with the estate of and delivered him <​the necessary​> papers accordingly
4 February 1842 • Friday
Friday 4[th]. Instructed an invoice of ’s scrip to be made. out.— closed the contract for the by proxy.— attended a debate in the evening.
10 February 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 10[th]. The President was sick, and kept his bed.
11 February 1842 • Friday
Friday 11[th]— Convalescent. was at the store twice a few moments
12 February 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 12[th]. attended city council.— in the afternoon. plead. in an action of slander before the .— in behalf of the city againts— .— and obtained Judgment. of $500 bonds to keep the peace.
13 February 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 13[th]. Council with the , . the Patriarch.— &c and visited Sister S. C. Bennet. in co[mpany] with & Lady. . . . [p. 60]
14 February 1842 • Monday
February. Monday 14 At the . transacting a variety of business
17 February 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 17 City council. Special Meeting. among other items a A General law licencing marriages in this city. counill [council] in the eve.—
18 February 1842 • Friday
Friday 18 Adjourned Council.— Spoke at considerable length in committee of the whole. on the great priviliges of the Charter. & specially on the Registry of Deeds for . And prophecyed in the name of the Lord God that . and no other Judge of the circuit court will ever set aside a law of the city council establishing a Registry of Deeds in this city.— ()
19 February 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 19 Engaged in the Registers office on the Tythings & in council in the Presidents with & & others.—
20 February 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 20 Meeting on the Hill.
21 February 1842 • Monday
Monday 21. visiting in the . and transacting business at the in the P.M. & evening
22 February 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 22 [3 lines blank]
23 February 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 23 Settled with and paid Bro. Chases’ [Ezra Chase’s]— and assisted in the counting room in settling with Esqr— visited the . & gave instructions concerning the cut for the altar & gods in the Records of Abraham. as designed for the Times and Seasons
24 February 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 24. attending to business at the general . P.M. was explaining the Records of Abraham. To the Recorder. Sisters Mary and others present. to hear the Explanations
25 February 1842 • Friday
Friday 25 [2 lines blank]
26 February 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 26. At the Recorders office. engaged in the tything. and at a court at the office of the . Page 88. [p. 61]
[pages 62–65, donation records dated 20–28 January 1842]
23 January 1842 • Sunday • Second of Two Entries
January 23 Silenced Elder . of for preaching that the church should unsheath the Sword— and also silenced Elder A, Lits. for preaching that the authoritiees of the church were done away.— &c. and sent the Letters by the hand of Elder who preferred the charges; & cited A Lits to appear before the High council of forthwith.— & published the same in the Times and Seasons. in the name of Joseph Smith. P.C.J.C.L.D.S. and P.QT.— Ck. [Clerk]
25 January 1842 • Tuesday • Second of Two Entries
Jan— 25—
A. Revelation Given Dcr. 2d. 1842 1841.
Verily thus saith the Lord unto you my servant Joseph. that in as much as you have called upon me to know my will concerning my handmaid Behold it is my will that she should have a better place prepared for her than that in which she now lives, in order that her life may be spared unto her; Therefore go and say unto my servant . & To my handmaid , Let them open their doors and take her and her children into their house. and take care of them faithfully and kindly until my Servant returns from his mission or until some other provision can be made for her welfare & safety: Let them do these things and spare not. and I the Lord will bless them & heal them. if they do it not grudgingly saith the Lord God. and she shall be a blessing unto them,— and let my handmaid hearken to the counsel of my servant Joseph in all things whatsoever he shall teach unto her, and it shall be a blessing upon her and upon her children after her. unto her Justification saith the Lord. [6 lines blank] [p. 66]
28 January 1842 • Friday • Second of Two Entries
January 28.
A Revelation of <​to​> the twelve concrning the Times and Seasons.
Verily thus saith the Lord unto you my servant Joseph. go and say unto the Twelve That it is my will to have them take in hand the Editorial department of the Times and Seasons according to that manifestation. which Shall be given unto them by the Power of My Holy Spirit in the midst of their counsel Saith the Lord. Amen
<​1842.​> January 28 Joseph decided that Elder should go out on a mission, and if necessary some one go with him. and raise up a Church. and get means to go to England. & carry the Epistles required in the Revelation page 36.— and instructed the Twelve, . . &— — being present. to call into their council & instruct him in these things, & if he will not do these things he shall be cut off from the Church. & be damned.—
January 28. of the Comm[i]ttee, came into the Presidents office. and the President said to him The Lord is not well pleased with you, & you must straiten up your loins and do better. & your family also. for you have not been diligent as you ought. and as spring is approaching you <​must​> arise & shake yourself & be active. & make your children industrious. & help build the . [12 lines blank] [p. 67]
[pages 68–87, donation records dated 28 January–5 March 1842]
27 February 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 27 [2 lines blank]
28 February 1842 • Monday
Monday 28 offered a settlement to by Jenkings Notes. which he declined. choosing to take land in . Paid Bro $2.700, the balance due him for a farm Bought of in , Chester County, Pensysvania, for $5000. viz— a deed for Lot. 2. Block 94 <​$1100.​>. &. Lot 4. Block 95. <​$800.​>— & Lot 4. Block 78. $800. The remainder having been previously paid. & the Bond was cancelled. & given up. & expressed his satisfaction of the whole proceedings in the Times & Seasons.—
1 March 1842 • Tuesday
March— Tuesday 29 1. During the fore-noon. at his . & the correcting the first plate or cut. of the Records of father Abraham. prepared by for the Times & Season. and in council in his office in the P.M. and in the evening with the Twelve & their wives at ’s.— where he explained many important principles in relation to progressive improvement. in the scale of inteligent existince
2 March 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 2. Read the Proof of the “Times and Seasons” as Editor for the First time, No. 9[th] Vol 3d. in which is the commencement of the Book of Abraham. Paid taxes. to Bagley [Walter Bagby] in the General Business office, for county & State purposes. but refused to pay the taxes on the City & Town of .— & Commen[ce]d Settlement with , & continud in the Presidents office till 9 O clock evening.— Also visited by from .
3 March 1842 • Thursday
Thurday 3 Council in the General business office at 9 o clock A.M. in the afternoon continued the settlement with . but finally failed to effect any thing but to get s Note. refusing to give up. the papers for to the president. which he had recived of . the same being church property [5 lines blank] [p. 88]
4 March 1842 • Friday
March 4 Friday Exhibeting the Book of Abraham. in the original. To Bro . so that he might take the size of the several plates or cuts. & prepare the blocks for the Times & Seasons. & also gave instruction concerning the arrangement of the writing on the Large cut. illustrating the principles of Astronomy. (in his office) with other general business
5 March 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 5. City council, among other business of importance the office of Register of Deed’s was established in the City of & President Joseph Smith chosen Register [registrar] by the City council.
6 March 1842 • Sunday
Saturday <​Sunday​> 6. Preached at Elder s on the Hill near the
7 March 1842 • Monday
Tuesday <​Monday​> 7 At the general Business . Peter Melling. the Patriarch from England brought to the cash <​$13.37:​> and clothing to 3 1 65. from & of England. and much general business transacted
8 March 1842 • Tuesday
Wednesday <​Tuesday​> 8 Commenced Translating from the Book of Abraham, for the 10 No of the Times and seasons— and was engagd at his day & evening—
9 March 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 9 Examining copy for the Times & Seasons presented by. & .— and a variety of other business in this the Presidents in the morning. in the afternoon continud the Translation of the Book of Abraham. called & Mr the Post office <​’s​> &c with the Re[c]order. & continued translating & revising. & Reading letters in the evening being present in the
10 March 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 10 Gave instruction concerning a deed To . & . & . and Letter of Attorny <​fr[o]m​> Mrs. [Margaret] Smith To & a great variety of other Business—— & Rode out. & in the evening attended Triel at office. The city of , vs, [blank] for indecnt and abusive Language About Joseph while at the day priveo [previous] The charges were clearly substantiated by the Testimo[n]y of . Mr & Mrs. [ and Sarah Tilton] Hibbard and others. was found guilty by Jury. & by Municepal court bounde over to keep the peace 6 month under $100 Bonds,— after which the— the President retired to the with & Dr Supped, <​&​> with the twelve who had been at the office. closed the evening. & retired to his habitation [p. 89]
11 March 1842 • Friday
March. 11 Friday— The Legion was on parade. commanded by Liutenant Genral Joseph Smith in person The line was formed at 10 ’oclock A.M. & soon the Legion ma[r]ched from their usual place of parade. below the . To Water Street. in front of General Smith’s house. where the troops were inspectid and after a recess marched west on the bank of the — & taking a circuetous route resumed their usual Post on the parade ground & closed the day in good order & <​with​> good feelings & to the fullest satisfaction of the commander in chief.—
In the evening the President attended the Trial of Elder at his own house, the Prests house, appeard before the High council of . on complaint of having recived. written & publishd or or taught certain Revelations & doctrines not consistent with the Doctrine & Covenants of the Church. refusing to present the writtn Revelations. the issued his warrant & brought them before the council. where parts of the same were written Read by himself. aloud to Council, the whole mass of which appeard to be the extreme of folly. nonsense, absurdity falsewood [falsehood]. & bombastic Egotism,— so much so as to keep the saints al[l] laughing, when not over awed by sarrow [sorrow] & shame,— Presidnt Joseph expaind [explained] the nature of the case. & gave a very clear elucedation of the tendency of such Prop[h]ets & propecyings & gave over to the Buffetings of Satan until he shall learn wisdom. After a few appropriate obsevati [observations] from & some of the council: the council voted unanimously. that be removed from the fellowship of the church. president Joseph having previously committed the Revelation above referred to, to the flames.
12 March 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 12 Lieut. Gen. Joseph. Smith. presided at over a courtmartial consisting of the officers of the Legion. at his own house for the purpose of deciding upon the Rank & station of the several officers. & the more perfect organization of the Legion [p. 90]
13 March 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 13 [2 lines blank]
14 March 1842 • Monday
Monday 14 Transacted a great variety of business at the
15 March 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 15 Officiated as grand Chaplin. at the Installation of the Lodge. of Free Masons, on At the . near the . Grand Master being present.— A Large number of people assembled on the occasion, the day was exceedingly fine, all things were done in order, and universal satisfaction manifested. Admitted a me[m]ber of the Lodge in the evening.
16 March 1842 • Wednesday
Wedy. 16 Continued with the Lodge.
17 March 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 17 Assisted in organizing “The Female Relief Society of in the “Lodge Room” Sister President. & Sisters & councillors, <​I​> gave much instru[c]tion. read in the New Testament & Book of Doctrine & Covenants. concer[n]ing the Elect Lady. & Shewed that Elect meant to be Elected to a certain work &c, & that the revelation was then fulfilled by his ’s Election to the Presidency of the Society, she having previously been ordained to expound the Scriptures. her councillors were ordaind by . & <​was​> Blessed by the same.—
18 March 1842 • Friday
Friday 18 [2 lines blank]
19 March 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 19 [2 lines blank]
20 March 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 20 Baptized 60 or 70 in the . confirmed them in the & baptized in the Font in the P.M.
21 March 1842 • Monday
Monday 21 Commenced a Sittlement with
22 March 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 22 At the General Business ( Birth day (17. <​years of age)​> celebration, at the Lodge Room. co. waited upon by the ) <​home in the eve.​>
23 March 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 23 At his in council with , &c.
24 March 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 24 At his . waited on the members of the Female Relief Soci[e]ty. & entered a complaint againts. Clarissa Marvel for Slander
25 March 1842 • Friday
Friday 25 [2 lines blank]
26 March 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 26 [p. 91] Elder Recivied his final inst[r]uctions from the President, & received his blessing from . with the Laying on of the hands of Prest. Joseph. . & . & Started for England same day.
27 March 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 27[th] Baptized 107 individuals after speaking on baptism for the Dead and witnessed the landing of 150 English brethren from the Steam boat Ariel
28 March 1842 • Monday
Monday 28 Received s donations from England. and transacted other business at the .
29 March 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 29 [2 lines blank]
30 March 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 30 [2 lines blank]
31 March 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 31 In council at his office with. Elders . &c. & wrote an Epistle to the Female Relief Socity and spake to the Socity in the afternoon.
1 April 1842 • Friday
April Friday 1 at the General Business
2 April 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 2 Paid Hugh Rhodes $1150. for a Farm
3 April 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 3 [2 lines blank]
4 April 1842 • Monday
Monday 4 Transacted business at his house with concerning the Lawrence estates. & closed a Settlement with in the counting Room.
5 April 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 5 Settled with Bro [William] Niswanger
6 April 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 6 With his family. and several of the Twelve. viz. . . & gave instructions how to open organize & adjourn the special conference. it being so wet & cold that it was not prudent to continue the meeting & the presidents health would not admit of his going out. at his house also. the and the Twelve present bore Testimony to the principles of virtue which they had invariably heard taught by Joseph.
7 April 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 7 Spoke to the conference in the grove & replied to Elder ’.s communication. Shewing the cause of his Seperation from . on in his mission to . first a covenant to communicate to each other all secrets. [p. 92]
8 April 1842 • Friday
Friday 8 [10 lines blank]
9 April 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 9 Preached at the Funeral of Bro Ephraim Marks in the Morning. and in the eve[n]ing attended city council
10 April 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 10 Preached in the after Elder . had spoken. a[nd] pronounced a curse upon all Adulterers & fornicators & unvirtuous persons. & those who had made use of his name to carry on their iniquitous designs.
11 April 1842 • Monday
Monday 11 In the Lodge & at his house—
12 April 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 12 In the Lodge
13 April 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 13 In the Lodge . & . & from enterd ist [1st]. degree &. Joseph assisting P.M. . . & . on 3d degree
14 April 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 14 Esqr arrived and commenced an investigation of the principles of General insolvency.
15–16 April 1842 • Friday–Saturday
Friday 15 & Saturday 16 Busily engaged in making out a list of Debtors & invoice of Property to be passed into the hands of the assignee.
17 April 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 17 At home
18 April 1842 • Monday
Monday 18 To . in company with. . & testified to their lists of insolvency before the clerk of the commissioners. & many more brethren. were at on the same day & business.— was present.
19 April 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 19 Rode out in the . & examined some land near the north limits
20 April 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 20 assisted in surveying some land in section 25. sold Wm cross. [p. 93]
21 April 1842 • Thursday
<​April​> Thursday 21
22 April 1842 • Friday
Friday 22
23 April 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 23
24 April 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 24 Prea[c]hed on the hill near the . concerning the building of the . and pronounced a curse on the merchants & the rich who would not assist in building it.
25 April 1842 • Monday
Monday 25 Reading. meditation &c. mostly with his family
26 April 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 26 "
27 April 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 27 "
28 April 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 28 at Two o’clock after-noon met the members of the “Female relief Society” and after presiding at the admission of many new members. Gave a lecture on the pries[t]hood shewing how the Sisters would come in possession of the priviliges & blesings & gifts of the priesthood— & that the signs should follow them. such as healing the sick casting out devils &c. & that they might attain unto. these blessings. by a virtuous life & conversation & diligence in keeping all the commandments
29 April 1842 • Friday
Friday 29 was made manifest a conspiracy again[s]t the peace of his househould
30 April 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 30 visiting with .— & his own family. & signed deeds to & . & many others.
1 May 1842 • Sunday
May Sunday 1 preached in the grove on the keys of the kingdom charity &c.— The keys are certain signs & words by which false spirits & personages may be detected from true.— which cannot be revealed to the Elders till the is completed.— The rich can only get them in the . The poor may get them on the Mountain top as did moses. The rich cannot be saved without cha[r]ity. giving to feed the poor. when & how God requires as well as building. There are signs in heaven earth & hell. the elders must know them all to be endued with power. to finish their work & prevent imposition. The devil knows many signs. but does not know the sign of the son of man. or Jesus. No one can truly say he knows God until he has handled something. & these this can only be in the holiest of Holies.
2–3 May 1842 • Monday–Tuesday
Monday 2)with his family
Tuesday 3)
4 May 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 4 In council in the Presidents & General offices with . . , . . . & . [illegible] & giving certain instructions concerning the priesthood. [illegible] &c on the Aronic Priesthood to the first [illegible] continueing through the day.
5 May 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 5 left for the others continued in Council as the day previous & Joseph & were [illegible] [p. 94]
6 May 1842 • Friday
Friday 6 Attended the officer drill in the morning. & visited who was sick
7 May 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 7 Commanded the Legion through the day. the Legion one year since consisted of two 6 companies. to day of 26 companies amounting to about Two thousand Troops. The consolidatd Staff of the Legion partook of an excellent dinner at the house of the commander in chief between one & three. PM. The day was very fine. & passed away very harmoniously. without drunkenness. noise or confusion.— There was a great concourse of spectators. & many distinguis[h]ed Strangers who exp[r]essed much satisfaction.— & the commander in chief. in a very appropriate address. remarkd that his soul was never better satisfied than on this occasion. aftre the Legion was dismissed. Rode in Co. with his & others around the .
8 May 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 8 Meeting at the . Preached
9 May 1842 • Monday
Monday 9 With his family.
10 May 1842 • Tuesday
[illegible] Tuesday [illegible] 10 Transacted a variety of business at the . &c.
11 May 1842 • Wednesday
[illegible] Wednesday [illegible] 11 called with the to see a new secreta[r]y at s. dictated various letters & business. called a few mome[n]ts with at s
12 May 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 12 Dictated a Letter to . concerning certain difficulties or surmises which existed. & attended the meeting of the Female Relief Socity. the house being filled to overflowing.— The meeting closed with heavy thunder Storm.
13 May 1842 • Friday
Friday 13 Received answer from after. a variety of current business. having been in his garden & with his family much of the day. walked in the evening to the P[ost] office with the . & had a private interview with with much apparent satisfaction to all parties. concerning certain evil reports put in circulation by [illegible] about s family & others after which the waited on him to his gate.
14 May 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 14. City council. Advocated strongly the necessity of some active measures being taken to suppress. houses & acts of infamy in the city; for the protection of the innocent & virtuous— & good of public morals. shewing clearly that there were certain characters. in the place who were disposed to corrupt the morals & chastity of our citizens & that houses of infamy did exist.— upon which a city ordinance was passed to prohibit such things & published in this days wasp.— <​I​> Also. spoke Largely for the repeal of the Laws ordinances of the City Licen[s]ing. Merchents. Hawkers Tavern & Ordinaries. desiring that this might be a free people. & enjoy equal rights & Priviliges. & the ordinan[c]es were repealed.— Bro arrived from .— after Council worked in his garden. & walked out in the city & borrowed two Sovereign to make a payment This day it was first hinted in that of . had been shot.
Page 122 [p. 95]
[pages 96–121, donation records dated 5 March–17 May 1842]
15 May 1842 • Sunday
Sunday May 15 Attended meeting at the . preached. News of Govenors— . confirmed By general Report. & published on the stand
16 May 1842 • Monday
Monday 16 Transacting business at the until 10. A.M.— Then at home & in the P.M. at the withe &c in council
17 May 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 17 At home and about the offices through the day. & in the evening called at s to See of about some land. &c
18 May 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 18 Rode on horse back with the in co. with . To . & searched out the N.E. Quarter Sec 15. 6 N. 8 W. & contracted for the refusal of the Same at $3 per Acre. owned by of . dined at ’s. visited . &c. which with business at the different offices closed the day.
19 May 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 19. Rain. At. home. during A.M.— 1. o clock P.M. City council. The Mayor having resigned his office. Joseph. was Elected Mayor & Vice Mayor of . While the election was going forward in the council. Joseph recived & wrote the following Rev— & threw it across the room to one of the Councillors.
“Verily thus saith the Lord unto you my servant Joseph by the voice of my Spirit, has been insinuating evil. & forming evil opinions against you with. others. & if he continue in them he & they shall be accursed. for I am the Lord thy God & will stand by thee & bless thee. Amen.”
After the Election Joseph spoke at some length concerning the evil reports which were abroad in the city concerning himself— & the nec[e]ssity of counteracting the designs of our enemies. establishing a night watch &c. Where upon the mayor was authorized to establish a Night watch. by city ordinance,
Dr . Ex mayor, was then called upon by the Mayor to state if he know knew ought against him.— When replied “I know what I am about. & the heads of the church know what they are about. I expect: I have no difficulty with the heads of the church. I publicly avow that any one who has said that I have stated that General Joseph Smith has given me authority to hold illicit intercourse with women is a a Liar in the face of God. Those who have said it are damned Liars: they are infernal Liars. He neither never <​eithe[r]​> in public or private gave me any such authority or licence, & any person who states it is a Scoundrel & a Liar. I have heard it said that I should b[e]come a Seckond by withdrawing from the church. & that I was at variance with the heads <​& should use an influence against them​> because I resignd the office of Mayor: [p. 122] This is false, I have no difficulty with the heads of the church & hope Intend to continue with you. & hope the time may come when I may be restored to full confidence. & fellowship. & my former standing in the chu[r]ch. & that my conduct may be such as to warrent my restoration.— & should the time ever come that I may have the opportunity to test my faith it will then be known whethr I am a true traitor or a true man.”
Josep[h]. will you please state difinitely whether you know any thing again[s]t my character either in public or private?
Answer by , “I do not. in all my intercourse with General Smith. in public & in private he has been strictly virtuous.”
Joseph then made some pertinent remarks before the council concerning those who had been guilty of circulating false reports &c & said “Let one twelve months see if Bro Joseph is not calld for to go to every part of the to keep them out of their groves & I turn the keys upon them from this hour if they will not repent & stop their lyings & surmisings. Let God curse them. & let their tongu[e]s cleave unto the roofs of their mouth.
20 May 1842 • Friday
Friday 20 Charges having been preferrd again[s]t Dr by for abusing the Marshall . & abusive language towards said . The Masonic Breth[r]en met at 1 o clock P.M. when the charges were substantatd [substantiated] confession made by . forgiveness granted. Joseph speaking a at considerable length. to accomplish the decision.
21 May 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 21 At the High council. investigating the case of . & others.—
22 May 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 22 At home. called at the Editors office to have letter copied for Whig <​Argus​> <​Whig​>. denying the charge of killing Ex Govener of as published in the whig
23 May 1842 • Monday
Monday 23 A.M. about home. P.M, Walked down the opposite with Dr Charles. . & Recorder & found a [[child]] in the water. called a city council. & Elected Corener of
24 May 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 24 while the High council were taking depositions of Sarah Miller. Sister Nyman’s [Margaret and Matilda Nyman] & again[s]t & others for illicit conduct. &c a prosecution was pending betwe[e]n Joseph & before . in which was bound over in $200 Bonds
25 May 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 25 Councilling the Bishops &c. in ferretting out iniquity & much of this week was spent in session by the High Council of [p. 123]
26 May 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 26 in the A.M. Dr confessed the charges preferred again[s]t him concerning. females in . & was forgiven Joseph plead in his behalf.— was notified the day previous that the first Presidency. Twelve & Bishops had withdrawn fellowship from him & were about to publish him. but on his humbling himself & requesting it the withdrawal was withheld from the paper. P.M. Female Releif Soceity.— so full that many could get no admittance.
27 May 1842 • Friday
Friday 27 A billious attack. at home taking medicine
28 May 1842 • Saturday
& Saturday 28 rather better. walked to the with , and did some business in the . called at 8 in the eve at the with the night watch. To see the Wasp.—
29 May 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 29 At home
30 May 1842 • Monday
Monday 30
31 May 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 31
1 June 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday June 1 Political Meetings in the for nomination of County officers . spoke at length. and nominated a Goneral [General] ticket from the county at large. Joseph spoke at length & in confirmation of the nomination excepting for Sheriff,
2 June 1842 • Thursday
Thursday June 2 Rode out with Bro Bowen & Recorder & Sold Lot. 1. Block 143.—
3 June 1842 • Friday
Friday 3 Rode out in city & Sold to Bro [Elias] Harmer Lot 1 Block 123— & in the P.M. Rode to on the Prairie with & others on horse back
4 June 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 4 At the in the morning. heard the Letters from the Grand master Dr [Joseph] King & about expulsion from the Lodge in . P.M. Paid E. B. Nourse $5.05. for land bought of . & settled with the heirs of at his house & Present.
5 June 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 5 Preached in the morning.
6 June 1842 • Monday
monday 6 To the Prairie with Bro. Yearsly. [David D. Yearsley] & Recorder dined at .
7 June 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 7 Sold Bro Yeasley [David D. Yearsley] N.E. 1/4 of Section 15.
8 June 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 8 Recorder went to . & narrowly escaped with his life. from a fall from or on old charley.
9 June 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 9
10 June 1842 • Friday
[illegible] Friday [illegible] 10 Went to to purchase some land [p. 124]
11 June 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 11 Attended city council
12 June 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 12 Home. Brought some poetry to . & got some Newspapers
13 June 1842 • Monday
Monday 13 a gene[r]al council in Lodge room to devise ways & means to help the poor to labor
14 June 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 14 To the mound with & purchasd 3/4 Sections of Land of
15 June 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 15 visited in different part of the . the farm in the with Recorder & . & supped at ’s
16 June 1842 • Thursday
Thursday 16 Special Lodge. made his defence for the last time
17 June 1842 • Friday
Friday 17 This week the recorder was sick & did not take notes.
24 June 1842 • Friday
Friday 24 St John’s day. Rode in masonic procession to the where a large Assembly of masons & others listend to an address from . dined at Bro [Alexander] Mills.
25 June 1842 • Saturday
Saturday 25 Transacted Business with . . & set for the drawing of his profile. for Lithographing on city chart.
26 June 1842 • Sunday
Sunday 26 preached. on consecration. & <​or​> union of action in building up the city & providing labor & food for the poor. Joseph attended meeting, & council at his house at 6 o clock P.M. present. . . . . . . & . To take into consideration the situation of the pine country & Lumbering business and other subjects of importance to the church; after consultation. thereon the Brethrn united in Solemn prayer that God would make known his will concerning the pine country. & that he would deliver his anointed, his people. from all the evil designs of . & the powers of the state of , & of . & the authorities of . & of all presidents. Govenors. Judges Legislators & all in autho[r]ity. and. <​of​> . & all mobs & evil designi[n]g persons.—— so that his people might continue in peace & build up the city of . & that his chosen might be blessed & live to man’s appointed age. & that their households. & the household of faith might. continually be blessed with the fost[er]ing care of heaven.— & enjoy the good things of the earth. abundantly.— adjound [adjourned] to monday evening [p. 125]
27 June 1842 • Monday
Monday 27 Transacting business in general through the day. borrowed money of Bros. . &c. & made payment To for the mound. when the council assembled in the evening. Brothers. . Ivins[,] . & others being present. the adjound [adjourned] council was posponed till tuesday eveni[n]g. & Joseph proce[e]d to Lecture at length on the importance of uniting the means of the brethren. for the purpose of establishing manufactories of all kinds. furnishing labor for the poor &c. Brothers & offered their goods. toward the general funds. & good feelings were generally manifest. This morning Little. .— told his dream to all the house “that the Missourians had got their heads knocked off.”—
28 June 1842 • Tuesday
Tuesday 28 payed Brothers & . s goods were recived at the store & Bro Robins [John R. Robbins] conscirated [consecrated] his goods & money to the general funds. the adgournd [adjourned] council of Sunday eve[n]ing met at the upper Room at Josephs. & were agreed that a reinforcement go immediatly to the Led by Bro Ezra chase. & after uniting in Solemn prayer. to God. for a blessing on themselves & famili[e]s & the chu[r]ch in general. & for the building up of the . & . & : for deliverance from their enemies. & the sp[r]ead of the work of Righteousnss: & that . (who was expecting to go east tomorrow for his family.) that he might have a prosperous Journey. have power of over the winds & elements, & all opposition. & dangers; his life & health be preserved. & be speedily returnd to this place with his family. that their lives & helths might be p[r]eserved. & that they might come up in peace to this place. & that he might be prosprd according to the disire of his heart in all things in relation to his household. & the church. & that the spirit of God might rest upon him continually so that He may act according to the wisdom of heaven, continually. the council dispersed. Previous to the council President Joseph in company with visited & his family & had much conversation about & others. Much unplesat [unpleasant] feeling was manifested by ’s family who were confounded & put to silence by the truth. from Prst— Joseph
29 June 1842 • Wednesday
Wednesday 28 29 Held a long conversation with . found fault with being exposed. but Joseph told him he spoke of him in self defence. was or appeard humble & promisd to reform.
Heard the Read in the Law of the Lord. paid taxes Rode out in the city on business with . The being about to start east on a Journy. commited the Law of the Lord To to continue this Journal in &c in his absence. & the Keys &c to the president. &
[p. 126]
30 June 1842 • Thursday
Thurs-day 30th In the A.M. spent some time with Eqr from & others in the private office and in the P.M. was in the Court martial giving testimony concerning &c.
On the 8th. of last November at about 5 o clock in the evening the Baptismal Font was dedicated. In February 1842 washed his hands in the Font being seriously affected with a Fellon, so that the Docters thought it ought to be cut open; others said it would not be well before spring. After washing in the Font his hand healed in one week.—
On the 25th. day of September 1841 a Deposite was made in the south east corner of the .—