Journal, December 1842–June 1844; Book 2, 10 March 1843–14 July 1843

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Book 2, 10 March–14 July 1843

Editorial Note
The second book of ’s JS journal chronicles JS’s activities as church president, mayor of , Illinois, trustee-in-trust of the church, lieutenant general of the Nauvoo Legion, and businessman. The volume begins at 4:00 p.m. on 10 March 1843—the events of the earlier part of the day having been recorded in the first memorandum book—and continues through July 1843. This second book details JS’s involvement in numerous civic, legal, and ecclesiastical affairs and contains several accounts of his teachings. These accounts include comments made to on 2 April that were later canonized; lengthy discourses delivered at the April 1843 “special Conference” of the Church; practical instructions given to newly arrived immigrants on 13 April; a discourse on resurrection given on 16 April; and instructions given to several members of the Quorum of the Twelve on 19 April. Other historically significant events mentioned are the calling of missionaries to the , JS and ’s evident sealing, the recording of the revelation on eternal and plural marriage, JS’s plural marriage to (recorded in Taylor shorthand), and several lengthy discourses. At three different times during May and June 1843, JS left Nauvoo unaccompanied by Willard Richards. The first two trips (from 13 to 15 May and from 16 to 18 May) were relatively brief, and Richards wrote entries in the journal even in JS’s absence. The third trip (13–30 June), during which JS was arrested near , Illinois, on charges stemming from the 1838 Mormon War in , was lengthier. During this third period of JS’s absence, Richards generally either made no entry in the journal for a particular day or recorded what he heard or saw about JS’s arrest and efforts to rescue him. Several entries recorded after the Nauvoo Municipal Court discharged JS from arrest on 1 July illustrate the hostility that the rescue and release engendered among many non-Mormons in the area.

10 March 1843 • Friday (continued)
Friday March 10[th] 1843
4. P.M. Bro Norton claimed 2 trying squares, , 1 Padlock: David grant 1. shirt:— of property found by the marshall on warrant Just issued— a bit stock and smoothing plane & 3 or 4 other little tools were presented on this case.— Mayor present.— clear and cold.— <​10 minutes before 7— I ​>
Saturday March
, discovered a stream of light in the South West quarter of the heavens.— the pencil rays of light <​were​> in the form of a broad sword. with the hilt downward. the blade raised, pointing from the west south west [p. 1] raised at to an angle of— 45 degrees, from the horizon. and extending nearly <​or within 2 or 3 degre[e]s​> to the Zenith of the degree where the sign appeard. this sign gradually disappeard from 7½ oclock and at 9 had Entirely disappeared.
11 March 1843 • Saturday
Saturday March 11th. So cold last night as to freeze water in the warmest rooms in the city. river fillid with anchor ice—o clock. in the office Joseph said he had tea with his breakfast. asked him if [it] was good.— he said if it was a little stronger he should like it better, when remarked, [p. 2]
“It is so strong, and good, <​I should think it would answer—​>
Both for drink, and food,”——
A dream, then related, Night before last I dreamed that a<​n​> <​old​> man came to me <​and said​> there was a mob force coming upon him, and he was likely to loose his life, that I was Liut [Lieutenant] General and had the command of a large force. and I was also a patriot and disposed to protect the innocent & unoffinding. & wanted I should assist him.
I told him I wanted some written documents to show the facts that they are the aggressors, & I would raise a force sufficent for his protection, that I would call out the [] Legion,— He turned to go from me. but turned again and [p. 3] said to me. “I have any amount of men at my command and will put them under your command.”
The words of Joseph— while conver[s]ing about the sign in the heavens last Evening.— So <​As​> sure as there is a God who sits enthroned in the heavens. & so <​as​> sure as he ever spoke by me. so sure there will be a speedy and bloody war, and the broad sword seen last evening is the sure sign therof—
about 9 A.M. Joseph & started for ,
It is reported in the papers. that the workmen. employed on the General [p. 4] Pratte (which was burned and sunk last fall. near Memphis,) in the )) with a diving bell on the third of Janu[a]ry. found the wreck in about 24 ft water in that night was an earth quake. next day the wreck had disapperd. no trace could be found, and the water was from 100 to 120 feet deep.— & for about 100 feet. no bottom, a bar was discove[re]d where previous was deep water.——
Joseph & had a pleasant and delightful ride. and arrived at in . 15 minutes before 4. P.M.— at s to lodge while they staid in .— in the eve Joseph pulled up Bro Mors [Justus A. Morse]. with one hand pulling sticks.— [p. 5]
12 March 1843 • Sunday
Sunday March 12th. Joseph preachd 14 John— in my fathers house are many mansions &. found the brethren well and in good spirits had a very pleasant visit P.M.
preacchd [preached].
13 March 1843 • Monday
Monday March 13th. throwed the bully of wrestling.— 2 P.M. held church meeting. Appointed Presiding Elder of by unanimous voice of the church, in the evening held a meeting for blessing children. 27 blessed. [p. 6]
mercury 3 degrees below zero at sun rise in . It is said by many the sword was seen in the heavens last eve again. It is said in the papers that iron filings & sulphur have fallen in form of snow storm. in . in five counties.— This day heard that the Institute was burned last week. 3 or 4 tracks were followed in the light snow from the institute to the middle of the which was frozen over
. arrived at and stated that came with him from to when was taken by advertisem[en]t [p. 7] Saturday March 5. & put in Jail. New meeting house lately dedicated to in. — & the dedication sermon was all against the Mormons.— Elder has gone down there to preach. & the Mormons say they <​would be glad to have their new meeting house​> want their Meeting house. &c for to preach in.——
14 March 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday March 14th. Joseph & returnd abo[u]t 4. P.M. had a severe, cold, ride,— <​This evening. appeared a large circle round the moon. similar to what is frequently seen but larger.— (See page 11)​> [p. 8]
15 March 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday March 15th Dictated letter to read letter from & .— Signed Deeds for. . & . & .
Spent the day mostly in the office.
gave the following name to the “Wasp” enlarged. as is contemplated
“The Neighbor”
“Our Motto, the saints singularity”
“Is unity. liberty. Charity.”
Joseph. prophecied in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. that will get away from the Missourians,
told he must curtail his boys or they will get into State Prison. [p. 9]
Dream.— last night dreamed of swimming in a river of pure water clear as crystal, over a school of fish. of the largest <​size​> I ever saw. they were directly under my belly— I was astonished & felt afraid they might drown me or do me injury. they were the largest I ever saw.—
conversed much about . wishing the boy well. [6 lines blank] [p. 10]
Observations in the Night Sky, Initial Diagram • 14 March 1843
<​Tuesday march 14[th] 1843​> [drawing of atmospheric phenomenon consisting of circles labeled A through D keyed to explanations]
A. a large circle seen round the moon on the evening of this day & dark shades within the circle & around the moon which is the darkest spot in the centre—
C. This circle was visible this evening about 8. o cl’k and continued through the evening. the parhelion on this circle, B.B. were brightest as also the circle C. about ¼ before 9 o clock, the circle & parhelion were very brilliant & grew paler. by nine o clock.— Description of .
D. an additional circles seen about 9. ock by. Joseph. <​&​> the whole diagram as then seen and described by the prophet.
[D.] This circle is a mistake
Dr . states that at 11. o clock there were an an innumerable Noof circles interwoven as above. around the moon.
The whole designed to represent as one of the signs of the times, “A Union of Power, & combination of the Nations.” says Joseph.
not correct.—
See page 17 [p. 11]
16 March 1843 • Thursday
Thursday March 16th. 1843 9 A.M. in the office. read a piece on Mormonism in “Uncle Sam” Feb 18th. written by reporter of the paper.— & conversed with . & many others,—
17 March 1843 • Friday
Friday March 17[th] 1843 a part of the fore noon in the office— & the remainder at home. P.M. settled with Father [Asahel] Perry gave him a deed of 80 acres of land & city lot & prophecied that it wo[u]ld not be 6 mo before he could sell it for cash [p. 12]
4 o’clock P.M. brought in a letter from esqr conce[r]ning . Dated Ma[r]ch 7. saying was arrested the the day previos and wishing instruction.— Read and dictated answer.— heard read letters No 1. Bee. by Viator. and his own to .
2 P.M. walked out with 4 or 5 ladi[e]s towa[r]ds the Store.— went into. Holmes.
a report is circulated that that new indictments have been found in . again[s]t Joseph. . & some 100. others on the old. subject. & is going to do so and so.— [p. 13]
18 March 1843 • Saturday
Saturday March 19[th] <​18[th]​> 1843. Most of the fore noon in the office in cheerful conversation. closed his Letter to . laid down on the writing table with <​back of th[e]​> head on Law Books, Saying write & tell the world I accknowlidge myself a very great lawyer. I am going study law & this is the way I study. and went fell asleep. & went to snoring. this was about noon. In the after-noon rode out. & about 4 took a game of at ball east of main street. [p. 14]
19 March 1843 • Sunday
Sunday March 20[th] <​19th.​> Rode with to the farm returnd about 11. A.M.—
at home the remainder of the day
started for. with letter to. . concerning. [10 lines blank] [p. 15]
20 March 1843 • Monday
Monday March 21st <​20st​> 1843. Rode to ’s— with Mrs. [Margaret Lawrence] Butterfield, about a deed.
Rec[k]oned with , and give a note to balance. all demands took the acknowled[g]ement of about 20 deeds. of the Trustee to sundry individuals. and left the office about 3 o’clock,
This evening from 7 to 9 was seen <​by . & othe[r]s​> in the heavens a dark stripe of considerable width passing over our zenith, dark as the darkest clouds. [p. 16]
Observations in the Night Sky, Corrected Diagram • 14 March 1843
<​Tuesday​> <​March 14. 1843​> [drawing of atmospheric phenomenon showing intersecting circles with accompanying descriptions]
This circle was similar to the one around the moon in appearance. but larger.
A.A. Parhelion, visible from 8 to 9 o clock— P.M. when it was seen by Joseph and this diagram was drawn from his description
This space was darker than other parts of the horizon
Circle such as is frequently seen.
The outer part of parhelion was much more brilliant than the inner.
The above is a diagram of one of the signs of the times designed to represent. “A union of power and combination of Nations” says Joseph.
Dr , says that at 11. oclock the circles interwoven around the moon were innumerable. [p. 17]
21 March 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday March 22d <​21st​>—1843 called at the office about 9. & wrote an order.— and took leave for ,— cold west— wind as it has been for a week. cold, freezing water in the houses [11 lines blank] [p. 18]
22 March 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday March 23 22— [16 lines blank] [p. 19]
23 March 1843 • Thursday
Thursday March 24 <​23d​> <​7½— A.M.​> mercury 1. Deg below zero at sunrise [drawing of sun with parhelia]
Semicircle Near the Zenith. [p. 20]
Parhelion. appearance of the Sun. March 23d.. at 1843. at 7½ o’clock A.M.
Parhelion. The colors of the circles, were of the hue of the rainbow, only brighter [p. 21]
[page [22] blank] [p. [22]]
24 March 1843 • Friday
Friday March 24. 1843 [5 lines blank] having been out west. arrived at home about one or two occlock
1 Loaded team came in from with provision— & two from this evening [p. [23]]
25 March 1843 • Saturday
Saturday March 25. 1843 In the office at 8 o clock. heard a report from concerning theives, as given by Z. [[Wilson]] and directed. a proclamation to be published offering secur[i]ty to all who will divulge their secrets,—
Received a letter from requesting the use of a cannon to celebrate <​the creation of​> the New. County of and answerd it that he might have it.—
also Recd. Letter from contain[i]ng a bond for ¼ Section of Land from Welch [John C. Walsh]—
9 Baptizd Esqr Miflin of [p. [24]]
10 orderd a writ agai[n]st A. Fields for disorderly conduct.—
& gave an order on & for papers $16.—
A. Fields was brought in about noon drunk or pretending to be so and was ordered to be put in irons till sober, he abused all present by his drunken appeara[n]ce.
has been out in the city dined at 2 o clock.—
“Awful Gale” says Gazette, within the last 6 weeks 154 vissels were wrecked on the coast of England & 190 lives lost;— on the coast of Ireland 5 vessels & 134 lives; on the coast of Scotland 17 vissels 39 lives; on the coast on of france 4 vessels.— & 100 lives. value of vessel & cargoes roughly estimated £825,000.— [p. [25]]
26 March 1843 • Sunday
Sunday March 26th. at home all day. [15 lines blank] [p. [26]]
27 March 1843 • Monday
Monday March 27. 1843.— Dictated a letter to shewing that he beleived said was concernd with . & , & unless satisfa[c]tion was made should withdraw fellowship. & bring him before conference. Letter was presented by .
11. court assembled over the store to try A. Field. for drunkenness & abusing his wife. Fined $10. costs & bail $50. for 6 months to keep the peacee. [p. [27]]
28 March 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday March 28 removed the office from the to the Presidents officce over the Counting room in the .— [12 lines blank] [p. [28]]
29 March 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday March 29. Sat on trial with . on case of . Judgment agai[n]st . Removed from to office over the [illegible] [11 lines blank] [p. [29]]
30 March 1843 • Thursday
Thursday March 30 <​1843​> 9 A.M. came and gave inst[r]uctions to have bond returnd to him if it was delayed till after 10. o clock
Called at 11. brought in N[ew] York Herald. reported March 11.— that the Isla[n]d of antigua was destroyd by an earthquake on the 8[th] of Feb. & Nevis & [St.] Kitts were considerably injured.
Andrew. L. Lamoreaux paid $73 for Wm. Henry [Henrie]. on Temple.
brought in a new Bond. which the Mayor rejected as informal.
told he might improve his share of the Ferry one year [p. [30]] told unless he considerd good for heavy damages, he was foolish to go his bonds.—
New. York Herald of the 11[th] of March published the vision in Poetry &c s. festival song. &c.—
s Case <​took​> appeal from Mayor’s Court To the municipal to be tried 10th April. 10. A.M.
1½ P.M was called to sit as Justice, with , on case of Webb & Rigby, on for . during trial [fined?] 10 dollars for contempt of court on for insulting a witness. & cheeckd [checked] said in his plea. & threatend to fine him $10 [p. [31]] more for Contempt of Court. but lett him off on submission &c trial closed about one Friday Morning Jury of 12 men.—
returnd from having deliverd 10 Lectures & baptized 3 persons [10 lines blank] [p. [32]]
31 March 1843 • Friday
Friday March 31. 1843. 10 A.M Opened Mayords [Mayor’s] Court for Trial of Amos Lower for assau[l]ting John H. Burghardt after hearing the testimony. find. Defenda[n]t $,10:— [3, possibly 4, unidentified symbols] [11 lines blank] [p. [33]]

Editorial Note
, who was keeping JS’s journal at this time, did not accompany JS on his four-day trip to , Illinois, from 1 to 4 April 1843. Richards evidently reconstructed JS’s activities and teachings during this time for JS’s journal from the journal of , who accompanied JS to Ramus, and from conversations with others who made the trip. As an important primary source for Richards’s information about JS’s activities between 1 and 4 April, Clayton’s journal entries for these dates are provided in full in Appendix 2.

1 April 1843 • Saturday
Saturday April 1. 1843 called at the office with . about 10. A.M. for the “Law, of the Lord,” & about noon & heard read Truthiana No 3.— very warm and pleasant.
2 P. M. started with. . . & for — arrivd abouut 6½. very muddy. very Joyfully receivd by Bro . was with me continully. [6 lines blank] [p. [34]]
2 April 1843 • Sunday
Sunday April 2. 1843 Missouri Republican Ma[r]ch 24 says. at Point Petre. [Pointe-à-Pitre] W. I. [West Indies] islands 2000 . . . ran together in the public square. the earth opend and swallowed them up the whole mass.
Wind N.E. snow fell several inches but melted more or less.—
returnd from .—
after breakfast called on
10 A. M.— to meeting. Preached 1 epistle John 1. chap ist 3 verses— when he shall appear we shall be like. him &c. he will appear on a white horse.— as a warrior, & may be we shall have some of the same spirit.— our god is a warrior.— John. 14.23— it is our privilege to have the father & son dwelling in our hearts. &c [p. [35]]
Cloudy. earth ½ covered with snow
remarked that he read in one of the newspapers— conceng [concerning] the passage of an act in one of the eastern states for to prohibit the citizens fr[o]m killing crows. bec[a]use they eat up all the filth & carrion from of[f] the earth.— thusly tending to preserve the hea[l]th of the people. but offer them a peice of clean fresh meat & a crow will not touch it for he has no appitite for it. he had often thought that there was a very great resemblance between the pri[e]sts of the day & these crows. for they were continually picking up all the dirt & filth & meanness of the mormons.— feasting on it if it was a precious morsel. but offer them any good and salutary <​from​> among— the mormns they have no appitite & will turn away from it
I think for the same reason the Legislature lets the crows live we ought to let the priests live gather up & eat up all the filth & rubbish from the mormon people that they may be healthy. [p. [36]]
dined at ’s soon as he we arrived.— I am going to offer some corrections to you. repli[e]d— they shall be thankfully recieved.— When he shall appear we shall see him as he is. we shall see that he is a man like ourselves.— And that same sociality. which exists amogt [amongst] us here. will exist amo[n]g us there only it will be coupled with eternl glory which glory we do not now enjoy.
14 John 23.— the appearing of the father and of the Son in that verse is a personal. appearance.— to say that the father and the Son dwells in [p. [37]] a mans heart is an old Sectarian notion. and is not correct.
There is are no angels who administer to this earth but who belong to or have belongd to this earth. The angels do not reside on a planet like this earth. but they reside in the presence of God— but on a Globe like a sea of glass. & fire. “sea of glass before the throne.— &c.” where all things are manif[e]st past present & to come,—
The place where God resides is a great Urim And Thumim.
This earth in its sanctifid & immortal state. will be a Urim & Thummim for all things below it in the scale of creation. but not above it.— [p. [38]]
related the Dream. written on page 3d Book <​B​>
Interpretati[o]n By — old man.— Govermnt of these , who will be invaded by a foriegn foe. probably England. U. S. Goverment will call on Gen Smith to defend probably all this western territory and offer him any am[ou]nt of men he shall desire & put them under his command.
I prophecy in the Name of the Lord God that the commenceme[n]t of bloodshed as preparat[o]ry to the coming of the son of man. will commenc[e] in South Carolina.— (it probably may arise through the slave trade.)— this the a voice declard to me. while I was praying earne[s]tly on the subje[c]t 25 December 1832.— [p. [39]]
I earnestly desird to know concern[in]g the coming of the Son of Man & prayed. when— a voice said to me, Joseph, my, son, if thou livest until thou art 85 years old thou shalt see the facce of the son of man. therefore let this suffice & trouble me no more on this matter.—
1. P. M. attended meeting.
Joseph read chapter of Johns revelation, referring particularly to the 6[th] verse. shewing from that. the a[c]tual existenc[e] of beasts in heaven probable those were beasts which had lived on another planet. than our’s—
God never made use of the figure of a beast to represent the kingdom of heaven.— Beasts. 7 eyes Pr[i]esthood.— [p. [40]]
this is the fi[r]st time I have ever taken a text in Revelati[o]n.— and if the young elders would let such things alone it would be far better.— then corrected as in private.—
supped at ’s.— expected to sta[r]t for , but bad weather prevntd [prevented] called another meeti[n]g. by bell.— read Rev[elation]— between Meeti[n]gs with & expou[n]ding.— during this time several came in & expressd fear that I had come in contact with the old scripture
Meeting 7. eve resumd the subjct of the beast.— shewed very plainly that Johns vision was very different from Daniels Prophecy— one refering to things ex[is]ting in heaven. the other a figure of things on the which are on the earth.— [p. [41]]
whatever principle of inteligence we attain unto in this life. it will rise with us in the revalatin [revelation], and if a person gains more knowledge and intelignce. through his obedience & diligence. than another he will have so much the advantage in the world to come—
There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven. before the foundation of the world upon which all blessings are predicated and when we obtain a blessing it is by obedi[e]nce to the law upon which that blessing is predicated.
again revertd to mistake. &c the Father has a body of flesh & bones as tangible as mans [p. [42]] the Son also, but the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit.— and a person cannot have the personage <​of the H G. [Holy Ghost]​> in his heart he may recive the gift of the holy Ghost. it may descend upon him but not to tarry with him.—
What is the meaning of the scriptures. he that is faithful over a few thi[n]gs shall be made ruler over many? & he that is faithful over many shall be made ruler over many more?
What is the mea[n]ing of the Parable of the 10 talents? [blank] Also [blank] conversation with Nicodemus. except a man be born of water & of the spi[ri]t.—
I shall not tell you?—
Closed by flagellating the audience [p. [43]] for their fears.— & calld upon to get up. & fulfil his covenant to preach ¼ of an hour.— otherwise I will give you a good whipping.—
arose & said Brothe[r]s & Sisters I feel as though all had been Said that can be said. I can say nothing but bless you.—
To s—— one the 144000 seald are the pri[e]sts who are appointed to administer in the daily sacrifice.— [6 lines blank] [p. [44]]
3 April 1843 • Monday
Monday April 3d 1843 Day of Judgment has arrived. but. tis too. pleas[a]nt. for false prophets.—
I Dined at s on a big Turkey. 2. P.M— startd for arrived at 4. P.M. staid at ’s.—— even[in]g reading <​Book of​> Revelati[o]n with & conversing with .— [7 lines blank] [p. [45]]
4 April 1843 • Tuesday
April 4— Tuesday Spent 5 hours preaching to .— , & the Backenstoses.— “said almost thou persuadst me to be a christian.—”
2 P.M. left. arrived at 5, P.M. [10 lines blank] [p. [46]]
5 April 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday April 5. 1843— attend Muenicepal Courts— for people vs. Hoops.— on .— after hearing the testim[o]ny they were discharged Johnathan Hoops gave me recept for $50. in lands in . dated Sept 2d1840.— [9 lines blank] [p. [47]]
6 April 1843 • Thursday
Thursday, April 6,th 1843 The first day of the Jubilee, of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. a special Conference assembled of on the platform of the . or <​rough​> floor of the basement, at 10. o clock A.M.— the sun shone clearly. & was very warm & pleasant. scarce a speeck of snow was <​is​> to be seen <​except on the north side of Zarahemla Hill. is considerable​> but the ice was about 2 feet deep in the west of the & north of that point; & south <​of that​> the channel is clear of ice,— the walls of the are from 4. to 12 feet above the floor. of the conference.—
President Joseph was detained by a court between in an action between [p. [48]] . vs. sister & Bro Dixon (from ) in . & President . took had charge of the meeting. & during the absence of President Joseph.— Quorum of the Twelve present. . . . . ½ past 11. o clock—
Present. Prayed, after a hymn was sung by the quire [choir]. & read the 3d. chap. of 2d Epis[t]le of Peter. & preached on the subject of the resurrection—
10 <​mi[nutes]​> before 11. <​12​> President Joseph Smith & and arrived.— the floor was about ¾ covered. with listeners— [p. [49]] 12 o clock— gave way & Joseph. rose to state the object of the meeting. It is my object to ascertain the stanig [standing] of the . (as I have been instructed) I present myself for trial, I shall next present my councillors for trial.— 3d to take into consideration the sending out of the <​or some porti[o]n of them​> or some body else to get means to build the up &
4— Elders will have the privelige of appeals from the differce conferences to this if there are any such cases.— It is important that this conference [p. [50]] give importance to the . as a prejudice exists against the in favor of the Lords House——
There is no place where men of wealth & character & influence can go to repose thimselves. and it is neccessary we should have such a place.
Are you satisfied with the first presedincy, so far as I am concerned, or will you choose another? If I have done any thing to injure my character in the sight of men & angels— or men & women. come forward tell of it. & if not ever after hold your peace. [p. [51]]
President arose & nominatd Joseph Smith to contin[u]e as our the Presdent. <​of the church​> 2dd it.— Voted unanimously— Such a show of hands was never seen before in the church.— Joseph retur[ne]d his thanks—— to the assembly. & said he would serve them according to the best of his ability.
<​next president Joseph​> Brought forward for trial. nominated . to continue. 2d by . spoke, <​the​> last conferce [conference] I have had previlige of attenedd [attending] was at the Laying of the corner Stone of . & I have had no health,— and been connected with circumstances [p. [52]] the most forbidding. which doubtless has producd some feeling—— I have never had a doubt of the work . . . my feelings concerning were always the same, & told my family to guard that fellow. for some time he will make a rupture among this people.— had so little confidence. I always felt myself at his difiance.— I was once theatend [threatened] by , <​if I would not coincide with his words.​> I have just such a threatnig [threatening] letter from. . that if I did not turn my course. I should feel the force of his power.— there is an increase <​of my​> of hea[l]th & strength. & I desire to serve you in any way it is possible for me to do. If any one has any feelings I hope they will express them.— [p. [53]]
asked concrning s. stating that was a gentleman & had nothing again[s]t him. <​Some time since.​> recollects nothing or little about the conversations.— thinks Mistaken s knows he was not.—
. <​said,​> never offerd any abuse to my family.— <​& at​> at that time he I had never been familiar with him.— [:] I have no private pique agai[n]st .—
voted, (in general) <​almost unanimous​> that retaind his standing.—
<​Joseph presentd for trial.​> Moved by. . 2d By that . & voted that retain his standing.—
Voted unanimously that retain his offices as Patriarch. &c.— [p. [54]]
said the Lord bless the people.
& said so too.—
<​Joseph said I do not know any thing agai[n]st the twelve, if I did I would presnt them for trial.​>
It is not right that all the burden of the should rest on a few individuals—
and <​we​> will now consider the prepriety of sending the twelve to collect means for the .—
there has been too great latitude in individuals for the building of the to the exclusion of the .
It. has been reportd that the—— twelve have wages $2.00 per day for their services <​I never heard— this till recently. & I do not believe I have never known their having any thing​> I go in for binding up the twelve, &
Let this confirence institute an order to this end [p. [55]] <​&​> let no man pay money or stock into the hands of the twelves except the payee payer transmit the account immediately to the Trustee’s in trust. & no man else. <​but the twelve​> have authority to act as agents for the & .——
I will mention one case— he is a good man. that’s man’s name is Russel [Samuel M. Russell]. he had been East on bussines[s] for his brothe[r]. & took money belonging to the . & put it in the bag with his brothers money. 2 or three days after <​his return​> he called on his brother, for the money. but his brother thought he had paid out too much money— & he would keep the [p. [56]] chu[r]ch money.— <​to make good his own​> I called to see Russel [Daniel Russell] about the money. and he treated me so politely I concluded he never meant to pay— Bro Russel [Samuel Russell]. said, <​that​> his brother said he should not be out of money again.— There was $20. of the chu[r]ch money, & some dried apple for the Prest.
I propose that your you send moneys for the by the twelve some or all; or some agent of your choosing & if you send by others & the money is lost, tis lost to yourselves. I cannot be responsible for it.
It is wrong for the church to make a bridge of my nose in appropriati[n]g chu[r]ch funds.—— The incorporation requ[ire]d of me securietis [securities].— which were lodged in the proper hands— [p. [57]]
committee have are bound to me in <​the sum​> $2,000— & the chu[r]ch is running to them <​with funds​> every day— & I am not responsible for it.
so long as you consider me worthy to hold this office. it is your duty to attend to the legal forms belonging— to the business.— My desire is, <​that​> the conference minutes go forth, to inform all bra[n]ches of the order of doing business. & the twelve be appointd to this spicial mission of collecting funds for the .—
when I went to the white House at . <​&​> presented Letters from . . said <​. ​> whos ?— I erred in spirit,— & <​I​> confess my mistake, in being angry with [p. [58]] for saying is nobody.— let it be recorded on earth and in heaven that I am clear of this sin.—
There has been complaints again[s]t the Committee.— for appropriati[n]g the chu[r]ch funds to the benefit of their own children. to the neglect of others who need assistanc[e] more than they do.—
I have <​the​> complaint, by . called. Says I have to say to the confernce. I am not so fully prepreded [prepared] to present substantiate the proof as I could wish—
I am able to prove that partiality used to a great extent. [p. [59]] I am able to prove by the books that & have used property for their own families— to the exclusion of others.—— <​Joseph said​> Let the. trial of the Committee be deferrd to another day— <​then let​> the Lion & unicorn— come together— day after tomorrow. can have the privelige of bringing his books. to the trial.—
Voted that the Moved and Seconded & voted that the twelve be appointed a committe[e] to receive & gather funds to build the . [blank] with this proviso, that the twelve and give bonds to for good delivery. to trustee in trustee.— & payee payer make immediate report to the trustee in trust.— Bro proposd that the twelve give duplicate receipt’s. [p. [60]]
. remarked he should never give reciepts for cash. <​except such as he put in his own pocket for his own use.​> but wished this speculation to stop.— & asked when if any one knew any thing against any one of the twelve, any dishonesty. I know of one who is not.—
Joseph <​And referred to muzzling the ox that treadetheth out the corn.—​>
Joseph Said, I will answer ,— let the twelve spend the time belonging to the temple for to collect funds— and the remainder of the time they may labor for their support.—
The idea of not muzzling the ox that treadeth out the corn— is a good old quaker song.— I have never taken the first farthing of church funds for my [p. [61]] own use. till I have first consulted the proper author[i]ties.— & when there was no quorum of the twelve or high priests I have asked the Committee who had not no business with it.— said it was so.— Let this conference stop all agents in collecting funds, except the twelve.——
1½— P.M. hym by Quoir.— 12— 2 P.M dismissed by prayer — for 1. <​hour​>
3½ Hyrum commenced by observing that he had some communication. to make before Joseph came, & would read from the wasp. last number.— a man who formerly belonged to the Church. reveald to me there are a band of men & some [p. [62]] strong in the faith of the Doctrine of Latter Day Saints. & some who do not belong to the chu[r]ch, <​were bound to by secret oaths &c​> that it is right to steal from any one who does not belong to the church if they gave ¼ part to the . if they did not remain stedfast— they ripped open th[e]ir bowels & gave them to the cat fish.— & they are the very gadianton robbers of the last days.— then <​read​> his own affidavit. as reprinted in the “Wasp,” dated 26. Nov 1841 <​& the​> doings of the conference at . & proclamation <​or declarati[o]n of​> of the twelve <​&​> affidavit of Joseph.— These This <​t​> said the theif or <​theives​> <​have been compared to​> confessor refers to the little foxes— the presidency &c are the great foxes— & they told. <​us <​me​> this was the interpretation given. the preaching from the <​stand.—​> by the theives​>
David Holman. James Dunn. confessed [p. [63]] <​to me when they lived in my house that​> they had stolen from the world, I told him to get out of my house. the Dunn <​David Holman​> lifted his hand to heaven & swore if I would forgive him he would never do so again. he went to . & stole & run away to , f[o]und a barrel of flour on the bank. just deliverd from a steam boat. stole the flour went to & sold it. saying he had pickd up the barrel in the <​river​> & as it was likely a little damaged he would take $2.00. got his pay & went his way.
made made many observations. to the Saints. on stealing.—
Joseph followed. I want the Elders to make hono[ra]ble proclamati[o]n abroad [p. [64]] what the feelings of the presidency are,— I despise a theif above ground. He would betray me <​if he could get the oppetinity [opportunity]​> if I were the biggest rogue in the world, he would steal my horse when I wanted to run away. <​then​> read prloclamatin [proclamation] of the Mayor on stealing. dated 25. day March 1843.— “Wasp.” No. 48[th] many observati[o]n confirmatory & said, enough Said. for this conference on this Subject.—
Elders had have a privilige to appeal from any decision of a branch. to know if they shall retain their office or membership—
necessary I explain concerni[n]g it is known that the has granted a writ. for me. on affidav[i]t [p. [65]] of .— he still holds that writ as a cudgel over my head. (U. S. Atttorney told me all writs issued thus were legally dead.)— I said that is a stumper & I will shew them a trick the Devil never did. <​that is​> leave them. every man who wishes to out economically. with regard to futurity.— let them come over here as soon as they can settle their affairs without sacrifice let them come & we will protect them & let that governme[n]t know that we don’t like to be imposed upon.—
about the first of August 1842 came to my house. put on a long face. said he was in distress. about to loose $1400 for <​a debt of​> 300 at sheriffs [p. [66]] sale. <​said he the​> sale takes place to-morrow.— I have money in . . .— next morning he called. I did not like the looks of him. <​but thought I​> he is a stranger. I have been a stranger, &. better loose 200 than be guilty of sin of ingratitude. took his note. on demand. <​the​> day I was taken I asked him from [for?] the money.— you ought to have it <​said he but​> I have not got my mony from .— I have a curious plan in my mind. I will give you a quit claim deed of the land you bought of & <​your notes to​> s notes which I have as his agent” I, said Joseph, have not asked you for your property. & would not give a snap. <​for it.​>— but I will accept your offer. but want my money— <​Said he I will give you deed.​> ½ my land in the) [p. [67]] state.) <​&​> he gave me deeds. & I got them recorded.— he calld for some more favors. & I let him have some cloths— <​to the amount of​> 6 or 7 hundrd dollars. I have offerd this land to many, who if they would go to settle there but nobody will go.— <​I agre[e]d​> if I found he owned as much as he pretended I would give my influence to build up . . <​is his name he has got almost​> most $1100 <​from me,​> he looks exactly like a woodchuck, & talks like a woodchuck on a stump with a chaw of tobacco. <​in his mouth.​> he tried to git his hands to steal a stove from near my stove & carry it off on the boat raft, he is a thief.— My advice is, [p. [68]] if they choose, <​to​> come away from . and not go there more. I am not so much of a christian as many suppose I am. when a man undertakes to ride me. I am apt to thud <​kick​> him off & ride him.—
I would’nt b[u]y property in the . I considerd it stooping to accept it a <​as a​> gift.—
<​I wish to speak of the​>—— ½ breed lands opposite this. city. ½ breed land.— ½ breed land.— and every man there who is not ½ breed had better come away. & in a little time we will call them all ½ breed.— I wish we could swap some of our ½ breeds here for <​the ½ breeds who​> lives there. I will give you a key, if any <​one​> will growls tomorrow you will know him to be a ½ breed.— [p. [69]] My opinion is the Legislature have done well in giving the best tittle to settlers. & squatter.— Those who have deeds to those islands from the of Iowa. have as good titles as any, but the settlers under <​the​> Laws of . Legislature & chancery of . <​are​> at variance.
I believe it a fine of swindli[n]g from by. court of Chancery.—
said those Islands dont belong to any body, <​they were​> throon [thrown] out of survey.— hence no man had a claim, <​& it was​> so considerd; when I came here.—
my advice to the Mormons, who have deed & possessions, <​is​> fight it out. you who have no deeds or possessi[o]ns, let them [p. [70]] alone.— touch not a stick of their timber.—
Deeds given by court of . warrents & defends again[s]t all unlawful claims.— It is a ½ breed, it an anomaly, without form & void, a nondescript. if they have your note. let them come here & sue you then you can carry up your case to the highest court.— so long as the Laws have a shadow of tittle, it is not right for the Mormons to go & carry away the wood In the name of the Lord God, I forbid any man from using any observati[o]ns of mine, to rob— the land of wood.——
has had been tried & had fellowship withdrawn <​by the chu[r]ch​> at . [Iowa Territory] [p. [71]]
<​The question has been asked​>
can a member not belonging to the chu[r]ch bring a member before the high council, for trial? I answer No! I ask no jurisdiction. <​in religious matters​> I merely give my opinion when asked. If there was any feelings at because I gave my opniones [opinions], there is no occasion for it. I only advice the breth[r]en to come from , & they may do as they please. <​about coming.​> If I had not actually got into this work, & been called of God, I would back out . . . but I cannot back out,— I have no doubt of the truth. were I going to prophecy. I would procpesy [prophesy] the end will not come in 1844. or 5— or 6. or 40 years more [p. [72]] there are those of the rising generation who shall not taste death till christ come.
<​I was once praying earnestly upon this subject. and a voice said unto me.​> My son, if thou livest till thou art 85 years of age, thou shalt see the face of the son of man. . . . <​I was left to draw my own conclusions concerni[n]g this &,​> I took the liberty to conclude that if I did live till that time Jesus <​he​> would make his appearance.— <​but I do not say whether he will make his appeara[n]ce, or I shall go where he is.—​>
I prophecy in the name of the Lord God.— & let it be written. <​that the​> Son of Man will not come in the heavns till I am 85. years old
48 years hence or about 1890.—
<​then Red​> 14 Rev— 6 verse another angel [p. [73]] fly in the midst of heaven; for the hour of his Judgmnt is come.— to exterminati[o]n— from the commenceme[n]t. commence when angel commences preachi[n]g this. gospel <​1 day— 1000 years—​>. 1000 year as 1 day.— 41. yrs 8 months.— only 6 years from the voice, saying, if thou live till thou art 85,— <​years old &c​>
Hosea 6th chapter after 2 days &c, 2520 years which— bri[n]gs it to 1890.— says 45 years according <​to​>— bible recokoning.
the coming of the Son of man never will be, never can be till the judgm[en]ts spoken of for this <​hour​> are poured out, <​which Jud[g]ments are commenced.—​>
Paul says ye are th[e] children of the light & not of the darkness, that that day [p. [74]] should not overtake us as a theif in the night.— it is not the design of the Almighty to come upon the Earth & crush it, & grind it to powder.— he will reveal it to his servants the prophets. <​O what wondrous wise men there are going about & braying like​> (other[s] talk like an ass. cry
<​O, lord, where—​> Joe Smith.— Joe Smith.— &c <​whare—​> <​O.​> away up on the top of the top less throne aha. <​&c—​>
— <​must be​> rebuilt. <​Judah return. must return​> & the timple— water come out from under the temple— the <​waters of the​> dead sea be heald.— <​it will take​> some time to build the walls & the temple. &c & all <​this must be done before—​>
Son of Man <​will make his appence [appearance]​>. wars & rumours of wars. signs in the heavens above on the earth beneath— sun turnd into [p. [75]] darkness. moon to blood. earthquakes in divers places, oceans heaving beyond their bounds.— <​then​> one grand sign of the Son of the son of man in heaven.— but what will the world. do? they will say it is a planet. a comet. &c— conseq[u]ently the son of man will come as the sign of coming of the son of man. <​is​> as the light of the morni[n]g cometh out of the East.— 10. minutes before 6[th]Singing. praye[r] by. adjurnd [adjourned] to 10 A.M. tomorrow. requstd [requested] prayer for her health [p. [76]]
7 April 1843 • Friday
Friday April 7[th] 1843— assembled at 10. according to adjourn[m]ent
. presentd the requ[e]st of Sister Van Hymon— Milane Webb.— Sister Dodds—— <​for​> th[e] prayers of the Conference. Singing by Quoir.— President <​Joseph​> rather hoarse from Speaking so long yesterday. said he would use the boys lungs to day.—
prayer by — appeals from the Elders were then called for. Elder. [Pelatiah] Brown arose. said calld for his licence but he did not give it. Set down Said the president. . . . prisiding; . was voted should go to and preside there.
also Joshua. Grant. Go to to preside. . . . [p. [77]]
voted that Peletiah Brown go to the village of . in the State of N. york. & build up a church. . . .
Bro Brown— signified his willingness to go any where the conferenc[e] shall direct.
Singing by Quoir.—
Templee committee were called up for trial. at 11. o’clock. <​ said.​> some may expect I am going to be a means of a downfall. of the committee. tis not so. but I design to shew they have been partial.
has over run the amount allowed by trustees about ¼.— pretty much all elder Higby’s son has receivd in money & store pay.— Higbys son has had nothing deducted [p. [78]] for his tenth.
has paid all his tenth
the others of s sons have had nothing to their credit in tenth.
the committee have had a great amou[n]t of store pay.—
one man who is laboring continually wanted 25 cts. in store when his family were sick.— said he could not have it.
was never appointed a boss— over the cutting shop.— but was requsted to keep an amou[n]t of labor in the shop.— during the last 6 months very little has been brought into to the committee. [p. [79]]
there are certain individuals in who are watching every man who has any thing to give the .— to get it from him— & pay for the same in his labor.—
— said he did not know of any wrong. if any one would shew it he would make it right.— voted. Clear, unanimisly
. said this is not an unexpectd matter at all. to be called up. I do not want you to think I am perfect
some how or other. since has went up into the pine country. I have from some cause been placed very peculiar circumstances, . . . <​I think I never​> was placed in so tight a screw since I was born. been screwed to the back bone.— [p. [80]]
The Marshall brought up a man for disorderly. conduct. Mayor fined him $5,00 or go out of the crouwd.— The
<​ said:—​>
The better people have been known my proceedings. the better they have liked them.—
when. President Smith had goods last summer we had better property. goods would not bye corn without some cash.— instead of horses &c, we took store pay.— I have dealt out meal & flour to the hands to the last ounce when I had not a morsel of bread meal or flour in my house; if the Trustee. . or the twelve or <​all​> any will examine & see if I have too much it shall go freely.— [p. [81]] I call upon all the brethren if they have any thing. to bring it forward & have it adjusted.
. Said he felt it his duty to defend the committe[e] so far as he could. he wo[u]ld as soon go to hell as be a committee. . . . but to make a comparison for the temple committee. a little boy came in & said he saw an elephant on a tree. & the people did not beleive it. & they looked and it was only an owl.—
said when was gone. keept the books, & we have found as many mistakes again[s]t , as & in his favor . . . . voted unanimously clear in his favor—— [p. [82]]
— said he <​I​> was am not afraid or ashamed to appear before you.—
when I keept the books. I had much other business— & made some mistakes.— my house was built out of a lot I bot of &c &c & not much of it from the .— voted in favor of .— unanimously.—
President Joseph. statd that the business of the confernce had closed. & the rem[ai]nder of the confernce would be devoted to instruction—— it is an insult to the meeting to have people run out of meeting <​Just​> before we close. if they must go let them go ½ an hour before. No Gentleman will go out of meeting Just at close. [p. [83]]
Singing by Choir, 12½— adjond [adjourned] till 2 o clock.— prayer— by .— [15 lines blank] [p. [84]]
2½ <​25 mi—s mi[nute]s​> P.M. Singing, & prayer by opened the confernce— Elder . read 7 chapter Daniel. from 9[th] verse.— &c,
The 2d advent of the Son of God is a subject which occupies the attention of the people. of this day. the Latter day Saints belive he will come at least 1000 years before the final consummation.— Millerit[e]s belive he will make his 2d advent in a few months, but they will find themselves mistaken. . . .
mistaken as they are good will coome out of the investigation. it will arouse the attention of multitudes to an the faccts as they exist or will open the minds of the people to the truth when it shall be proclaimed by the elders of Israel. . . . They belive that the stone is not to strike the image on [p. [85]] his feet till the 2d advent. & a kingdom will come direct from heaven.— we belive god will not destroy the kingdoms of the earth till. he has set <​up​> his own kingdom.
Do Millerites look for more revalation? No! they raise the midnight cry but does not tell the people what to do. Latter D[ay] S[aints] <​are the​> most reasonable.— & the most inteleget [intelligent] of any people on the face of the whole earth.— I have tried <​them​> 13 years.— <​I had as​> lives worship a horrs [horse] or a stump as a God who gives no instruction to his people.
Ancient of Days.— one came to the Ancient of Days— Many suppose this was the son. after jud[g]ment. sat son of man comes to Ancient of Days. [p. [86]] the most Ancient man of God that lived in days. else he could not have been the Ancient of Days. Father Adam is to come, and organize a great Council to prepare for the coming of the 2d advent— Jesus comes to the Ancient of Days
<​we beleive in. . . .​> Miracls. & they do not.— Angels— <​will come <​a[nd]​> the​> heavens <​will be​> opened send fo[r]th Angels.— to prepare the earth for Christs 2d Coming
one man thinks he is authorizd to call on men to repent. &c— I defy any one to scan the errors of any genraations. without revelations.
Resurrection. . . . <​of the body is denyed​> by many because it is contrary to the law<​s​> of nature. because. flesh & bones are constantly changing— completely oncee in 7 or 10 years. . . . if this is [p. [87]] true a man in 70 years would have matter enough for 10 diffint [different] bodies. objectors says this resurrection cannot be true. for if so. men would be quarreling which body belong[s] to himself & othe[r]s.—
who shall have the best right to it. I do not beleive that more than ¾ of our bodies is composed of animal organizati[o]n. but is purely vegetable, hence through all the 70 years a man will have one or two parts. which will be the same original.— if he receives the matter if of the is <​was​> in possession of 50 years before he died— he is has the same bady [body].—
the people liviing in <​a​> the house. are the occupants of the house. & the house [p. [88]] though repaired all though [through?] its diff[er]ent parts & from time to time even to new timbers throughout, yet. it is said to be the same house still—
while the choir was singing— Prest. Joseph remarked. to this day is a Millinium. it as is a millenium within these walls there is nothing but peace <​nothing to be seen from the stand, but the heads & bodies of the congregation, as they stood on the walls. & covered the walls & the floor it was one mass. of Saints or people. to speak was literally speaking to the people. for there was nothing else to be seen,​>
25 past 3. Elder .
said he had no doubt but that many who were baptizd by John enjoyd much of the religion of Jesus.— but when he came. there was more light.— and unless they followd it. the light that they had received became darkness. If the sects have any power it is only such as they have usurped from the Pope [p. [89]] no man has authority except he be sent.— while bewildering clouds spread their glooming wings over our horizons & the Almighty sits in the heavens laughi[n]g at our ignorance, <​the​> Midnight cry. <​is raisd &​> what shall I cry? all tables are b[e]come unclean.— what shall I cry? they have changed, tragessd [transgressed] <​the laws. changed ordinances​> broken the everlasting covenant?— what,— How shall retain my darling religion.— again[s]t this “new light” or mormonism.— I have about as much religion as others, but I have not got so much but what I Might recivee a little more, & when I pray for more light & God bestows it. I will not say as the poor Negro.— [p. [90]]
Negro who prayed behind the stone wall if what he said was not true. he hoped the stone wall would fall on him. <​when​> some one pushed a stone on his head. & poor negro cried out I did not mean what I said—
so with sectarians. about Rev[elations] & healings.
said had had a conversation with a Reverend presbytiran. who asked me what I. beleived I told him. we beleivd the gospel as preachd by the ancints apostles. & to leave the fi[r]st principles & go on to perfection. o said the priest Revd Presbyter[ia]n. that means leaving their dead works.— but said I how can I leave the fi[r]st principls before I embrace them? O said <​he​> these are some of the mysteries of the kingdom. we know but little about them tis no more use to argue with you than a stump [p. [91]]
unfurl the golden banner.—
we will stay in Sodom till— we are burned. we will stay in Jerusalem till the Romans come & burn the temple of the Great God. for if we escape the calamities it will prove we are not true.—
<​(the ice started down stream.— of considerable dimensions— west of the stand or temple. up nearly opposite the old Post office building.)​> [p. [92]]
¼ [to] 5. <​P.​> Joseph said to complete the subject of s. I thought it a glorious subject with one additional idea <​addition​>
their is no fundamental principle belonging to a human System that never goes into another— <​in this world. or the world to come.—​> the principle of was correct. I care not what the theories of men <​man​> are—
we have the testimony that God will raise us up & he has power to do it.— If any one supposes— that any part of our bodies. that is the fundame[n]tal parts thereof, ever goes into another body the is mistaken.— 5— Choir sung.— & <​Notice that Bro Joseph. will preach tomorow morni[n]g at 10——​> prayer. by. <​​>. [p. [93]]
[page [94] blank] [p. [94]]
8 April 1843 • Saturday
Prayer by
3 requ[e]sts.
1st that all who have faith will pray Lord to calm the wind. for as it is now. I can not speak.
2 that the Lord will strength<​en​> my Lungs—
3d that I may have the Holy Ghost.
The subject whicch I shall sp[e]ak from <​is​> the, beasts spoken of by John.— I have seldom spoken from <​the revelati[o]ns​> & I do it now to do away division & not that the knowledge is so much needed.—
knowledge is necessary to prevent division although it may puff up it does away suspince [suspense]——
in knowledge is power, hence [p. [95]] God knows how to subject all beings he has power— over all.
should not have called up this subject if it had not been for this old white head before. Father [Pelatiah] Brown.—— I did not like the old man being called up. <​before the High council.​>— for erring in doctrine.—— why I feel so good to have the privelige of thinki[n]g & believing as I please.
they undertook to correct him there Whether they did or not I dont care
Rev— 5 chap. 8 verse.—
Father Brown had been to work & confounded all christendom, that these were figure John saw in heavn to represent the different kingdoms of God on earth. [p. [96]] he put down sectarianism, & so far so good.—— but I could not help laughing that God should take a figure of a beast to repr[e]sent his kingdom consisting of <​Men​>. . . . To take a lesser figure to represnt a gr[e]ater, old white head you missed it that time. By figure of Beasts God represented the kingdoms of the world.— Bear. Lion &c represe[n]ted the kingdoms. of the world, Says Daniel. <​for​>
I refer to the prophets, to qualify my observations. to keep out of the wasp nests or young elders,
The things John say saw had no allusion to the day of Adam Enoch Abraham or Jesus— only as clearly specified & set forth to John. I saw that that which [p. [97]] was lying in futurity. Rev 1.1.— read <​is​> key to the whole subject
4. beasts. & 24 Elders which was out of every nation— <​it is​> great stuffing, to stuff all nations into 4 beasts & 24 Elders things which <​he​> saw had no allusions to what had been.— but what must shortly come to pass.— Rev is one of the plain[e]st. books god ever caused to be written—
what John saw he saw in heaven— <​that which the​> the prophet Saw, in vision, <​was​> on earth, <​and​> in Hebrew, <​it​> is a Latitude & Longitude compar[e]d with English version
they saw figurs of beasts.— they why, Dani[e]l did not say <​see​> a lion & a bear. he saw an image like unto a bear:— in every [p. [98]] place.— John saw. the actual beast itself. <​it was​> to let John know that beasts existed there & not to represent figurs of things on the Earth.—— <​The​> prophets always had interpretati[o]ns of the[i]r visions &c
God always holds himself respons[i]ble to give revelati[o]ns of his visions & <​if​> he does it not. we are not responsible.—
speculators need not fear they shall be condemnd. if God has given no Rev[elation]
How do you prove John saw visions Beasts in heaven? 5 <​C[hapter]​> 11 <​v—​> Revelation.— 13 verse every creature. which was in heaven and on the Earth
I John saw all beasts &c in heaven. for I expect he saw the beasts of <​a​> 1000 forms <​from​> 10,000 worlds like this.— the grand secret was to tell what [p. [99]] was in heaven.— God will gratify himself with all these animals. . . .
says one I cannot beleive in salvati[o]n of bea[s]ts.— I suppose God could underst[a]nd the beasts &c, in certain worlds— the 4 beasts, were angels there. dont know where they came from; <​they were inteligent​> inteligent.—
<​but my​> Darling religion, says, <​they​> meant something beside beast.— then the 24 elders must mean something else:— 4 beasts meant Buonpart [Bonaparte] & Cyrus. &c— then the 24 elders ment the kingdoms of the Beasts.— It is all as flat as a pancake
what do <​you​> use such flat & vulger <​expressions. for​> being a prophet? because the old women understa[n]d it, they make [p. [100]] pancakes.— the whole argument is flat, & I dont know of any thing bette[r] to repr[e]sent.— the argument.—
there is no revelation any where to shew that the beasts meant any thing but beasts
O ye Elders of Israel hearken to my voice & when ye are sent into the world to preach. tell those things you are sent to tell. declare the first principles, & let mysteries alone lest you be overthrown.—
Father Brown when you go to say nothi[n]g about the 4 B[e]asts Danl. 12 13 . . . <​C.​> 2. verse— <​some say​> Deadly wound.— <​means​> Nebuchadnezzar.— Constantine.— & the catholic [p. [101]] now for the wasp nest.— priests. & Dragon for Devil they have translated beast in heaven— it was not to rep[res]ent beast on heaven— it was an angel in heaven. who has power in the last days to do a work.—— all the world wonderd after the beast:— <​&​> if the beast was all the world. how could the world wonderd after the beast? When the old devil shall give power to to the beast to do all his mighty work all the wo[r]ld will wonder—
who is able to make war with the beast? says the inhabita[n]ts of the earth.— if it means the kin[g]doms of the world it dont mean the kingdoms [p. [102]] of the Saints.— who is able to make war with my gr[e]at big self.— The Dragon.— we may interpret it.— & it is sometimes Apolyel.— 9 verse 12 chap— key word.— independent beasts. abstract from the human family.— (25 minutes past 11. lungs faild— the wind blew briskly.)— I said more than I <​ever​> did before except once at Ramus. & then the little <​upstarts <​fellows​> stufferd me like a cock​>. cock turkey— <​with the prop[h]ecies of Daniels—​> and crammed it down my throat. with their fingerss—
after singing[,] 27— to 12 commenced. saying I did not know but I might say someth[i]ng but since the prophet has got [p. [103]] through I find there is nothing left but the tail.— says— if you write it down we are all fools it will not be <​very​> far from the mark”—— No man in the church knows any thing but what He has been told.—
he had never said much about Bea[s]ts &c in his preaching & when he had, he had done it to attract attention & keep the people from running after a greater fool than himself.
Daniel saw an image of Gold &c Iron. Clay &c.— the prop[h]et explained. thou Nebuchadnezzar— art the kindom head— &c
12. ten minutes choir sung. prayed— adjond [adjourned] till 2 o clock.— [p. [104]]
<​12.— o clock noon—​> Strong west wind. & the ice is floating down the . (to Seen from the stand.)
2.26 minutes. meeting open by singing the wind was so high from the N. West that the speaker changed his position from the stand on the East end of the walls to a temporary (& momentary) stand near the west end,— the day was is warm (& pleasant. except strong wind)
Prayr by .— Singing.—
<​12 <​mi[nutes]​>— 3—​> — resumed th[e] subject where he adjour[ne]d in the forenoon Little horn was the Pope some say— Pope of Rome prevaild against the saints or chu[r]ch—— whence the Chu[r]ch of England [p. [105]] Presbyterin. Methodist &c— put the chu[r]ch of Rome in the place of the Devil & then When they find out the old Lady is their mother, they dont like the relationship
mentiond the 10 kingdoms or the toes.
while in the days of these kings or some of them. the God of heaven should set up a kingdom which which should never end. I am not going to say
with regard to the littl stone, when when this kingdom will be set up. but it will be a kingdom. & the saints will take & possess it. & it will be a kingdom on earth not in heaven.— not Methodist. not Presbyt[er]ian or babtist I was going to say the church of Rome comes the [p. [106]] nearest. to a kingdom. of any of them. Not. Millerites. they expect. thee coming of christ is like lightning. whereas the kingdom is like a little stone cut out of the mountain without hands— 3:20— Singing Choir.—
Elder said it was 3 years since I met with you & was set apart to a foreign mission by you.—
Mat. 24 chapter. in part read. conce[r]ning the temple— Jesus acted very unchristian like. & uncharitable. and meddld with other peoples property. took a scourge of small cords & drove them out of the temple. the german bible says there shall not be one stone left upon another that shall not be broken.— [p. [107]]
Compard the Gifts in the church to the gifts <​golden​> in the chu[r]ches vessels of the which Nebuchadnazzar or some other nezzar took away.— where are they? in. Babylon. wrapped up in a napkin.— give me so much money & I will give you so much Gospel— say the Sectarian priests.
There is now and then one,
Like the gleaning of grapes when vintage is done
he compard the Mormons to the rough stone. which could not be made to fit any where & would be thrown away— so with the Mormons the[y] will not for fit any way or where, but Must [p. [108]] be cast out. by all soci[e]ties, & yet at last they will come out head of the heap— the saints shall possess the kingdom
I have been in the four quarters of the world among 14 or 15 diff[er]ent languages & people— & they all agree that some great event is coming. close at hand is coming. what has produced this impression? the true light that light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.— it is like the press that presses the paper on to the whole type at once. & God is the press-man.
when this gospel has been prea[c]hed to all nations. the hour of his judgmnt is come.—
good bye 5— 5 singing. & prayer. [p. [109]]
[page [110] blank] [p. [110]]
9 April 1843 • Sunday
Sunday April 9: 10— 25 A M. Meeting opend by singing <​“spirit of God &c”​> at stand
Prayer by . Singing
Joseph remarkd that some might have expectd him to preach but. his breast & lungs wo[u]ld not admit. Joshua Grant. will occupy the stand a while followd by. [10 lines blank] [p. [111]]
10 April 1843 • Monday
Monday April 10. 1842 1843 Elders conference commenced at the at. 10 o clock A. M.— [14 lines blank] [p. [112]]
11 April 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday April 11. 1843. called at office. 11 A.M.— & 1. P.M. to give some inst[r]uctions to have an order made out for to get a note out of the Bank at . and started after to find the date of the note
some raine. & wind.— conference adgund [adjourned]. till tomorrow 10 A.M. [7 lines blank] [p. [113]]
12 April 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday April 12[th] 1843 9 A.M.— in conve[r]sation with . concerning purchase.— Mr Jackson present Gave a certificate. (writtn by .) to to carry out the designs & archeticture of the , in .
Conferenc[e] of Eldrs commenced at 10— & closed at 1220/60 having ordained about 22 elders. & appointed about 118 to diff[er]ent Missions in & & restord to fellowship. &c &c. See Minutes of the quorum of the twelve.—
befor the Conf[er]ence closed the Steamer Amaranth appeard in <​X​> [p. [114]] <​(notice was given at close of the confernc [conference] for the emigrants to meet at the stand tomorrow morn[in]g 10. to hear inst[r]uction)​> <​X​> sight of the . Coming up the . & about nooon. landed her passengers at the wharf opposite the . building— about 240 of the saints from England in char[g]e of Elder who has ben prea[c]hing in England 2 or 3 years. Joseph & — were present & a large Company of the brethren & sister. ready to greet their friends on their arrival. after unloding <​Saints​>. the Amaranth proceded up the . this is the fi[r]st boat up this season.
& Co— left in January. [p. [115]]
About 5. P.M. The Steamer “Maid of Iowa.[”] hauled up at the . & discharged about 200 saints. In charge of Elders & .— these had been detaind at . &c— through the Winter. having come out of in the fall.—— of the “Maid of Iowa[”] was baptizd a few weeks since. Joseph was presnt at the landing & the first to boa[r]d the steamer, & appea[re]d melted in tenderness when he met sister . (who had been to England with ) & her little daugter only 3 or 4 days old.— the “Maid <​of Iow[a]—”​> it was 11 days coming from . [p. [116]] detaind by ice, &c.—
Joseph was very busy the P.M & eve[n]ing among the brethrn. shaking hands & conversing freely. till about 9 o clock— & rejoiced to meet so many of the saints & in such good health & fine spirits equal to any that had ever come in . [9 lines blank] [p. [117]]
[pages [118]–[119] blank] [p. [118]] [p. [119]]
13 April 1843 • Thursday
Thursday April 13 1843 Trial of . vs. came up at 10 o clock AM. but was adjound [adjourned] to Wednesday next. 9. A.M.—
at 10. <​A.M.​> the Emigrants & a great multitude of others assembld at the temple— when after Singing by the choir. & prayer by , Joseph addressed the assembly & said [8 lines blank] [p. [120]]
I most heartily congratulate you on your safe arrival— at . & your safe deliverance from all the dangers & diffcultis you have had to encou[n]ter
but you must not think your tribulations. are ended.—
I shall not address you on doctrin but concerni[n]g your temporal welfare
inasmuch as you have come up here assaying to keep the Comma[n]dments <​of God​> I pronou[n]ce the blessings of heaven <​& earth​> upon you. & inasmuch as will <​follow​> counsel. & act wisely. & do right [p. [121]] these blessings shall rest upon you so far as I have power of <​with​> God to seal them up[o]n you
I am you[r] servnt. & it is only through the Holy Ghost. that I can do you good. God is able to do his own work.
we do not present ourselves <​before you​> as any thing but your humble servnts. willing to be spent spend & be spent in your servant services.
we shall dwell on your temperal welware [welfare]. on this occasion. In the 1st place. where a crowd is flocking from all parts of the world of diffrt [different] minds; religion; &c, <​there will be some​> who do not live up to the Commandm[en]ts. <​there will be​>— & designing characters, [p. [122]] who would turn you aside & lead you astray.— specluators who would get away your property. therefore it is necessary we should have an order here, <​&​> when emigra[n]ts arrive to instruct. them concerning these things.
If the heads of the church had have laid the foundati[o]ns <​of this place, & have had the trouble of​> & of doing what has been done— are they not better qualifid to tell you how to lay out your money & than those who have had no interest— &c
Some start on the revelati[o]ns to come here. & get turned away & loose all, & then come, and enter their complaints, <​to us​> when it is too late to do any thing for them [p. [123]]
the object of this meeting is to tell you these things & then if you <​will pursue the same cou[r]ses you must bear the consequence. There are sev[er]al objects in your coming here——​> one objct has been to bring you from. Sectarian bondage another. from National bondage. where you can be planted in a fertile soil, We have brought you into a free government. not that you are to consider yourselves outlaws. by free governme[n]t, we do not mean that a man has a right to steal <​rob​>. &c <​but free​> from Bondage. taxation— oppression. free in every thing if he conduct himself hone[s]tly & circumspe[c]tly with his n[e]ighbor, free in a spiritual capacity.— [p. [124]]
This is the place that is appointed for the oracles of God to be revealed. If you have any darkness you have only to ask & the dar[k]ness is removed. tis not necessary that miracles should be <​wrought​> to remove darkness Miracles are the fruits of faith. “how shall we believe on him on <​of​> whom <​&c​> &c we have not heard.
I.E. inasmuch as I have received knowledge before I God may correct <​the scriptur by me if he choose​>
faith comes by hearing the word of God. <​& not faith by hearing & hearing by the word &c​> If a man has not faith enough to do one thing he may do another, <​if he cannot remove a Mountain he may heal the Sick.​> where faith is there will be some of the fruits. all gift & powed <​which were​> out <​poured​> out from heaven were poured out on [p. [125]] the heads of those who had faith. You must have a oneness of heart in all things, You shall be satisfied one way or the other with us before you have done with us.— <​there are a​> great many old huts here <​but they​> are all new. our city is not 6 or 700 years <​old​> as <​those​> you come from, it is only a 4 year old not <​a​> 4 year old not <​but​> 3 year old. <​we​> comncd [commenced] building 3 years last fall. <​there​> few old setlers— I got away fro[m] my keepers <​in ​> & ran & came on these shore[s], & found 4 or 500 families & <​I​> went to work to get meat & flour folks were not afraid to trust. me. I went to work & bought all this region of country:— <​& I cried​> Lord what will thou have me to do? <​& the answr was​> build up a city [p. [126]] <​&​> call my saints to this place: & our hea[r]ts leaped with joy to see you coming here. We have been praying for you all winter, from the bottom of hearts, We are glad to see you—
we are poor— & cannot do by you as we would. but will do all we can.—
’Tis not to be expected that all can locate in the city.— there are are some who have money & will <​build— &​> hire. others, those who cannot purchase. lots can go out in the country.— the farmers wants your labors.— no industrious man need suffer in this land.—
the claims of the poor <​on us​> are such that [p. [127]] we have claim of <​on​> your good feelings for your money. to help the poor. & the chu[r]ch debts <​also have their dem[a]nds to​>— save the credit of the church. this credit has been obtaind to help the poor. & keep them from starvation. &c— those who purchase church lands. & pay for it, this shall be their sacrifice,
Men of 50. & 100.000 dollars, who were robbed <​of every thing​> in the State of are laboring in this city for a morsel <​of bread.​>. <​& there are those​> who must have starved but for the providence of God through me. If any man say here is land. or there is land. beleive it— not.— we can beat all our competitors in lands. price. & every [p. [128]] think [thing], <​we have the​> high[e]st pricees. best lands. & do the most good with. th[e] money. <​we get.​> <​our system​> it is a real smut machine a bolting machine.— & all the <​shorts​> brann & smut. runs away & all the flour remains with us.—
suppose I sell you land for $10. per acre & I gave 3. 4. 5 per acre . . . then you are speculating <​says one,​> yes, I will tell you how. I buy others lands & give them to the widow & the fatherless,——
If they these <​the​> speculators run again[s]t me they run again[s]t the buckler of Jehovah.— God did not send me up as he did Joshua, in former days God sent [p. [129]] his servnts to fight, but in the last days he has promised to fight the battle himself.
God will deal with you himself. & will bless or curse you as you do behave your selves. I speak to you as one having authority. that you may know when it come & that you may have faith. & know that God has sent me.
<​The lower part of the town is the most healt[h]y,​> In <​th[e]​> upper part of the town the Merchants will say I am partial— &c but The lower part of the town is much the most healthy. I tell you in the name of the Lord.— I have been out in all parts of the city. att all times of night to learn these thi[n]gs. [p. [130]]
The Doctors in this region dont know much; & the lawyers, <​when I spoke about them—​> began to say we will known renounce you. on the stand.— but they dont come up & I take the libe[r]ty to say what I care have a mind to about. them.
Doctors wont tell you where to go to be well. they want to kill. or cure you to get Your money.——
Calomel Doctor will give you calomel to cure a sliver in the big toe
& does not stop to know if whether the stomach is empty or not.— <​& calomel on an empty stomach will kill the patient.​>
& the Lobelia doctors will do the same.
point me out a patient & I will [p. [131]] tell you whether calomel or Lobelia will kill kill <​him​> or not. if you give it, The is healthy. unless they drink, it. & it is more healthy then the spring water— dig wells from 15 to 30 feet. and it will be healthy.
There are many sloughs on th[e] Islands. f[r]om <​whence​> Miasma arises in the summer, and is blown over the upper part of the city.— but it does not extend over the lower part of the city.—
all those pers[o]ns who are not used to liv[i]ng on a river, or lake or large pond of water— I do not want you should stay on the banks of the river. [p. [132]] get away to the lower part of the city. back on the hill . . . where you can get. good— well water.—
if you feel any inconvenince take some mild physic. 2 or 3 times & then some good bitters— if you cant get any thing else take a little salts. & Cyanne [cayenne] pepper— if you cant get salt take pecoria.— or gnaw down a butternut tree, <​eat some​> boneset, <​or​> hoarhound.
Those who have may money come to me & I will let you have lands & those who have not money if they look as well as I do I will give you advice that will do you good 12¼— I bless you in the name of Jesus Chit [Christ] Amen [p. [133]]
. made remarks concerning the proppets [prophets]. every report in circulation not congenial to good understanding, is false.— false as the dark regions of hell.— closed 1225/60
Joseph gave notice that Bro Garder wantd 2 or 300 hands— ditching— a good job.—
Singing by choir.— Bro Thompson requests prayers.— closed. by Prayr
After Meeting.— Many of the Saints repaird to the landing. of the . as the “Maid of Iowa” arrived (during the Meeting.) from where it went last light Night after the freight which it left to get over the Rapids.— Joseph was among them till about 3 o clock & then when the boat left walked away with [p. [134]] bro . [16 lines blank] [p. [135]]
14 April 1843 • Friday
Friday April 14[th] 1843 Went out to the farm. & beyond and sold 20 acres of land, and returnd
Started to go again and on the Side hill. broke the carriage & retu[r]ned home. [10 lines blank] [p. [136]]
[page [137] blank] [p. [137]]
15 April 1843 • Saturday
Saturday April 15, attended court martial at his house. gave instructi[o]ns to have an notice written to . of appointing him his aiddecamp. as Leut [Lieutenant]. Gen,
4<​.5​> P.M. rode out with .— [10 lines blank] [p. [138]]
16 April 1843 • Sunday
Sunday morning April 16. 1843 Meeting at the . A.M. 10. o ck
Joseph read s letters to the Editor of “T[imes] & Seasons” concrning the death of . <​& remarked he read it because it was so appropriate to all who had died in the faith.—​> Almost all who have fallen in these last days, in the church, have fallen in a strange land, this is a strange land. to tho[s]e who have come from a distance.
we should cultivate sympathy for the afflicted. among us.
If there is a place on earth. where men should cultivate this spirit & pour in the oil & wine <​in the bosom of the afflicted​> it is this place.
<​and this spirit is manifest here—​> and although he is a stranger <​& afflicted.​> when he arrives, he finds. a brother— & friend ready to administer to his necessities.— [p. [139]]
another remark, I would esteem it one of the greatest blessings, if I am to be afflicted in this world, to have my lot cast where I can find breth[r]en & friends all arou[n]d me, <​but​> this is not. <​thing. I referred to is <​it​> is​> to have the privilige of having our dead buri[e]d on the land where god has appointd to gather his saints together,— & where there will be nothing but saints, where they may have the privelige of laying their bodies where <​the​> Son will make his appearance. & where they may hear the. sound of the trump that shall call them forth, to behold him, that in the morn of the resurrecti[o]n, they may come forth in a body. & come right up out of their graves. & strike hands <​immediately​> in eternal glory. <​& felicity rather​> than to be [p. [140]] scattered thousands of miles apart. There is something good. & sacred to me— <​in this thing.​> the place where a man is buried has been sacred to me.— <​this subjct is made mention of—​> In Book of Mormon & Scripturs. & <​to​> the aborigines <​regard​> the burying places of the<​ir​> fathers as <​is​> more sacred that than any thing else.
When I. heard of the death of our beloved bro <​ it would not have affected me so much​> if I had the opp[o]rtunity of burying him in the land of Zion. I beleive, those who have buried their friends here their condition is enviable. Look at Joseph in Egypt how he required his friends to bury him in the tomb of his fathers,— see the expence & great company— & <​which attended the​> embalming. <​&c <​and​> the going up of the great company. to his burial.​>
It has always been considird a g[r]eat curse not to obtain an honorable buryal. <​& one of the gratest curses the anci[e]nt prophets could put on any one was. that he man should go without a burial.​> [p. [141]]
I have said, father, I desire to be burid here, & before I go home, but if <​this is not thy will​> not may I return, or find Some kind friend to bring me back, & gather my friends, who have fallen in foreign lands, & bring them up hither, that we may may all lie together.—
I will tell you what I want. if tomorrow I shall be calld to lay in yonder tombs. in the morning of the resurrecti[o]n, let me strike hand<​s​> with my father, & cry, my father, & he will say my son, my Son,— as soon as the rock rends. & before we come out of our graves.
& may we contemplate these things so? [p. [142]] yes, if we learn how to live & how to die [blank]. when we lie down we contemplat how we may rise up in the morni[n]g and <​it is​> pleasing for friends to lie down together locked in the arms of love, to sleep, & wake in each others embrace <​& renew their conversation.​>
would you think it strange that I relate what I have seen in vision in relation.— this intere[s]ting theme.
Those who have died in Jesus christ, may expect to enter in to all that fruition of Joy when they come forth. which they have possessed here, [p. [143]]
so plain was the vision I actually saw men, before they had ascend[e]d from the tomb, as though they were getti[n]g up slowly, they tooke each othe[r] by the hand & it was my father & my Son. my mother & my daughter. <​my brother & my sister​> & when the voice calls, suppose I am laid by the side of my fathe[r].— what would be the first Joy of my heart? where is my fathr. my mother. my sister. they are by my side <​I embrace them. & they me.​>
It is my meditati[o]n all the day & more than my meat & drink to know how I shall make the saints of God to comprehe[n]d the visions that roll like <​an​> overflowing surge; to <​before​> my vision <​mind​>. [p. [144]]
O how I wo[u]ld delight to bring before you things which you never thought of. but poverty. & the cares of the world prevent. but I am glad I have the privilige of communicati[n]g to you some things, which if grasped closely a will be a help to you when the clouds <​are​> gath[eri]ng. & the storms <​are​> ready—— to bu[r]st up[o]n you like peals of thunder, lay hold of these things & let not you[r] knees tremble, <​nor your hearts faint.​> what can Earthequakes do. wars. & tornados do? nothing.— all your losses will be made up to you in the resurrecti[o]n provi[d]ed you continue faithful
by the vision of the almighty I have seen it.— [p. [145]] more painful to me the thoughts of annihilation & than death. if I had no expectation of seeing my mother Broth[ers] &c Sisters & fri[e]nds again my heart would burst in a moment. & I should go down to my grave. The expectati[o]n of seeing my f[r]iends in the morni[n]g of the resurrection cheers my soul. and make be bear up aginst the evils of life. it it is like their taking a long journey. & on their return we meet them with increasd joy.
God has reveald his son from the heavens. & the doctrine of the resurrection also. & we have a knowledge that those we bury here. God bring them up again. clothed upon, & quckend [quickened] by the spirit [p. [146]] of the great god. & what mattereth it whether we lay them down, or we lay down with them. when we can live keep them no longer
then let them sink down; like a ship in the storm. the mighty anchor holds the storm so let those thuths [truths] sink down in our hearts. that we may even here begin to enjoy. that which shall be in full hereafter.
Hosanna. Hosanna. Hosanna, to Almighty god that rays of light begin to bu[r]st fo[r]th upon us even now.
I cannot find words to express myself I am not learnd. but I have as good feelings as any man. O that I had the [p. [147]] the language of the archangel to express my feelings once to my frends. but I never expect to
when othe[r]s regoice I regoice. when I they mourn I would mourn—
to Marcellus Bates. let me admi[ni]ster comfort, you shall soon have the company of your companion in a wo[r]ld of glory— & the frends of .— & all the saints who are mourning, this has been a warning voice to us all. to be sober— & diligent— & lay aside mirth & vanity. & folly.—— & be prepard to die tomorrow . . . (preached abo[u]t 2 hours) [p. [148]]
(. said he was a boa[r]der with Pret. J., Smith the fi[r]st week he was in . helped carry the chain for the surveyor & lay out the fir[s]t farms. has been absent. 2½ years.— 5— 12—) (P[reache]d about 1, h[our].)
Prop[he]t Joseph said as president of this house I forbid any man’s leaving this house ju[s]t as we are going to close the meeting. he is no gentleman who will do it. I dont care who it comes from— if it were from the King of England. I forbid it.
singing. & prayer <​by .​> [5 lines blank] [p. [149]]
[page 150 blank] [p. 150]
17 April 1843 • Monday
Monday April 17. 1843— [16 lines blank] [p. [151]]
This day a letter was received at the . Post M[aster].— of which the following is a copy
April 1. 1844 1843
The government of the need your service no longer. You will deliver all your accounts to this office, sealed and addressed, to the Post Master General. as the , Ill, is hereby abolished. the having Directed it so
Respe[c]tfully your Most Obt Servt,
Charles A. Wic[k]liffe
You will receive your letters &c at any P.O. you direct C.A.W.
By order of J[ohn] Tyler Pre. of. the.
Ill. [p. [152]]
<​rain last night— green grass begins to be seen​>
April 17. Monday—
walked out in . with . called on . handed him the letter purporting to be from the Attorney Gen of the U State and gave him instr[u]ctions abo[u]t it.
looked at Several lots. calld at s. to make arrangeme[n]ts to leave that hou[s]e, above the old bur[y]ing ground.— retu[rne]d home. had convesatin [conversation] with . Receivd 50 Gold Sovreigns of for the &
5½ P.M. calld at the printing office. retu[rne]d home & listind to the reading of a synopsis of his sermon of last sabbath.— [p. [153]]
18 April 1843 • Tuesday
Tuesday, Morning April 18,th. 9. A.M. at home. signed an appointment. to as his aid <​decamp​> in the Legion. conversed with &c. & went into onto the prairie,— (Twelve met a[t] presidents office) sold 130 acres of land to the English Brethren. signd an transcript of his Docket vs Dixon— 3, P,M.
<​in the evening had a talk with​> A <​the​> deligation of the [blank] Indians, who complained of having th[e]ir cattle & horses &c stolen & they were much troubled & wanted to know what they should do. they had borne their greivances patie[n]tly.— [p. [154]]
19 April 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday April 19th. 1843 at the office at 9 o’clock. waiting for the assembling of the Municiepel Court. in Case of Versus or vs. . appealed case—
12½ Mayors Court opened. original papers called for.— Clerk— () enqird [enquired] if the would would issue from this court? Sit down said the mayor & attend to your own business— if any thing is wanted I will tell you time enough— [William H. J.] Marr Esqr opend the case. &c. moved this case be dismissd for want of Jurisdiction in the cou[r]t below, & read from pag[e] 400. Statutes Ill.— case of Tort not .— Mayors court no jurisdiction. Chitty’s pl[e]adings— 88 138. what Assumpsit is. &c Blackston[e] Com[mentaries]— [p. [155]] vol 2d pages 122. 157. 161. 163.
Defndnts council [blank] read Lieghs Nisi Prius. 199. 550 margin— s counsil stated th[e]ir appeal was contrary to thei[r] council.
after the court had decided that the mayor had Jurisdiction. but this court had not. dismissd. Mayor stated that a legal bond was not presented till. after the 20 days had Expired.—
after adjournmnt. while conver[s]ing with & Esqr Marr. Joseph said he had been called to thousands of cases in sickness & he had never faild of administerd administ[er]ing comfort, where the patient had thrown themself unreservedly on him and the reason was he never prescribed any that would injure the patient if it did him no good.— I have lost a fathe[r] brothe[r] [p. [156]] & child because. in my anxiety I have depended more on the jud[g]ment of other men than my own, while I have raised up others who were lower than they were.
I will here remark (& by the bye I will say that man who stands there (pointing to ) is the best physic[i]an I have ever been acquainted with. & I say it hone[s]tly.) people will seldom die with disease provided we know it seasonably. & treat it mildly. pat[i]ently. & perseveri[n]gly. & do not use harsh means. It is like the Irishmans digging down the mountain. he does not put his shoulder to it to push it over but puts it in his wheell barrow & carries it away day after day. & day after day. [p. [157]] and perseveres & the whole mountain is removed, so we should persevere in the use of simple remedies. (& not push again[s]t the constitution of the pati[e]nt.) day after day & the disease will be removed & the pati[e]nt saved. It is better to save the life of a man than to raise one from the dead. 1 P.M. to Dinner
returned to the office soon after— & had conversation with 3 gentlemen introduced by ,
3. P.M. in the presidendents office; , . . . . .—
Joseph said. to the Twelve.—
Go in the name of the Lord God & tell [p. [158]] to put the hands onto the & begin the work. & be patient till means can be provided.—
call on the inhabitants of . & get them to bring in their means, then Go to & serve them the same.
Thus commence your career,
And never stand still till the Master appear, for it is necessary the house should be done.
Out of the stock that is handed me. you shall have as you have need. for the laborer is worthy of his hire.
I hereby command the hands to go to work on the house trusting in the Lord. Tell to put them on & he shall be backed up with it.— You must get cash, [p. [159]] property, lands, horses, cattle &c, & flour, corn wheat &c. the grain can be grou[n]d at this mill. If you can get hands onto the house it will give such an impetus to the work, it will never stop till it is completed. Let the twelve keep together. you will do more good to keep together, not travel together. but. meet in conference alternately from place to— place & associate together, & not be fou[n]d more than 200 miles apart— Thus travel from here till they make a perfect highway from for the Saints, from here to maine.
It is better for you to be togethe[r]. for it is difficult for a man to have strength of Lungs & health to be instant in season & out of season.— under all circumstances & you can [p. [160]] assist each other, & when you go & spend. a day or two in a place you will find it as it is with . they will gather together in great companies.
If 12 men cannot build that house they are poor tools.
asked if the Twelve should go to England? Said Joseph.—
No. I dont want the Twelve to go to England this year. I have sent them to England & they have broke the ice <​& done well​> & now I want to send some of the Elders & try them. I will not I designate who. may stay at home till he gets rested.
The twelve must travel to Save their lives. I feel all the veins & Stratas necessary for [p. [161]] the twelve to move in to save their lives
You can never make any thing out of . if you take him out of the channel he wants to be in.
Send to England. thus saith the Lord, also. . he’s a heavenly messenger whereever he goes. [blank] need not be in a hurry. send these two. & when you think of some one else send them.
. I believe you can do more good in the editorial department than preaching. he can write for thousands to read while he can preach to but few. We have no one else we can trust the paper with. & hardly with you. you suffer the paper to come out with so many mistakes. [p. [162]]
<​ may stay at home & build his house.​>
Bro . I dont know how I can help him to a living. but to go. put on a long face & make them doe [dole?] over to him if he will go his lungs will hold out. the Lord will give him a good pair of lungs yet.—
can be spared from the , if you both stay you will die.
. I want him to go.
asked if he should go? Yes, Go. I want . to be called away from . send a good elder to take his place.
can go. & travel.—
You will all go to .
I want to continue in the history [p. [163]] at present. perhaps he will have to travel some to save his life. The History is going out by little & little in the papers & cutting its way. so that when it is completed it will not raise a persecution again[s]t us.
When comes home I intend to send him right back again.
is going east with his sick wife.
I want you to cast up a highway for the saints from to .
will travel.
Dont be scart about the . dont say any thing against it. but make all men know your mission is to build the . [p. [164]]
It is not necessary that Joshua Grant should be ordained a high Priest. he is to[o] young. he is one of s children, & has got into ’s spirit. & also. & they clip ½ their words. & I intend to heal them of it.— If a highpriet [high priest] comes along and goes to snub. him. let him knock his teeth down his throat &c. &c
You shall make a monstrous wake as you go.
, tell the committee to put hands on that house (Diagonal corner f[r]om the ) to finish it forthwith. right off. the Lord hath need of other houses as well as a .
If I can sell $10,000 of property this spring. I will meet you at any confrence in [p. [165]] , or any confernce where you are and stay as long as it is wisdom.
Take [blank] Zundall [John Jacob Zundel] & [blank] [blank] & tell them never to drink a drop of ale, or wine <​or any spirit​> only that which flows right out from the presence of God. & send them to Germany. & when you meet with an Arab. send him to Arabia, when you find an Italian send him to Italy. & a french man to France. or an Indian that is suitable. send him among the Indians. & this & that man send them. to the diff[er]ent places where they belong.— send sombody to Central America. To Spanish [p. [166]] America & dont let a single corner of the earth go without a mission.
Write to . & ask him if he has not eat husks long enough: if he is not [illegible] ready to return & go up to , hath need of him. (A letter was written & signed by the me[m]bers of the Quorum present)
Joseph went home about 4½ P.M.
Voted that procure a good book for the records of the Twelve.—
Voted that & take charge of the book & bring up the records.— add. [adjourned] Monday next. 1. P.M. [p. [167]]
[page [168] blank] [p. [168]]
20 April 1843 • Thursday
Thursday April 20[th] 1843 out on the prairie with
P.M. settled with Manhard—
listined to the proof of the Elders Confere[n]ce. [11 lines blank] [p. [169]]
21 April 1843 • Friday
Friday April 21. officer Drill [[14 lines blank]] [p. [170]]
[page [171] blank] [p. [171]]
22 April 1843 • Saturday
Saturday April 22. The Cohorts of the Legion were on in exercise this day. & Liut [Lieutenant] Gen— J.— Smith’s Staff came out by his invitation. & spent the day in riding exercising or organizing. & in council or court. Martial to ascertain to what staff the , Surgeon Gen. . adgutant gen, Commiss[a]ry Gen. & Quarter Ma[s]ter. Gen, belonged [6 lines blank] [p. [172]]
[page [173] blank] [p. [173]]
23 April 1843 • Sunday
Sunday April 23d 1843. 9 to 10 A.M. at home. with heard read thuiana [Truthiana]. No., 6,— <​objected to its being printed it was too strong meat​> and <​heard read​> minutes of special conference which were not explicit enough &— said he would write dictate them over again.—
11. o’clock meeting at Stand. . . & . . . prayed. . preached 24 past 11. Text. Salvation. Twelve commencd their mission to build the . <​for th[e]​> salvation of chu[r]ch it was necessa[r]y thes[e] public buildings should be erected. &c
P.M. addressd the assembly. concrnig [concerning] the city as it was 3 years ago. & as it is. his disappontmet [disappointment] at finding greater [p. [174]] improvements than he anticipated. more brick houses &c.