Lease to Ebenezer Robinson, 23 January 1844

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This Indenture, made this the twenty third day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty four, between Joseph Smith at of the county of and State of of the one part, and of the and aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth, that the said Joseph Smith, for the and in consideration of the rent, covenants, and agreements hereafter in and by these present mentioned, reserved, and contained on the part and behalf of the said , his executors, administrators, and assigns, to be paid, observed, done and performed, hath demised, granted and leased, and doth hereby <​demise​> grant and lease; unto the said his executors, administrators and assigns, all the following described premises, situate and being in the City of , in the county of and State of , to wit; all of Lot number three in Block number one hundred and forty seven, together with the “” outhouses, back houses and all the premises thereunto belonging, together with the contemplated improvements to be made on the east end of said ” whenever completed. Also all the furniture fixtures & utensils belonging to the said as will appear by refference to an inventory of the same and bearing even date herewith.
Secondly All that New Brick Barn which is situated on the North East part of Block No one hundred and fifty-six together with the Barn Yard surrounding it, and is to have the privilege of having the said Barn Yard enlarged if it is needed to be so enlarged,
Thirdly, All that Barn and Barn Yard situated on the West end of Block No one hundred and fifty five <​if necessary——​>
fourthly. The said is to have the privilege of drawing the manure from the stables &c on to the said L3 B157 B147 in such quantities as he shall deem necessary to enrich the same.
Provided however, and it is hereby expressly understood by the said that the said [p. [1]] Joseph Smith reserve for his own use and for the use of his family the following privileges to wit;
Firstly. All that small sitting Room on the east side of the Bar Room in the South West corner of the
2ndly. The small Bed Room over the said sitting Room and the Bed Room which lays North of the latter being that laying over the alley or passage.
3rdly. All that Room now occupied by on the east end of the , untill such times as another and more suitable place is provided for her.
4thly. The privilege of stabling for 8 horses and 2 Cows in the New Brick Barn aforesaid, if the said Joseph Smith shall see proper to keep as many.
5th. The said Joseph Smith reserves all the wood and chips now chopped and laying on the premises for the use of his own fires, said wood to be brought in by the said if required by the said Joseph Smith
6thly. The privilege of using water and Room & other necessaries for the washing of wearing apparel &c.
7th. The privilege of making such additions & improvements to the aforesaid premises, as the said Joseph Smith shall from time to time see proper.
Now for the considerations aforesaid the said agrees to pay to the said Joseph Smith as an annual rent for the same, as follows, to wit:
The sum of one thousand dollars to be paid in quarterly payments of two hundred and fifty dollars each.
2ndly. The said agrees to pay all the and Taxes which may become due during the time he occupies the aforesaid premises
3rdly. The said hereby binds himself to leave the said premises at the expiration of this lease, in as good repair, as they may be at the time of his taking possession thereof; reasonable wear and decay and unavoidable accidents and casualties excepted. [p. [2]]
4thly. The said agrees to board the following number of persons as comprising the family of the said Joseph Smith during the time he occupies the aforesaid premises, to wit. the said Joseph Smith his and four children and two attendants or servants, Also and one attendant to wait on her, in the whole, ten persons.
To have and to hold the premises aforesaid unto the said together with the privilege, as hereinbefore set forth for and during the term of one year next ensuing the date hereof with a privilege of two or more years, to be agreed upon hereafter by the said parties.
In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written—
L. S.
L. S. [18 lines blank] [p. [3]]
Joseph Smith to
L3 B 147 of [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.