Letter and Bill from Willard Richards, circa 11 January 1845

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The Honorable the City Council
The will respectfully represent your Honorable Body that on account of the many difficulties this had to encounter the past season— the assessment of 1844 must <​was​> close was concluded at a very late date and <​as​> the interests of the seem to demand immediate action I <​I revised advise and​> returned the Assessment Books to the Collectors without delay, and ask your Honorable Body to sanction the measure—
I beg leave further to represent that on account of the foregoing delay and others it appears necessary that an ordinance amendatory to the Revenue Ordinance should be passed by your Honorable Body this day in substance somewhat as follows—
<​An ordinance to amend the ordinance concern[in]g the revenue for a specific purpose​> <​passed Octr. 31. 1842​>
Sec 1. That the time for the Sale of City Lots and Lands for taxes for the year 1844 <​1843​> <​1844​> be and the same is hereby deferred from the first Monday of December last to the first Monday in February 1845 for adjudication by the Municipal court
Sec 2. That if any one is dissatisfied with the Assessment he or they so dissatisfied shall have an objection opportunity of making his plea on the same before the municipal court on the first Monday of February 1845
Sec 3. This ordinance to be in force from and after its passage, any other ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding—
Most Respectfully. Gentlemen,
Your Humble Servt
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Jany 11— 1844 1845.
to the City Council [p. [2]]


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    Insertion in handwriting of William W. Phelps.  

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    Insertion in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Thomas Bullock handwriting ends; Willard Richards begins.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.