Letter, D. D. T. Benedict to Amasa Bonney, 10 August 1843

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Fort Adams Newport R. I.
August 10th 1843
Dear Sir
It is a long time since I have heard from you, but the reccollection of my visit to your settlement will not soon fade from my mind, And the interest I feel for you personally and the associations with which you are surrounded prompts me thus to address you. As soon as you recieve this I hope that you will write me, and let me know how you prosper in your spiritual concerns and temporal concerns I have been about two & a half years a soldier in the army and have, and have the same time yet to serve. I have of late felt a great interest on the subject of religion, and knowing nothing in the belief and practice of the sect to which you belong contrary to Christianity I feel desireous to know something positive. Therefore I wish that some of <​the​> preachers of your belief, who are in other sections of this country. and who meet with great success, might visit this place. Can you inform me how I can <​and​> where I can procure publications setting forth your belief? If you would you would [p. [1]] confer a great favour on me, and also upon others here unto whom I am acquainted, and who are seeking <​for​> light. I have no objections to your showing this communication to any of the bretheren who may feel disposed to help us.
I remain sincerely yours
D. D. T. Benedict [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
<​NEW PORT R.I. AUG 11​>
D. D. T. Benedict
Augt. 10. 1843 D. D. T. Benedict to [p. [4]]


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