Letter from Almon Babbitt, 5 May 1844

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Macedonia May 5th 1844
To the Honorable President and Council of the Kingdom of God
I regret to inform you that circmstnces [circumstances] over which I have no power, prevnt me from meeting with you Tomorow I therefo[re] delegate power to my respetived [respected?] brethren father a[n]d to vote for me beleiving that if I were present that my mind would be theirs and theirs mine and from the confidence I have in your deliberations I beleive that all things will be conducted to the Glory of God and for the salvation of men
Yours very Respe[c]tfully
Joseph Smith [1/2 page blank] [p. [1]]
Joseph Smith
City of
Filed Ma[r]ch 6. 1844.—
apology for not attending council [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.