Letter from Brigham Young, 29 April 1840

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To Pres’t. Joseph Smith and counselors: dear brethren, you no doubt will have the perusal of this letter, and minutes of our ; this will give you an idea of what we are doing in this . If you see any thing in, or about the whole affair, that is not right: I ask, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that you would make known unto us the mind of the Lord, and his will concerning us. I believe that I am as willing to do the will of the Lord, and take counsel of my brethren, and be a servant of the , as ever I was in my life; but I can tell you, I would like to be with my old [p. 121] friends: I like new friends, but I cannot part with my old one’s for them.
Concerning the Hymn book, when we arrived here, we found the brethren had laid by their old Hymn books, and they wanted new ones; for the bible religion, and all is new to them. When I come to learn more about carrying books into the , or bringing them here, I found the duties were so high that we never should want to bring books to the . * * I request one favor of you, that is, a letter from you, that I may hear from my old friends. I trust that I will remain your friend through life, and in eternity.
As ever,
. [p. 122]