Letter from Church Members in New York City, circa 29 November 1841

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To the of the —to the , and to all persons to whom this letter may come—
Dearly Beloved,—Having had opportunity of becoming acquainted with our beloved brother, of the of the Travelling High Council, commonly called the quorum of the Twelve, and having witnessed the manner of his behavior while with us, and taken notice of the doctrine he has taught, together with many other particulars not easy to mention, we feel desirous of commending him to your fellowship, your esteem, your friendship and your love.
Because we have found him to be at all times a faithful laborer in the word and doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ.
By his instructions our minds have been enlightened, and onr [our] understanding of Heavenly things greatly increased.
When he has presided in our meetings, peace and order have characterized our deliberations. When he has unfolded to our minds the Scriptures of truth, our thirst for pure intelligence has been gratified. When he has held up to view the glories of the rising kingdom of our Saviour, our hearts have kindled with animation, our hope has been cherished, and our souls have overflowed with the Spirit of Peace. We know he has been efficient in establishing truth— We know he has been successful in putting down error— we highly esteem and love him for his faithfulness, diligence, prudence, meekness, zeal and fortitude; and we desire that others should love him too.
Good will and favor shewn to him will secure our love and friendship; and we freely, and fully, and warmly commend him to all whom this letter may come.
On behalf of the members of the held in the city of the 29th day of Nov. 1841.
, Clerk. [p. 728]


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    The “travelling High Council” was another name for the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. (See Instruction on Priesthood, between ca. 1 Mar. and ca. 4 May 1835 [D&C 107:33–35].)  

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    According to a letter from John M. Bernhisel, Page delivered three discourses to crowded congregations in New York on 11 July 1841; it is unknown whether Page spoke to the New York City branch again before this letter was written. (Letter from John M. Bernhisel, 12 July 1841.)  

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    Minutes from previous conferences indicate that the New York City branch comprised between 155 and 200 members. (Philadelphia Branch Record Book, 18 Oct. 1840 and 6 Apr. 1841.)  

    Philadelphia Branch. Minutes, 1840–1854. Typescript. BYU. Original at CCLA.

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    Foster had also served as the clerk of the church conference held in New York on 4 December 1840, a meeting at which apostle Orson Hyde presided. Foster was also an agent for the Times and Seasons in New York. (Minutes, New York City, NY, 4 Dec. 1840, in Times and Seasons, 1 Feb. 1841, 2:306–307; “List of Agents,” Times and Seasons, 15 Mar. 1841, 2:358.)  

    Times and Seasons. Commerce/Nauvoo, IL. Nov. 1839–Feb. 1846.