Letter from Editor, circa 21 February 1844

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To Jo SmithProphet— Candidate for the Presidency—Mayor of the City of —Lieutenant General of the Legion—President of the Church—Tavern Keeper—Grog Bruiser—&c., &c.
Sir: Understanding that you are a candidate for the highest office within the gift of the People, we claim as the unalienable right of an American Citizen to ask you a few questions, as regards the policy which you, as “His Excellency, the President of the ,” will pursue.
Well Jo! if you should be so fortunate as to be elected President of the , what would you do with the State of ? Would you pluck out the eyes of her sovereignty? Or would you take her up in your expanded arms, and giant-like stride across the Western Prairies—leap the and hurl her headlong into the angry Pacific, there to remain until purged of every Anti-Mormon sin? Or Jo, would you Xerxes-like muster your myriads, and every man armed with a hoop-pole, march across the icy bridge in the winter time, and give her , a most transcendent drubbing?
From the manner in which you write to , we conclude that you had some design of chastising , and we would like to know how you are going to do it, and so no doubt would the people of that . [p. [2]]