Letter from Edward Hunter, 10 May 1842

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Joseph Smith
May 10th 1842
Dr Brother, <​I am happy to Introduce you to Brother As Wm A Moon a faithful ​>
I called on twice since I receivd your letter and he is not disposed to let me have any money without a power of Attorney— the first time I [sa]w him he said he would send a check on <​of​> a Specia paying Bank marked Good by the Cashier, the 2nd time (last satturday he said he had sent some money) the money which I spoke of sending for the & I purpose laying out in Goods tomorrow the prospects of buying goods is good at present, The situation of our money market are desperate, I am detained from coming to in consequen[c]e, but expect to start in ten days, I wish my business forwar[d]ed as as <​much, as​> possable, Brother Moon will advance them a little mouer [more]
Yours &c
I have not time to write the car is waiting— [p. [1]]
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May 10th. 1842> [p. [4]]


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    Letter to Edward Hunter, 9 and 11 Mar. 1842.  

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    TEXT: “[page torn]w”.  

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    Hunter had commented on the difficult economic situation in his previous letter, writing, “I have sold one of my Farms the other I do not know whether I can sell it, the money matters is in a dreadfull situation Banks are breaking Continually.” (Letter from Edward Hunter, 10 Feb. 1842.)  

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    The business mentioned here may have involved the house Hunter was in the process of building in Nauvoo. Construction on the house had been delayed by weather, illness, and a lack of funds. (Jacob Weiler, [Nauvoo, IL], to Edward Hunter, Brandywine Manor, PA, 27 Feb. 1842, Edward Hunter, Collection, CHL; see also Letter to Edward Hunter, 21 Dec. 1841; and Letter from Edward Hunter, 10 Feb. 1842.)  

    Hunter, Edward. Collection, ca. 1798–1965. Photocopy and typescript. CHL.

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    Hunter may have abbreviated “carriage” to “car,” or he may have been referring to a railcar.  

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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.