Letter from Eli Maginn, 22 March 1842

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, Mass. March 22nd, 1842.
Pres’t Smith Sir.
I avail myself of this opportunity of transmitting the following subscribers for your valuable paper. * *
I shall endeavor to forward from 100 to 200 dollars by fall, for the [p. 778] , as it appears to be of the most vital importance that the Saints should assist in a work so desirable, which is looked forward to with anxious anticipation by all the faithful laborers in the kingdom. We shall do all that we can to forward the work. * * *
Dear Brother, I feel to rejoice in the prosperity of the work of the God of the Saints, which is truly prosperous in New England, the engine of eternal truth has been called into successful opposition against the crafts, and systems of “The like occupation,” and notwithstanding the contest has been exceeeding fierce, the enemy being active in the usual way with falsehood, and misrepresentation, the victory is the Lord’s; truth has triumphed, and is spreading its benign influence abroad like the rays of the king of day, as if unconscious of the elements of oppression and opposition which have been so unsuccesssfully employed from the first, up to the present time. I am on a visit to assist Elder in his successful and extended field of labor, in this branch (). Sixty five have been obedient to the faith of the gospel, and hundreds of others “almost pursuaded.” In near 40 have obeyed, through the faithful labors of Elder . I have been absent from Peterboro two weeks, have preached three or four times in Boston, Salem, Marblehead, Chelsea &c. And purpose returning to next Sunday, where I have been laboring with good success, thirty-six have obeyed since last fall, at New Salem, Mass. thirty-five to forty obeyed since August last, Leverett eighteen or twenty, Gilsum N. H. twenty to thirty. I have preached from one to three times almost every day, and cannot fill one to twenty of the calls for preaching; there is the greatest excitement in this country that I ever beheld during my travels, since I left ; a period of near three years in which I have travelled through eighteen States and British Provinces. The honest seeker after truth is rejoicing in its liberty; while “Our Craftsmen” are laboring and howling to see their sinking crafts crumbling to disolution and nonentity, without having power to repel the march of truth which is onward with the velocity of electricity, spreading terror and dismay throughout their majestic empire.
In haste .
P. S. Dear Brother, I long to see the time when I can return and again receive instructions from those whom God has chosen to council his saints with, “Thus saith the Lord,” and not the traditions of men; I feel very anxious to return by fall, as I have been absent three years. I have disposed of more than $150 worth of books (and expect near that amount this day from and ), the demand daily increases, some of the popular begin to take a decided stand in favor of the truth. [p. 779]