Letter from Eliza Nicholson, 23 April 1843

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April 23, 1843
President Smith and High Council
At length I submit my Name to your <​care​> beleiveing you to be honerable Men and I feel assured this is the Church of Christ therefore being a member of the same I have made a covenant to stand firm and hold on through thick and thin th[r]ough hot and cold and am Willing to bear all for Christ['s] sake but not for the Devil—— therefore in honesty I shal endeaver to commit some of my grievencies to you that your wisdom may destroy his power, and <​not​> permit him to have influence over all the Branch and eventually Crush the Church and leave the virtuous and good to bear the disgrace.— in, writing I shal endeaver to turn my back on Friend and Foe and dedicate myself to <​the​> will and Power of the Almighty God that my pen may be directed by truth and inteligence and convey the light and substance on this occasion to you that my weak mind: alone is incapable of (I do not wish you to think I am troubling you with a affairs that have been Canciled, those things I am about to relate never reached my ears until 21st of this month— but I will not write at present any thing respecting the general difficulties thare will be several, to relate them: I know but little about them, and wish I knew less of or that <​I​> had never seen him— in my opinion he is under the influense of the evil one for nothing but his power would cause him to conduct himself as he does,— and his immediate Friends that Constantly surround him; what <​shal​> I say of them— to say the least I do not think them any <​a​>, Benefit to and any person I will tel their Names and refer you to the traveli[n]g Elders that is now in our on their way to , respecting their Cond[u]ct Mr Leeman [Henry Lehman] is one; and will recalle him he lived in fifth below Vine Insulted and was Cut off for Unrightious Conduct <​has now returned​> Isacc W Statham [Isaac Stathem] is another and A young Man by the Name of [Nicholas B.] Helverson who now has withdrawn from the Branch— these Men stood by and opposed own our Presiding Elder, in the Council Meeting of the 21[st]. and 22 of the Month—— it now time to talk about Myself. My last Wound was this and I shure [assure] <​you,​> it came very severe as I now know no bounds to the lies and Slander has dealt abroad respecting me and my Charactor, I now do not [p. [1]] believe one word he says, he has again and again said in the public meetings that he had never thought of or spoken ought against My Charactor— but I now find that Canker was in his Heart, and did and will no doubt distribute the Dregs wherever he goes, he by Insinuation Made Sister [Caroline Youngs] Adams & Sister German <​believe​> that I was a Notoriously bad Charactor before I joined the Church, their Husbands also and Brother German, our Priesiding Elder Hass [Peter Hess] were all of the same impression: I now do not Wonder why Set so many traps to cut me off or why he treated my letter to him, with Contemt; he was under the Influence of Mallicies [malicious] lies, and I now forgive him; I should suppose a disserning <​man​> could soon ascertain when in female company wheter their Conduct was Chaste or not & by that judge. Elder , and President have been at my house some <​day days​> did they discover any thing amiss, and many others I could name—— I am not angry even now but my feeling are wounded to the Soul, I consider My Charactor Sacred with my Virtue and I defy man to prove to the Contrary or God to reveal it; for he never tels falshoods Man may lie and injure a defensely [defenseless?] Widow but they must suffer the torments of Hell for it;— it is worse than Murder; and God has said the Murderer Shal not be forgiven: &c. where Shal I loock for redress I can imagine none <​in this world​>— I have no doubt but there is many under the Same impressions those Brothers & Sisters were, and will continue to injure my reputation every where he goes, if it was only myself I would try to be more reconciled but that my Children must be loocked upon in derision too, and painted at with Scorn, is more then I can bear Why does this wonderful Smart man as he think himself act thus he says because I wrote a scandalous letter to to endeaver to injure him, and that I would talk to the elders as they passed through he judged me by himself he knew he was I mean and thought of Coarse I was he must think the Elders have very weak minds that they can all be influenced by the Whims & storias [stories] of strange Women [p. [2]]
for Instance as soon as he heard that President and had happened to see me when last here before he had an apportunity of Conversing with them he exclaimed as he entered Sister Hunts house it is all Up with us now for Mrs [Eliza Lowry] Nicholson has seen them first and we can do nothing—
there is Several Elders here & have been for near three Weeks, Elder Derby left on Satudy morning last El’d Parker and last tho not least there appears to be a general <​good​> feeling for them all and in Spite of all difficultious the work rols on here, dnages [engages?] Crouded houses when wherever he goes and bears such testimony to the people that cannot be refuted he has lectured almost every evening since he came by the Solicitati[on] of our Presiding Elder there has been Several babtisms last week and the week before, somtims 5, 7; [page torn] a time, and has done all for the gagd [good?] of Souls and to endeaver, to hald up our Church and even what money was Collected, to pay the Church debt, I am Sorry he has got Nothing here for himself he needs it No doubt going on so long a journey, he reall[y] earns earns his liveing by the Sweat of <​his​> Brow: he spairs no pains or trouble to distribute the Gospel
Please forgive me for being so tedious with respect I subscriby myself a Sister in Christ
Eliza Nicholson [p. [3]]
Pres Joseph Smith & high Council
Hancock County
Politeness of
Eliza Nicholson [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.