Letter from Erastus Snow, March 1843

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The following resolutions were unanimously adopted by a congregation of about twelve hundred people in on the 12 of March as its date shows and was presented to me to be handed over to the authorities at — Similar resolutions were also passed in
For want of time to prepare the pe[ti]tion as I was starting the signers forwarded the resolutions themselves instead of the petition required— which are now respectfully submitted to the conference—
[p. [1]]
March 12th. 1843
1st. Resolved that we have heard with Deep regret the announcement to by Elder of his intention of returning immediately to in compliance with instructions received from the authorities of the chu[r]ch in that place
2nd. Resolved that a petition signed by the President and of the branch in behalf of this congregation be forwarded to the Quorums of the first Presidency and the twelve requesting that if consistent with the will of God and the welfare of the church he may be permitted to return and continue his labours among us and if wisdom dictates otherwise that Elders & may be permitted to come and labour in this and its vicinity
3rd. Resolved further that we will assist according to the ability that God has given us in paying their expences and otherwise administering to their temporal wants while among us and if the petition be granted and he or they can by loan of money or otherwise pay their expences here The same shall be refunded to them.
Andrew Baston Pres clerk [p. [2]]
March 12.1843.
Resolutions of the Branch & congregation of 12,00


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    Signatures of Andrew Baston and Abijah R. Tewksbury.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.