Letter from Fayette Mace, 7 October 1843

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Farmington Oct 7. 1843
Beloved Brother and Companion in tribulation.
A few lines from a stranger may not be unacceptable more especially when you are informed that a mysterious hand has directed his footsteps through scenes perhaps as diversified as will apply to any other individual of whom we have an account either in ancient or modern history; an statement of some of which you may obtain from Elders Sessions, Harriman and Butterfield and also from my neighbors who are about going from this place.
I feel a deep sympathy for those <​who suffer​> persecution of which you yourself together with your companions have been large sharers
I begin to feel that I am called to partake of your sufferings and triumphs and think now that I shall go to your place and enter right in at the door. I wish to conceal nothing in reference to my character and standing It will all be opened to you <​by​> those who have been accquainted with me from my youth. Before I purchase an estate in your vicinity it will be necessary for me to receive that justice which my ungodly persecutors refuse me here. You will know what this means when you are told that for several years I have [p. [1]]
[page [2] blank] [p. [2]]
[been] companionless and alone. My design design is to put my shoulder to the wheel of the triumphant car of truth and hope that you will find in me a person who will not shrink at trifling impediments. Do not receive this in the light of boasting but rather in conformity to the spirit of the declaration of scripture that the strength of God is made perfect in our weakness[”]
Among all my imperfections I [ca]n truly say that I never proved treachero[u]s to my friends nor flagged in my exertions to advance the interest of any social body to which I have been attached so long as they acted up to the principles of truth and rightiousness.
I have read the gross libels penned by Butler and others and the whole have rather prejudiced me in your favor
Your are at liberty to read this letter to your particular friends and give me such advice as [yo]u in wisdom, the result of your mutual co[u]ncil shall dictate.
Yours in the bonds of the Gospel
Elder Joseph Smith jr [p. [3]]
Elder Joseph Smith Jr
By the favor of Deacon David Cowan
Octr 7— 43> [p. [4]]


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