Letter from Garret Bias, 3 April 1843

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Laport April 3 1843
St Joseph Co Indiana
Generl J Smith
Sir i addresed a letter to you and malied the same at Laport Indiana on or a bout the first of March 1843 on wich letter i did not pay the postiage thrue mistake and it this day occured to me that you may be trubled from many parts of the with letters on matters of little intrest to your Self i thair four [therefore] feel quite sory that i faled to pay the postiage on my former letter but am disirous that you Shold resieve [receive] my letter addresed to you and maled at Laport Indiana Some thirty days prier to this’s date and Per mit me to ask you to re wanser [answer] my former letter wich i believe and Confidently hope and be lieve you will due
yours Respectfuly
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Generl, J. Smith
<​, Indiana​>
<​April 30—/43​>
April 3. 1843
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