Letter from George W. Henry, 18 July 1841

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Golden point 18th July 1841
Gentlemen, this will inform you that I am now on my way to the and intended to have cal[l]ed at your , but find it out of my power To do do so— Having been informed By Mr brown that you were contempla[ting] the Building <​of​> a mill in the — I have thought that if I could probably be of Some servis to you, if we could meet at Fort Winebago, or in the — I shall be in at in the fort in about ten days & would be very <​glad​> to facilitate your interests in any way in my powers if you intend locating on the wisconsin River you will leave the at and go by land to unless the Wisconsin is up— enquire for me of Capt Low at Fort Winebago & if I can I certainly will do all in my power to advance your intersts—
with due Respect & esteem I am gentlemen yours &c—
G[eorge] W. Henry [p. [1]]
To the Right Reverend Joseph Smith
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