Letter from Hannah and James M. Adams, 10 March 1843

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Ashtabula Co Ohio March 10th, 1843
To Mrs . Dear Sister in the Lord
With pleasure I spend a portion of the time which the Lord in his goodness has alloted unto us in addressing you through the medium of my pen. altho strangers to each other in the flesh yet I trust we have been made near to each other by being Baptised into one spirit by embracing the fullness of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ which has been brought to light inc this age of the world. & hope the time is not far distant when I shall be permited to gather with the saints & have an inheritance in which is to be a Joy & prais in the whole earth, I saw a Notice in the Times & Seasons for those having hymns suitable for the Worship of the Latter day saints to forward them to you. I have selected some lines & will send them & if you [sho]uld think proper you can give them a place in your Book subject to [s]uch alterations as you should choose to make.
1 O God this sinful heart of mine
Is ever prone to go astray
The powers of sin and darkness join
To tempt and lead my soul from the[e]
2 Sin doth my troubled soul oppress
And doubts and darkness me surround
Lord cloth[e] me with thy righteousness
O may thy grace to me abound
3 Turn not my troubled soul away
Bestow on me true heavenly light
Bring me thy precepts to obey
Of gospel grace give me a sight
4 Thy spirit send and purge my soul
From evry lust and vain desire
May sinful ways no more controule
My heart but all from me retire
5 O may my sins be all forgiven
My soul be cleansed by love divine
And brought by sovereign grace to heaven
And all the glory Lord be thine
Praise & prayer
1 Arise my soul and streach the thought
To the bright realms of bliss above
Where happy souls by grace are brought
To drink pure streams of life and love
2 How feeble are those views of mine
When they attempt above to soar
They like the dazling planets shine
When the bright sun-beams do retire [p. [1]]
3 O son of righteousness unfould
Thy powerful beams and there display
O may my soul by faith behold
Those mansions of eternal days
4 Where saints behold thy smiling face
With reverance thy great name adore
Filled with the fullness of thy grace
Upheld by thy <​thine​> almighty power
5 Send down thy cheering beams to us
Whilst on this earthly globe we dwell
O free our souls from evry curse
Dispell the glooms of death and hell
6 O give us some foretastes of heaven
To bear our sinking spirits up
Send down thy grace like holy leaven
To cleans[e] the whole depraved lump
Unity & Love
1 Hail thou glorious king of Salem
Through the world in triumph ride
Evry nation bid the[e] welcon [welcome]
And thy peace like rivers glide
None have need of to teach his neighbour
Him request to know the Lord
Gracious God all nations favour
With thy spirite [spirit] and thy word
2 Bring the time to favour
When the saints on earth shall reign
With there glorious Lord and saviour
Free from Satans slavish chain
Lord: thy glorious kingdom gether
Reign ore [o’er] evry land and tongue
All be filled with peace and pleasure
And through earth thy praise be sung
3 May all party tenets vanish
A pure language all possess
Lord all evils from us banish
Cloth[e] our souls with righteousness
Gracious God send down thy spirit
Light bestow on every one
And all toungs and tribes interpet
Life through thine eternal son
4 Hasten Lord the restoration
Banish Sorrow evermore
May each kindred tongue and nati[on]
Bow and thy great mame [name] addore
Gracious God: thou great Creator
Thine eternal scepter sway
Gather through the mediator
Evry soul that gone astray
5 When all souls are Joined in union
Feast on streams of love divine
With their saviour hold communion
All the glory Lord be thine
Then will all things bow before the[e]
And thy sacred name addore
Unto the[e] ascribe the glory
Power and kingdom evermore [p. [2]]
St Johns Discovery
1 I looked and by: a heavenly Lamb
On s mountain stood
The mighty saviour great I am
With garments dyed in blood
2 And with him was a shining throung
The seed of Abraham
And this bright army sung the song
Of Moses and the Lamb
3 Great God how marvilous are thy ways
This heavenly army cry
All nations shall shout forth thy praise
And sound thine honors high
4 All nations shall thy name addore
In Abrihams seed be blest
Thee worship for thy Judgments are
To us made manifest
After being thus tedious I close by sending my love to all of the Saints preying that the great auther of all inteligence will bless us all and preserve us from evry faulse & delusive spirit & give us strength to resist all evil.
I subscribe myself your sister in the
P S Sister Eliza Holman wishes to be remembered to you & all enquiring friends.
Br Joseph Smith Dear sir
As there is room for a line I thought it would not be a miss to say a word in regard to the prosperity of the Redemmers cause in this reagion of a country suffise it to say there is the greatest call for preaching that there ever has been scince the everlasting Gospel was sounded in the ears of mortals in these last days. And there has been well within the last two months double added to the church in this section of the land country that there ever was before in the same length of time & verry menny are preparing to gather this spring & faul. There is also a great call for Books both in the church & out such as the Book of Mormon & covenents the latter of which many of the branches of the church is destitute because they cannot be obtained in this country. If there could be a quantity of Books sent in to this country say a general assortment containing that knowlege benificial to man & their there mint [might?] be many sold But for the want of room I close Your brother in the bonds of the covenent
Joseph Smith [p. [3]]
Hancock Co
March 10. 1843
[p. [4]]


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